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osu! Coffee Hour: osu!catch Gamemode History


If there's one thing that sets osu! apart from other communities, it's the amount of different stories to be told. This episode of the osu! Coffee Hour will be the first in a series of Gamemode History episodes where we'll dive into the unique story behind each gamemode. First up on the list: osu!catch.

This week's theme

We're dedicating our first Gamemode History to osu!catch, the third gamemode to join the osu! ranks all the way back in late 2008, meaning there's a lot to cover! Joining me (HappyStick) this Friday will be JBHyperion, and Sartan.

JBHyperion is a prominent osu!catch mapper and modder, active since February 2015, and is both a former Beatmap Nominator and current member of the Quality Assurance Team for osu!catch. He has created and contributed to a number of mapping and modding related resources, including the Community Mentorship Program and the osu!catch Ranking Criteria, as well as modding guides and other statistical tools.

Sartan is an active community member of osu!catch, long term tournament host for various of his own tournaments and co-host/helper for even more, including CWC. Next to that he podcasts with his CustomAllOsu project. In short, he has a lot of different osu!catch perspectives to add to the conversation!

We'd like to instill osu!catch players with a sense of pride and deeper understanding of the mode they've grown to love, whilst also giving the uninitiated a new perspective, and maybe even lighting the spark of curiosity in those who might be on the fence about giving osu!catch a try.


As per usual, we're looking for your questions!

If you have questions for either JBHyperion or Sartan regarding osu!catch, or suggestions for specific osu!catch moments over the years that you want to hear more about, let us know below!

We'll choose the top upvoted comments to present to the guests for discussion on the show.

When is this happening?

The next episode of the osu! Coffee Hour will be happening this Friday, the 12th of January, at 12PM UTC over at osulive.

We'll see you then!