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Project Loved: Week of November 18th


Project Loved opens its bi-weekly polls once again, letting you decide which maps are put into the Loved category! Vote for your favourite maps here!

Welcome back to Project Loved! Every two weeks, we pick out a few beatmaps from each game mode that will get their shot at making it into the Loved category. From the maps we selected, you can now vote whether or not you want them to be Loved! Click on each maps' header image in this post to be taken to its voting thread.

In case you don't read the end of this post, be sure to submit suggestions for beatmaps to be added to Loved using the Google form! All of the nominated beatmaps are chosen from submissions on this form, which you can view in the corresponding Google sheet.



osu! Loved candidates were chosen by BeasttrollMC, Bubbleman, DigitalHypno, SoraRoxas01 and waywern2012!

Jerma - Rat's Birthday Mixtape (FULL VERSION) by mithew
written by BeasttrollMC

It's finally here! mithew's take on Jerma's "Rat's Birthday Mixtape" has seen massive popularity through top players and memes, with good reason as well! It's a fun and challenging map to play, watch, and listen to! Sitting at 176 favorites, you will find yourself spamming 🐀 in no time.

Seiryu - AO-Infinity by _RyuK and stq
written by BeasttrollMC

It's honestly amazing to see top players dipping their toes into the mapping scene. _Ryuk's take on Seiryu's "AO-Infinity" is a test of all things stream-wise, including spaced, slider and jump streams all packed into a single map. It's a great set to practice with and a great song to listen to—a perfect harmony!

xi - Ascension to Heaven by Zapy and Jenny
written by Bubbleman

An undeniable classic, the likes of which we might never see again, Zapy's Ascension to Heaven has stood the test of time and is still as incredible to play today as it was when it came out. The 200 BPM streams flow brilliantly, and the use of AR9 presents a reading challenge too, so don't take the star rating for granted. You game? Then come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.

Masuda Junichi - Lavender Town - Solkrieg's Dream Eater Dubstep Remix by Dustice
written by Bubbleman

Want stamina practice? Look no further. Taking the "dump" mapping concept and applying it to standard, this map throws constant 256 BPM bursts and streams at you to go along with the remixed Lavender Town melody. The drops hit hard and the map barely calms down over its entire two minute run time, so make sure to give it a run if you're feeling spritely enough to be on the right side of passing.

nameless - All I Need are Things I Like by Yusomi
written by DigitalHypno

An eye-catching map, Yusomi's mapset of nameless's "All I Need are Things I Like" is certainly a precision player's friend. The main difficulty of the mapset may be CS7, but that's not the only thing bringing it above 9 stars in difficulty. The map is filled with high-speed jumps to truly test the player's agility and aim control at every angle imaginable. A CS5 version of the map is provided as well, if that suits your tastes more. So, give the map your best shot!

LeaF - Alice in Misanthrope -Ensei Alice- by Anxient et al.
written by DigitalHypno

A mapper recognizable from some of their other ranked mapsets, Anxient has yet another mapset up for show! This is a 6-difficulty set of a song by LeaF, a familiar artist within the osu! community. With guest difficulties from Victorica, Rohit6 and SnowNiNo_, the top difficulty was made by the set owner and sits in high 5-star range. The map itself is filled with unique stream shapes and doubles to satisfy those niche technical interests of yours. As you go to check out the map, don't forget to give the guest difficulties a try as well!

Stefan Karl Stefansson & Mani Svavarsson - We are Number One by Doomsday is Bad et al.
written by SoraRoxas01

Another fun and interesting mapset by Doomsday is Bad has appeared as a candidate for Loved! "We are Number One" is full of unique patterns in each difficulty, ranging from jumps to 2B sliders to even a cover of the song being made for one of the difficulties—this is definitely something to check out. The mapset also includes mappers like Doomsday, Syncro, NyarkoO and Lefafel and has over 140+ favorites. Can you get number one on this?

liqueurprime - Wagashi to Issho ni Tachiagare! by Settia
written by SoraRoxas01

With classic Settia mapping to go along with such a lively song, this is definitely a map to check out. With the star rating hitting 7, this map is not to be taken lightly, as it is full of fast jump patterns and long streams. It's the perfect map to either test or practice your stamina and aim! In addition to that, the map hits nearly 5 minutes and will keep you interested every second, with contrasting sections and varying patterns. I hope you're ready for a wild ride!

Camellia feat. Nanahira - senpai, notice me! by _RyuK
written by waywern2012

It has been proven many times that top players can make amazing maps, and this is no exception. _RyuK is offering us a map of Camellia's "senpai, notice me!", and it includes cute slider shapes, some technical patterns, frequent slider velocity changes and a banger of a song! It is safe to say that the loved captains definitely noticed this map, as the fastest improving player has made one of the fastest favourite-gaining maps, with over 180 favourites during these three months!

