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osu!idol 2018 Finals - Community Voting Results!


We have reached the end in this year's osu!idol contest. Thanks everyone for taking part in the community voting! Results time.


Congratulations to this year's osu!idol - Will Stetson! Their performance of Omoi - Snow Drive has earned them the first place!

Next we have Zeva[FL]'s performance of Chris Kirkpatrick - My Shiny Teeth And Me in second!

Third place goes to MjIsMaster with their performance of The Romantics - Talking In Your Sleep! Applause, everyone!

Here are links to the performances.


As we mark this year's installment to a close, we'd like to thank the community for making all of this possible! Don't forget to drop by our Discord server for banter, karaoke and future announcements. See you next time. Boomshakalaka.