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osu! at TwitchCon 2018


For the first time ever, the osu!team has a presence at TwitchCon! Drop by and meet the developers, chat with some osu! players in the flesh, and show off your skills for swag!

It's here! But where, you ask? At TwitchCon 2018 in San Jose, CA, from October 26th to the 28th, located in Space #1240 inside the main venue.

We've got the a few mini-tournaments/events lined up across the few days we'll be there, and we'll be trying our best to stream them over at the osulive! Twitch channel as bandwidth allows. The chat will be getting involved, so be sure to follow and hop in when the notification comes your way!

Here's what's planned (and take note, all times below are in UTC -07:00):

Day 1 (October 26)

A bit of an ad-hoc day. Everyone will be meeting each other and we will be streaming some IRL and freeplay on the local osu! setup.

Day 2 (October 27)

Twitch Chat Contenders (Midday - 1pm)

Slide into the osulive Twitch chat and vote on a selection of maps to hurl at the TwitchCon attendees!

16 players will face off 1v1 on a selection of maps voted on by Twitch chat until there's only one man left standing. This means 4 total rounds in a classic best-of-one style.

Twitch chat will collectively decide which of 5 maps from a pool gets played - the top voted map will be the battlegrounds for this battle royale!

The King of TwitchCon (4pm - 5pm)

The eight highest players ranked on-site at the osu! space will duke it out for the crown of TwitchCon!

Set in a classic three-round, best-of-three elimination complete with a TwitchCon specific mappool, this is the osu! World Cup's smaller, more purple brother.

The winner goes home with a BIGASS bag of osu! swag, and the crown of TwitchCon King!

Day 3 (October 28)

Shits & Giggles Event (Midday - 1pm)

Who knows what's going on here? I sure don't, and neither does anyone else! Depending on who's around, anything could happen.

Swing on by and say hello, be it in person, or via chat on osulive when the events get underway! Conventions like these are a great way to enjoy the osu! community in a way you might not have thought was possible.