Endorfin. - Spica by Settia
written by waywern2012

"Endorfin. - Spica" is a map with an interesting concept by Settia. There are two ways to play this beatmap, with and without vocals. How? Just enable or disable hitsounds to turn vocals on or off. Packing in 100 favourites, this beatmap shows its potential and is fun to play with or without vocals! Try it yourself!


osu!taiko Loved candidates were chosen by -[ ix Ishida xi ]-, -Kazu-, Backfire, iceOC and nyanmi-1828!

UNDEAD CORPORATION - Magus night fever inst. by Ekoro
written by -Kazu-

Coming as part of his well-known Sorcery Light series, Ekoro's "Magus night fever inst." is probably one of the hardest high-BPM stamina maps out there. With large streams, both complex and monocolor, this map focuses on emphasizing the melody on its blue notes while following its brutal kicks on the dons, so be prepared to break keyboards trying to pass this map. We wish you the best of luck trying to read the last kiai, which has a scrolling speed that is equal to around 392 BPM.

Furby@NineMusez - Mousou Express by JUDYDANNY, kanopu and Nardoxyribonucleic
written by -Kazu-

Even though it was initially going for ranked, "Mousou Express" by JUDYDANNY comes to satisfy the people who like relaxing with easier maps. Although it brings high quality diffs that make a proper difficulty spread, it comes with a very gratifying surprise: kanopu's Inner Oni is a love letter to the older members of the community, as his mapping style really brings you back to those years where consistency and structure were the keys to making a high-quality map. As modifying these maps to fit current standards would be a crime, it's now on voting for Loved!

98SKJ - Kill Me Break by Shallty and KitajimaYN
written by Backfire

A fun breakcore map by Shallty and KitajimaYN, Kill Me Break accumulated a lot of its original favorite count through an older version of this set, which only contained one difficulty from Shallty. In these days, it has been replaced by two seperate versions, "KILLME" and "DEATH", which seem to hold the spirit of the original, while making it more accessible for more players. The energetic and fast pace will be really appealing to our top-level players who enjoy the kind of music you'd find from artists like katagiri and LeaF!

OzzyOzrock - PUPA by WoahE
written by Backfire

One could say this is simply a meme, and they'd be mostly correct. For those that don't know OzzyOzrock, he is a popular figure in the osu!taiko community who likes to sing acapella for a lot of the songs he maps. Masterpieces from him include Tenshi Teki and Shinsekai. This is the most popular example we have, PUPA, which is filled with fun patterns that you would come to expect from a typical difficulty of this particular song. Ozzy's covers are a part of osu!taiko's history, so we really feel it's already Loved, and this will just make it official!


osu!catch Loved candidates were chosen by Ascendance, Sartan, Tenshichan and Zak! This week, all osu!catch beatmap descriptions were written by Sartan.

Memme - Avalanche by Spectator

Today we are presented by yet another clean map from our man Spectator. Despite this map being over three years old, it still very much lives up to the standards of maps nowadays. The main reason for this map not being ranked is probably the fact that it only has one difficulty on it. As for the way the map plays, it is pretty much what you would expect from a Spectator map: very nice accentuation to the music with a handful of streams and a few cross screen jumps.

Thanks to this style, the map is very accessible to players of almost any rank. Replayability is also very solid, thanks to the very likeable song and possibility to try out different mods to your liking, as the map won't become impossibly difficult. So give it a shot!

kanoryo - Failnaught by SharpN

Welp, if you feel like warming up your fingers for a bit, then this is the perfect map for you! We're introducing SharpN's first map in the loved vote, Failnaught. As most people that have ever tried a SharpN map know, most of his maps are rather gimmicky and rather hard. This map definitely meets these two criteria, with it being an absolute left-right hell with interventions of streams that can instantly make you fail if you miss just one. It is definitely not a map for the faint-hearted, you will require quite a lot of speed and precision to be able to even pass this one.

One thing is for sure though, playing this map properly is amazingly satisfying. It is possible to throw Hidden into the mix too, to make for an even more challenging and precision requiring map. And if you can't quite pass it, there is no shame in slapping NaughtFail on this bad boy and giving it your best.


osu!mania Loved candidates were chosen by _underjoy, aitor98, Kamikaze, Pope Gadget, stupud man and TheToaphster!

Jan Amit - In Torture (feat. Eclise) by Elekton
written by TheToaphster

Opening up the osu!mania Loved nominations, just like last week, is a newcomer to the category, Elekton, with his chart for "In Torture". The chart is three minutes of a constant barrage of technical concepts, including a combination of minijacks and bursts that all tie nicely to the genre at hand, neurofunk. The chart also has a past in some community tournaments due to the technical skills required to succeed at it, as well as the well-structured and detailed nature of the patterns used throughout. All of this makes it a clear choice for the Loved nominations.

