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New Featured Artist: Culprate


We proudly welcome an extremely talented producer hailing from the United Kingdom to the osu! Featured Artist lineup — Culprate!

Something of a standout among the UK's underground dubstep scene, Culprate is a tremendously capable music producer with some incredible musical clout. Renowned for his incredible production quality and captivatingly complex tracks, we pretty much fell in love with his sound when we first heard it.

One of Culprate's most recent projects is a massive multi-work collaboration drawn from his Twitch community, with one of our Featured Artists (namely Dictate) making an appearance in the roster. Aptly titled as the Unity Project, we are proud to announce that a selection from this body of work and from Culprate's cult classic album Deliverance are now available.

The Mappers' Guild has been hard at work over the past few months drawing up some incredible maps to help inspire both players and mappers alike with Culprate's sound, check them out!

Completing all six will nab you the 4th special Mapper's Guild medal! Collecting all of the medals will make you the envy of your friends. Probably.

Clicking on the image below will start a download for the pack of all six maps mentioned!

Here's a sample of what we've got in store for you to map to:

Acid Rain

This track was featured as the pick for Aspire 2018.

Relucent (featuring ZES)

A special bonus track at the end of the digital edition of Deliverance, Relucent is a celebration of all the acoustic-electronic fusion displayed throughout the album.

Impulse (featuring Au5)

From the second part of the Unity Project album collection, Impulse is perhaps one of the most iconic osu! tracks in recent years, thanks to handsome's award winning map.

Pencilina (featuring Dictate)

A collaborative piece between Culprate and Dictate, this track merges their two distinct sounds to produce something very, very special.

Aurora (featuring Bloom)

Rocking in on the third part of the Unity Project albums is a profoundly funky twist on Culprate's classic sound. You may be familiar with this one from the recent OWC 2018 streams.

Mechanic Heartbeat (featuring Keota & Sophie Meiers)

Otherworldly vocals set amid resonating synths and a memorable two-tap beat pose a unique challenge for mappers to tackle in perhaps one of the most difficult song picks we've selected for the Featured Artist project.

Check out all these and more, over at Culprate's Featured Artist listing. If you like what you hear, there's a plethora of links on his listing to all of his social media outlets.

As always, all Featured Artists tracks come pre-timed and are 100% licensed for use in osu! — so worry less, and map more!

We're excited to see how people take and build upon his incredible sound, and we're also stoked to see what the entrants of Aspire 2018 have produced with Acid Rain sometime during this coming December.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled, December's going to be a hell of a month for the Featured Artist project!