List of projects from both the osu!team and the community.


Listed below are projects that were created from the osu!team.


  • Graveyarded Beatmap Archiving - forums
    • A forum thread to request deleted graveyarded beatmaps.
  • osu! (OS X) - forums - GitHub - website
    • osu! on OS X (results will vary)
  • osu! Community Localisation Project - forums
    • The osu! localisation project, localise your language into osu!
  • osu!wiki - forums - website
    • Houses information about and only osu!



Listed below are projects that are (or were once) tools or services made by the osu! community.


Projects listed here are still being worked on and are currently tools or services that you can still use with some support from the developer.

  • A little aproach rate calculator for your maps - forums - website
    • A simple script that calculates the suggested approach rate, based on the BPM, that you should use in your beatmap.
  • Automap-chan - forums - GitHub
    • Converts MIDI files to osu!mania beatmaps.
  • Batch script to delete maps - forums
    • A Windows Batch script to delete beatmaps.
  • Bulk Beatmap Downloader - forums - GitLab
    • An application made for downloading multiple beatmaps simultaneously.
  • ezpp! - forums - GitHub
    • A browser extension for calculating pp.
  • Hit Object to Storyboard - forums
    • Allows you to copy hit sounds and paste them into the storyboard.
  • Hitsound Detective - forums
    • Checks for unused hitsounds in other difficulties (based on the selected difficulty).
  • irc4osu! - forums - GitHub
    • A cross-platform IRC client for osu!.
  • Key presses per second program - forums - GitHub
    • Counts and displays how many times a certain key is pressed.
  • Keysound Maker - forums - GitHub
    • Creates key sounds for osu!mania.
  • Magic Copy - forums
    • A tool that copies hit sounds from one difficulty to another and works with default and custom hit sounds.
  • Modding assistant - forums
    • Checks various inconsistencies and common mistakes in a beatmap (a tool for modders).
  • Note Density calculator - forums
    • Lists the distribution of keys in osu!mania maps.
  • o!subscribe - forums - GitHub
    • A service that allows you to subscribe to your favorite creators using Discord.
  • OMISM - forums - GitHub
    • An osu!mania to Stepmania beatmap converter (and an osu!mania keysound copier).
  • omtrc - forums - GitHub
    • A timerate changer for osu!mania.
  • opsu! - forums - GitHub - website
    • An unofficial osu! client written in Java. Since the project is written in Java, the supported platforms widens to whichever operating system that can run Java applications (something that osu! has yet to do).
  • osu! Replayer - forums - GitHub
    • Allows you to view and save your replays after backing out of the ranking screen.
  • osu! Skins Database - forums - website
    • A database for uploading, editing, and downloading skins. It is a service that can allow you to share your skins with other players.
  • osu! Slider End Silencer - forums - GitHub
    • A tool that inserts inherited points to silence slider tails.
  • osu!monthly revival project - forums
    • The revival of the osu!monthly, like the osu!weekly, but released monthly.
  • osu!next Signature Generator - forums - GitHub - website
    • A status signature generator with osu!next design.
  • osu!ocm Collection Manager - forums
    • Based off of a feature request, this allows downloading of beatmaps from exported collections.
  • osu!player - forums
    • Another media player just for osu! beatmaps.
  • osu!Skills - forums - website
  • osu!Sync - forums - GitHub
    • An open-sourced application that lets you export, share, and backup your beatmaps.
  • osu!sync - forums - website
    • A tool to sync all your Beatmaps between multiple PC's.
  • osu!track - forums - GitHub - website
    • A tool that allows players to track their progress in-game and see visually see their improvement over time.
  • osuplus - forums - GitHub
    • A script that adds additional features to the osu!web.
  • osu! python edition - forums
    • Python port of osu!
  • Realtime PP Displayer - forums - GitHub
  • Remote osu! Keyboard - forums
    • An android application that allows your phone to act as a keyboard input device.
  • T-Aiko! - forums
    • A free Taiko no Tatsujin game that plays osu! beatmaps on your iPhone or Android device.
  • Taiko Mod Generator - forums - GitHub
    • Storyboards osu!taiko too allow you to do interesting things with the Dons and Kats.
  • Variable BPM Slider Velocity Stabilizer - forums
    • A tool that stabilizes the slider velocity after BPM changes. It does this by inserting inherited points (with adjusted slider velocity multiplier) on top of timing points.
  • Wii Tatacon to USB Converter - forums - GitHub - website
    • A Wii Tatacon to USB dongle.


Projects listed here are no longer being worked on or were abandoned altogether. They are linked here as resources for other developers to build upon.