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Project Loved: Week of December 2nd


Who's ready to get some more maps Loved? Project Loved is bringing yet another batch of beatmaps to the table, and it's up to you to decide which ones will make it into the Loved category!

Welcome back to Project Loved! Every two weeks, we pick out a few beatmaps from each game mode that will get their shot at making it into the Loved category. From the maps we selected, you can now vote whether or not you want them to be Loved! Click on each maps' header image in this post to be taken to its voting thread.

Some of you may remember how the osu!standard captains previously raised the voting threshold to 90%, only to later decrease it back to 85. We want to give those maps that were denied their admission into Loved a fair chance, so this round we are adding a section for what Toy calls "redemption voting": any map previously denied at a vote percentage higher than 85% will have a new poll opened alongside the other maps this week. As usual, there will still be 10 standard maps nominated independent of this section.

We also have some new captains to introduce! Welcome fartownik to the osu!standard team, and Lenfried- to osu!mania! Both are going to be selecting maps and writing descriptions alongside the existing captains.

In case you don't read the end of this post, be sure to submit suggestions for beatmaps to be added to Loved using the Google form! All of the nominated beatmaps are chosen from submissions on this form, which you can view in the corresponding Google sheet.



osu! Loved candidates were chosen by BeasttrollMC, Bubbleman, DigitalHypno, fartownik, SoraRoxas01 and waywern2012!

Void - Just Hold on (To All Fighters) by Echoy
written by BeasttrollMC

This song is a message to all players on their uphill journey to stamina improvement. Similar to last week's AO-Infinity, this map is a test for everything stream-wise, only this time things are cranked to the extreme. This map by Echoy is filled with 170 BPM deathstreams, some at over 200 notes, but it doesn't stop there. These deathstreams employ variations that will make aiming them extremely difficult, including snapstreams, sliderstreams, spaced streams, jumpstreams, accelerating streams, and double streams. This is truly the jack-of-all-trades map for streams.

Camellia - ATTACK FROM MANDRAKE by Akali
written by BeasttrollMC

Those who follow Project Loved will be happy to see Akali return for yet another week, this time featuring his take on Camellia's "ATTACK FROM MANDRAKE". Unlike his past maps, this one tends to be a bit more friendly towards players, as its difficulty rating levels around 5.5 stars. The map has actually been featured in a few tournament tiebreakers, giving testament to its overall consistent difficulty for a tech-based map. Give it a swing and be sure to come back and vote for its place in Project Loved!

MYUKKE. - SHERA by melloe
written by fartownik

After the huge success of melloe's Seashore on the Moon set, it's finally time to bring some more of his work to the spotlight. In this banger of a song, melloe once again proves that not all was carved in stone within the osu! map editor. Even though the map is only two minutes long, it will take you on a journey through a variety of low-BPM stream patterns that you likely haven't experienced before, but before that, you will be greeted by one of the coolest wub-slider sections ever with a little bit of 2B mapping thrown in there. If you consider yourself a "technical player", I dare you to try this one.

Hatsuki Yura - The Clockwork Rose -Tokei Shikake no Bara Shoujo- by Xenok
written by fartownik

In this Japanese gothic-idol, dubstep-flavoured tune, Xenok shows off his skills in creating technical maps with very demanding rhythms. If you are familiar with this mapper, then you likely know what to expect from this masterpiece. Xenok operates incredibly well with slider velocity and shape, emphasizing all the "wub" sounds to create a memorable experience for the player. To add to difficulty, he uses plenty of 1/6 circle patterns to spice things up. Since the map doesn't use many jumps and mostly utilizes flow-aim style patterns, it will be a treat for all the alternate-style lovers out there.

P*Light - TRIGGER*HAPPY (Hommarju Remix) by Lokovodo
written by DigitalHypno

Are you trigger happy? This Lokovodo map of an appropriately named song might be just what you're looking for. At 200 BPM, this map of "TRIGGER*HAPPY" certainly lives up to its star difficulty of nearly 8.5. The mapset has AR9 and AR10 versions of the same map, so it's suitable for both kinds of players. Despite only being HP3, its intense patterns have made the map quite the challenge to pass. If you think you're up for this high-star test, try and see if you can join the group of very few players who have managed to clear this map!