Chroma - Sayonara Planet Wars by Leo137
written by TheToaphster

Continuing to deliver on his previously-established clean charts returns Leo137 to the Loved nominations, this time for his chart of "Sayonara Planet Wars". The upbeat and fast-paced nature of the chiptune in the song is matched with equally fun and exciting jumpstream patterns to keep the players on their toes. Straightforward and cleanly-designed jumpstreams often lead to enjoyable experiences for many players, and Sayonara Planet Wars is certainly no exception to this, gaining significant player attention, compounded with the chart's common use in skill indication, at least as far as jumpstreams go. These qualities of the chart give it plenty of support in its nomination for the Loved category.

DJ Noriken - #MAGiCVLGiRL_TRVP_B3VTZ by Zyph and Guilhermeziat
written by _underjoy

Our favourite magical girls, Zyph and Guilhermeziat, bring to you a spicy trap map! "#MAGiCVLGiRL_TRVP_B3VTZ" by DJ Noriken has two difficulties, which are two different sides of the same coin. ZVPH'Z_ACC is a seemingly straightforward chart, with emphasis on chords mixed with jumpstreams. The trick however lies in numerous bursts and grace notes, which add a lot of flavour to this diff and are a challenge for acc-specialising players. On the other hand, GVIL'Z_LNZ is filled with unconventional anchor-LN patterning and transitions which cater to long note enthusiasts. Both interpretations of the song provide immense fun for the player, and this is why we have nominated it for the Loved voting!

stereoberry - evangelize (blurry images) by Tidek
written by Kamikaze

And for our next pick, we have a chart the SV enthusiasts and tournament players should all be familiar with—Tidek's "evangelize". This chart is mainly known through being one of the Group Stage picks for the osu!mania 4K World Cup 2017, and it's best described as an SV chart; the chart's structure relies mostly on very intuitive patterning neatly representing the song, paired with neatly organized and executed visual gimmicks which accent the song's repetitive but broken rhythm strong enough to have an impact on gameplay, but subtle enough to be easy to understand right away. This combination is what makes this chart a very accessible SV chart and also a very good pick for the Loved category!

Gram vs. Camellia - Ragnarok by Jinjin
written by stupud man

Jinjin didn't hold back whatsoever when he created this beast of a map. Ragnarok is 5:20 of every skill set you can possibly imagine, and it's no wonder why it was picked for the Finals tiebreaker of the osu!mania 7K World Cup 2018. Each section of this map, whether it be the dense chordstreams, the significantly more challenging LN sections, or even the tricky SV section (which was graciously commentated by yours truly), contributes its own unique playing experience here. At this point, it's very uncommon to see any new 7K maps that combine a multitude of skill sets like Ragnarok does, and it's even more uncommon to see maps that still manage to maintain enjoyability while doing so (let alone while being this hard). Thus, its unique position in the vast list of osu!mania maps makes this a more than suitable candidate for Project Loved.

xi vs sakuzyo - STORIA by Kyousuke- et al.
written by _underjoy

"STORIA" by Kyousuke- and his army of guest mappers is one of the most popular low-to-mid difficulty sets. It's a good example of a hybrid map—many difficulties mix different styles, including LNs, jumpstreams, bursts and jacks. Even the song is a compilation of various of xi and sakuzyo's works. Having a hefty amount of both 4K and 7K difficulties, this mapset will be a treat to almost anyone. Be cautious though: the ending of the hardest diffs might surprise you a little (especially the 7K one)! With that being said, we look forward to seeing STORIA in Loved section!

TWICE - What is Love? by Reba
written by aitor98

Here we have Reba again with one of his most notorious long note mapsets, "What is Love?" By TWICE. Coming in at 170 BPM, this chart starts with some calm chords followed by LNs, which will slowly pick up until it reaches the chorus. Once it has reached that point, wild long note chordstreams and reverse shields will start to appear, looking like complete madness to both read and play. The chorus lasts for roughly 30 seconds and goes back to a slow-paced patterning, building up density-wise until it reaches the chorus again one minute later, with the same kind of patterning as mentioned before. Even though it might look too crazy for you, there is one remarkable section where we can appreciate an awkward but intense 6-note wristjack that will likely make you rush the entire section unless you are not prepared for it. Nonetheless, if you are a noodle and K-pop lover, this kind of map is made for you.

From everyone on the Project Loved team, we hope you enjoy this week's selection, and look forward to the next! The winning beatmaps will hit the Loved beatmap listing sometime next week and will be announced via @osugame on Twitter.

In addition to all of the Loved captains that choose the maps and write the descriptions, make sure to thank clayton, Ephemeral, Noffy and Toy for their miscellaneous help in managing Project Loved.

If you have any suggestions for beatmaps to be added to the Loved category, please submit them using the Google form! You can view the current submissions on the corresponding Google sheet.

—the Project Loved team