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Back in 2015, I have created a beatmap that has spawned a lot of amazement, but was only a continuation of what already existed a while ago. The beatmap in question is Yooh - MariannE, and is curretly loved.

However, this was a lot of work, as making this by hand would have been tedious. So, I have made every mod programmatically. The program I originally used is not to be released. So, I have decided to rewrite the whole thing in another language - not only I have found simplifications while rewriting, but I ended up adding an insane amount of mods to the program, some of which have never been seen before.

Today is the day I release this program. Have fun.

Example video with some new mods. MariannE is really outdated now... (The NoteField color has been manually changed. The program does not do this on its own, except for the Double Scrolling Mode.)

Usage is documented in README, and a wiki has been made with every existing mod. As this program is all about mod combinations, I did not document every possible combination. Additionally, some mods need you to manually move some objects around (the ones in the Base will be the ones that need to move).

Base storyboard elements: ... GiKua?dl=0 (Download everything!)

Please file an issue if anything goes wrong with the program in the Github repository rather than in this thread. I will still look at the thread, but the repository will help me track any problem more easily.

If you want a specific mod to be added and isn't already in the list, please file an issue as well! Just make sure it does not exist yet.

Yes, it is deliberately released just after Taiko Aspire's submissions close, and there is a very obvious reason to why.
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TMG-v2 is out!

Release: ... tag/v2.0.1
Lots of mods! Many more possibilities! YOU CAN ALSO USE REVERSE HIDDEN DOUBLE SCROLL OMG That wasn't possible at all in v1.
You can resize the notes, no more itty-bitty notes and say hi to the HUGE BOIS
You can also use skin sprites! Make sure you add the "UseSkinSprites: 1" line in your .osu file.
Every easing method (called tweens in the program) available is usable in waves.
You can also easily write your own mods if you want. However, do note that it will not work outside the program. You need the source code for this.
Some mods will require handcrafting. Clock mod, for instance, will require you to make the damn needles and rotate them. As a direct consequence, you will need some storyboard knowledge to use some mods.
You still can't get sub 31 in UYA, though.

Mod Showcase:
That's exactly what do people need! It would refresh taiko! mod :D
wow,, amazing :)
lmao what
shameless bump cuz osu!monthly
put this in the game and make an ojama-style battle mode
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