(K)NoW_NAME - Knew day (TV Size) by Avishay
written by DigitalHypno

Once upon a time, this map was qualified. It was sent back to pending due to some issues, and never saw the light of day again. As such, the mapset has a full difficulty spread ranging from mid 1-star to mid 5-stars. Although the song itself is TV sized, don't jump to any stereotypes—Avishay, the mapper, is able to keep you on your toes for the entirety of the map. If you're one for alternating patterns that require some unconventional cursor movements, the last thing you'd want to do is skip over this map. Check it out!

weyheyhey !! - UP THE BUM NO BAIIIIIBEEZ by Silverboxer
written by SoraRoxas01

With a hardcore song comes a hardcore beatmap by Silverboxer. With just over four minutes of high-AR aim patterns and high-BPM streams, this map is not to be taken lightly, not to mention the varying slider shapes that might catch you off guard if aren't careful! With the map reaching over 7 stars and having over 50 favorites, are you ready to jump around?

Various Artists - KIRBY Mix Compilation 2 by Nitroz and Starrodkirby86
written by SoraRoxas01

If you were around in the old osu! times, you would recognize a mapper called Starrodkirby86, or have seen his "Kirby Mix" difficulties on certain maps. He is a mapper that likes to map in old style symmetry in a way that is very unique and different to play; it may test how good you are at aim control and reading. This map is a compilation of a bunch of well-known maps that he has made, and would make for a good reading practice map for low AR. With maps like Genesis of Aquarion and Fairy Tail Main Theme in there, this map is definitely worth a shot. Along with a great map is a nice arena-like storyboard made by Kirby himself, which makes the map feel like a set of "stages", in a way. Will you make it to the end and pass all of these gems?

Hino Isuka - Dreamin' attraction​!​! ​(​Extended) by elchxyrlia
written by waywern2012

With a fast-paced song comes an intense map from elchxyrlia. Coming in at 8.22 stars, with a low OD and almost 90 favourites, Dreamin' attraction is a map you wouldn't want to miss any notes on! A very energetic song mixed with mappers high spacing style makes this map perfect for high-skilled players. It maintains its flow throughout the song, keeping the player focused on the playfield, with a short interval in the middle section for the player to relax. This map is great for those who enjoy pushing themselves to the limit! Are you one of them?

BABYMETAL - YAVA! by [ Kohioma ]
written by waywern2012

This is an amazing mapset done by [ Kohioma ] with an awesome BABYMETAL song, YAVA! This map has seen a large growth in favourites, with nearly 180 now, making this the creator's most popular mapset. With the song's slow parts and a combination of jumps in intense parts, this map plays very nicely in every difficulty, keeping players of any skill level thrilled!

osu! Redemption

Aero Chord - Break Them (feat. Anna Yvette) by olteR
written by DigitalHypno

Hey, you! Yeah, you there, scrolling through the Loved map showcase post and checking out the descriptions. Have you been craving a map with not much except all that snappy jump goodness we know and love? Maybe even a catchy trap song to go along with it? If it feels like I'm calling your name, you surely won't want to miss out on this map. At almost 200 favorites, this map of "Break Them" by olteR has already caught the eyes of many. This mid-6-star map flooded with nothing but solid 200 BPM jumps may be exactly what you've been looking for. Check it out!

Muzzy - Calling Out (feat. KG & Skyelle) (Speed Up Ver.) by elchxyrlia
written by Toy

If you've played one lahphnya map, you've played them all. Right? I'm not here to answer that, but if that's the case, then whatever elchxyrlia is doing, he's been doing it right for years. Yet another nearly 200 favorite Speed Up Ver. of an already exciting fast paced song, mixed with spaced streams and full screen jumps, all set to roast together in the oven and you've got a decked out 8* mammoth of a map.

Nanahira - Francium by T1Y
written by DigitalHypno

One can never seem to have enough Nanahira maps, huh? Here's a two-difficulty mapset of Nanahira's "Francium", mapped by T1Y, with both difficulties hovering around low-5 stars. Don't get thrown off by the star rating, though (this is quite the common phrase nowadays, isn't it?)—both difficulties have quite high approach rates, with the top difficulty sitting at an approach rate of 10. Speaking of the top difficulty, who would have guessed a Nanahira song could support so many fun cut streams? If you're a fan of flowy stream aim, you won't want to skip out on giving this amazing map a try. For those of you who are less inclined to enjoy high AR cut streams, the lower difficulty is still an option, as it's based on more symmetry-based patterns at a slightly lower AR. Let's not forget about the song to top it all off, though: after all, it's "simply the cutest".

kors k - Insane Techniques (Extended) by RLC and fanzhen0019
written by DigitalHypno

Some of you may know the other ranked mapsets of this song, but I'd say you're missing out if you haven't given this version a try as well. In 2014, RLC and fanzhen0019 came together to collab the extended version of this up-beat banger of a track by kors k. The comparison of their mapping styles in this collab is quite interesting, and overall makes for a very engaging map. Over 110 players have favorited this map so far, and if you're one for five minutes of disconnected streams and variable slider velocities, you just might be the next one!

Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers - Steamed Hams by ProfessionalBox
written by DigitalHypno

Many of you may recognize this iconic scene from The Simpsons; it's an everlasting meme filled with unmatched potential. This map by ProfessionalBox certainly puts that potential to good use: it's a low-4-star beatmap of the entire scene, mapped in a professional style (unintended pun, ok...). The scene begins with the character Principal Skinner inviting Superintendent Chalmers to an "unforgettable luncheon". But... what's this? Skinner burned the dinner in the oven! What will his plan be to make sure his meal with the superintendent is still an unforgettable luncheon!? If you don't already know, check out the map to find out! If you do know, you should still check out the map—I'm sure you'll love it!


osu!taiko Loved candidates were chosen by -[ ix Ishida xi ]-, -Kazu-, Backfire, iceOC and nyanmi-1828! This week, all osu!taiko beatmap descriptions were written by Backfire.

Sinister Souls - Beat The Drum Hard (Kobaryo's FTN-Remix) by Nyanners- and Backfire

So, a short story about this map: I was a big fan of it from the start (originally, it was made by just Nyanners-). It was one of Nyanners-'s first maps, and it had these unbelievably hard burst sections that were very difficult to hit. There was always something compelling about the song and the way those burst sections felt, which I would argue are the map's main drawing point. It does not pull punches with its difficulty. However, the map was deleted, but I spoke with Nyanners- about re-uploading it, with some changes to make it a truly great map. That is how we are left with the map as it is currently presented! The two difficulties are the original by Nyanners- and an SV + modified version that I created. Players may be familiar with it also from tournaments like Taiko Battlegrounds and LMS: Shift Cup!

yukina (TUMENECO) - Manatsu no Mitsu to Kuchibiru by Liz7

Liz7 is a very famous taiko mapper; however, his small catalogue on osu! doesn't lend to that claim very much. A quick foray over to his YouTube channel shows he is a master mapper in the taiko emulator "TaikoJiro". Japanese players there are already very familiar with Liz, and his osu!taiko maps are also pretty well known. Stylistically, they are very interesting compared to most other mappers. He utilizes cool bar-line tricks, clean SVs and good Jiro-style patterns. This is also a very new-player friendly map, so everyone can find out what's so fun about it!

Camellia - K.Y.A.F.A. (Kill You All Fucking Asshole) by SKSalt

The very famous mapper SKSalt appears for his fourth time in Loved. This one in particular is a Camellia track, K.Y.A.F.A., which is a perfect fit for SK's mapping style, as his very dense patterns lend very well to the chaotic nature of Camellia's music. Though SKSalt has not been seen for over a year, and this map is over 2 years old, his mapping seems at the very least ahead of his time, as the 1/6 usage is as clean and fun as any modern map. A great choice to represent one of the osu!taiko legends!

TMABird - Sweet Melty Memes by Mew104

Very well-known to those who are familiar with the osu!taiko World Cups, Sweet Melty Memes was a warmup map picked by Germany many times, and it features a ton of very unsightreadable sections. It's a classic Mew map, that is part of a series that goes along with Mute City, as they are both mash-ups that require you to memorize if you want to pass, let alone FC the maps.


osu!catch Loved candidates were chosen by Ascendance, Sartan, Tenshichan and Zak!

Memme - Force of RA by Badis
written by Tenshichan

Force of Ra by Badis is a jack of all trades: it has fast wiggles, bursts as well as a few hyperwalks and much more. If you are looking for a single difficulty with a lot of diversity in it, then you might enjoy this one. However, it is not an easy map. There are a lot of patterns which are easy to miss. If you go for an FC, you are required to have good reading, considerable speed and consistency. For aspiring players it might already be a challenge to pass, but all in all it is a nicely done beatmap which is a challenge for most of the playerbase.

U1 overground - Dopamine by ExGon
written by Ascendance

Boasting a strong 2nd place in the 2016 osu!catch Transcend Contest, ExGon's rendition of Dopamine is an incredibly creative challenge that is sure to put many players to the test. Requiring precise catcher control for high-speed droplets, trademark hyperwalks, alongside some unique concepts, any fans of the rare aspire-style appearances in mapping will be sure to enjoy this fantastic difficulty!


osu!mania Loved candidates were chosen by _underjoy, aitor98, Kamikaze, Lenfried-, Pope Gadget, stupud man and TheToaphster!

(Various Artists) - A Journey through 4K by Cadmium-113
written by _underjoy

We are beginning this week's selection with A Journey Through 4K, a map pack made by Cadmium-113. This set lives up to its name and takes the player on a fascinating, yet bumpy ride across the various styles and patterns that 4K has to offer. The charts from this pack differ in terms of style and difficulty, but they are all rather challenging because of their dumpy nature. Vote on this set in the Loved voting and immerse yourself in the Journey through 4K!

