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Halloween 2018 Fanart Voting Now Open


The artists of the osu! community have spoken, and they have decreed that we shall suffer. With over one-hundred and sixty entries to choose from and only fifteen votes and five days to go around, join in our torment as we scream through the entries of the Halloween 2018 Fanart Contest!

The voting is open now, so head on over and get to it. And good luck, you're going to need it.

A selection of the winning entries will be destined to rise with the blood moon to reside on the main menu screen for the duration of All Hallow's Eve and some time before. The artist of each entry will also receive 2 months of osu!supporter for their efforts.

Check out a short preview of all the available entries in the spooktacular video below, set to the dulcet tunes of our very first Featured Artist, cYsmix. It just isn't Halloween without him.

What're you waiting for? Go vote now! Voting is only open for 5 days, so hop to it!

And ware the coming of the blood moon, for rumour is that something dark looms on the horizon just out of sight...