Camellia - GHOST by Gekido-
written by TheToaphster

Peeking its head out yet again after its use as finals tiebreaker in two of the biggest 4K tournaments of 2018, SOFT3 and MWC 4K 2018, is GHOST, an absolute monster of a chart created by none other than Gekido-, a well known figure in the community for his capabilities with many different chart elements, like long notes, tech, and in some cases even SV. Such is the case with GHOST, being an amalgamation of these different elements, pushing the physical capabilities of the players' speed, long notes, tech, and SV reading capabilities to their limits. For these reasons, it should be clear why this was chosen for both of the tournaments, why the community sees it in such a positive light, and why it has been nominated for the Loved section!

terminal11 - tilde's revenge by Xay
written by TheToaphster

Pure technical play with a plethora of burst, minijack, and long-jack patterns, coupled with the physical and mental stamina that come with the four minute runtime define the next chart being nominated, Xay's "tilde's revenge". We've seen plenty of extremely high quality charts from Xay before, such as Eviscerate and Bow Down, You Ignorant Fools, both of which were previously loved, and this choice meets the expectations set by those two charts, being a well-constructed chart to an interesting and seemingly rarely seen idm group, terminal11. These points give plenty of reason for the community interest in the chart, and give it a good spot among the Loved nominations.

Hommarju - Hellfire by snoverpk and _underjoy
written by TheToaphster

It's all about how well one can handle extremely fast jacks in the next nomination for osu!mania. Clocking in at 176 BPM with a large surplus of fast jack-tech is snoverpk's Hellfire. This chart starts with about 20 seconds of calm before unleashing a fury of minijacks and gluts with the occasional burst to spice things up a bit. With a small break and some buildup, it comes to a massive wall, which is only to be followed by the densest section of the chart to finish it off. This is an intense challenge to be sure, only shown off by its inclusion in the osu!mania 4K World Cup 2016 Finals map pool. This and the great use it has as a skill tester make it a fantastic nomination for the Loved Section.

goreshit - satori de pon! by qodtjr
written by stupud man

It's been awhile since qodtjr has made an appearance in Project Loved, and he's back with arguably his most popular map yet. satori de pon!'s "easier" difficulty is more than enough to give higher-level players a challenge. Its unique anchor-heavy chordstreaming at such a high BPM makes it one of the only speed chordstream maps at its difficulty level. Although chordstreams are more than common for qodtjr to map, it's pleasantly surprising to see him take it on in this manner. Its recently updated harder difficulty takes that same chart and layers it even further, creating that challenge scaled to the playing level of the people too inhuman to play this game. While it might seem too hard to approach at first with its underrated star rating, it's definitely something that has made its way into multiple players' practice routines, and is more than worthy of a leaderboard.

dj-Jo - Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no Youna feat. k*chan [ dj-Jo Remix ] by ArcherLove
written by aitor98

Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no Youna is a map made by Archerlove in mid-2016, and it is quite special. It does have 4 difficulties, going from 2 stars to 6 and a half, which makes it accessible for every kind of player. This set features mostly long notes and crazy jacky sections, which are really hard to handle with ease. It also features a few sightreadable SVs and slowjams every here and there, but the jacks mixed with the complex LN patterning makes this chart one of a kind. The hardest difficulty might look a little bit overrated, but the way the patterns are put together, makes a chart good enough for Loved.

Nhato - Miss You by BilliumMoto
written by Kamikaze

And for our last pick we have a chart that should be familiar if you're following osu!mania World Cups frequently: BilliumMoto's rendition of Miss You. This song seems like a perfect fit for BillumMoto as a charter as he's very well known for the complexity in his charts and he pulls no stops here as well. It's a very complex LN oriented chart with technical patterning, tough releases, jacks, uncomfortable patterns and on top of that some pretty neat SV gimmicks. Being featured in the Quarter Finals of MWC 7K 2016, the chart is proven to be competitive enough, and with its unique style and execution, I think this is a really good pick for the Loved category!

From everyone on the Project Loved team, we hope you enjoy this week's selection, and look forward to the next! The winning beatmaps will hit the Loved beatmap listing sometime next week and will be announced via @osugame on Twitter.

In addition to all of the Loved captains that choose the maps and write the descriptions, make sure to thank clayton, Ephemeral, Noffy and Toy for their miscellaneous help in managing Project Loved.

If you have any suggestions for beatmaps to be added to the Loved category, please submit them using the Google form! You can view the current submissions on the corresponding Google sheet.

—the Project Loved team