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Beatmap Spotlights: December 2017


It seems like we still have a few unopened presents from last year - the December Spotlights are out, make sure to drop by and check it out!

The beatmap charts for the December Spotlights can be found here Their respective packs are available at the Beatmap Pack Listing for easier access. The December 2017 Spotlights rankings will end on 15th February 2018.

Past Spotlights results

First of all, congratulations to the winners of the November 2017 Spotlights. They receive one month of supporter status for their efforts!

December 2017 Spotlights


As one of the most well known mappers in the community, handsome continues to impress us with his latest ranked map - Impulse after RELOADED! Featuring 3 specific types of sliders coupled with delightful usage of patterns and small circle size, this map gives a uniquely aim-heavy challenge that fits the song at its finest! In addition, be sure to check out the alluring storyboard made by Darky1.

AIR's breathtaking virtuosity with sliders are showcased in his latest set of Jin Li Chao. Movements flow effortlessly while still captivating the player throughout an equally elegant song. It is uncommon to see such a difficult map of a rather simple song, but AIR has tackled it brilliantly. Definitely give this one a try if you haven't done so!

DreaM117er's YoiYoi Kokon brings us a mapset full of great difficulties. The highest difficulty made by the infamous kiddly is packed with its own twists on popular patterns like sliderstreams, while the mapset host's own Expert difficulty manages to impress with its clean patterning and great flow. Add a stunning storyboard by StarrodKirby86, combined with a beautiful skin by Chaoslitz, and you have a mapset that's not to be missed out this month!

A distinctive oriental track from known composer Memme and mapped by NeilPerry, Geurida features fast sliders which are quite commonly seen in wub maps nowadays, though it also contains various unique patterns that make the map stand out from the rest. The mapset also includes guest difficulties from the likes of well-known mapper Sing, as well as new aspiring mappers LowComboFC and Sulfur.

Niva, one of the famous mappers from the early days has brought up his own mapset, bringing nostalgic vibes for older players. In the Insane difficulty, there is a good mix of linear and circular flow which represents the beautiful music very nicely. With both old and new elements that the mapper has used in the mapset, it certainly makes for an great gameplay experience.

Terrifyingly thrilling is the best way to describe TRICKL4SH 220, Regou's set of December! With stellar guest difficulties from various acclaimed mappers, this set is fit for players of all skill levels. No matter the difficulty, the song is sure to take you on an exhilarating journey through fast-paced patterns and quick sliders! Truly a treat and a challenge!

This month, veteran mapper Zero__wind brings his third SHISAMO set to the ranked section - Kimi to Gelaende . This map features several clever uses of stacking based patterns and a highly refined handle on cursor movement. The lower difficulties follow suit with a similarly impressive design, leading to a highly enjoyable and rewarding experience for players of all skill levels.

Winning the 5th Pending Cup, an annual mapping contest that attracts experienced mappers globally, Chaoslitz brings us a marvellous collection of top-quality entries! Additionally, as the mapper of the top difficulty, yf_bmp vividly expresses the song with well-organized patterns and incredible hitsounding. Still, don't forget to check out all the difficulties if you are a fan of diversity, as both technical and aim-heavy styles are included in this mapset!


This month has proven that you don't need to be a known mapper or make a 6* map to be featured in, or even top, the monthly Spotlights, because that's exactly what ASPIRIN has achieved ! His map of the song "Saifu 'Kamiasobi no Uta'" features varied yet consistent and accurate patterns, a storyboard and minor slider velocity changes. ASPIRIN successfully used the song's varied nature to create a fun experience and a nice addition to osu!taiko's ranked map section.

MMzz is certainly no stranger to the Spotlights, this month bringing us a high-energy rendition of Camellia's POWA OF DA WILDANES. He manages this aggressive song with ease; his patterns flow comfortably while highlighting everything the tune has to offer, from serene moments to frenzied 300 BPM streams and everything in between. This 8* map presents a fun challenge for anyone who dares to face it head-on!

Following his last appearance in the September osu!taiko Spotlights, Nifty is featured once again, this time with a mapset that can be considered a sequel to Time Traveler: sakuraburst's remix of fuego! Like Time Traveler, fuego features an unusually high amount of slider velocity changes which are executed very well, creating a very unique experience. The patterns used are exceptionally well-structured, from kantan to embers oni, with the lower difficulties made fair for newer players. Hopefully you, the player, can enjoy embers oni's slider velocity changes!


Having impressed us with his previous works, Spectator, in collaboration with Ascendance, once again amazed us with their newly ranked map KASAI HARCORES - Cycle Hit. With dense yet fairly player-friendly note placement that perfectly fits its complex rhythm, they managed to express this hardcore song outstandingly, ensuring its victory in this month's Spotlights. Be aware of frequent and challenging hyperdashes along with high speed sliders!

Oh, Be Clever - Next To You (Elephante Remix) brought to us by JBHyperion is sure to make you feel aliiiiive. An absolute banger of a song, this marathon length mapset blesses us with two difficulties. The Rain mapped in collaboration by JBHyperion and WildOne94 provides an easier, more typical take on the song compared to Envy, with the overdose where JBHyperion once again unleashes his increasingly iconic circle size 5 style.

Don't be fooled by the low BPM, creative stream patterns and plenty of hyperdashes ensure the map is as every bit intense as the song itself. Be sure to watch your accuracy on this lively beatmap!

Bringing this sweet song with a sweet map to us are -wwwww and Ascendance! Though it might be simple in terms of difficulty, this map illustrates the beauty of simplicity. With occasional hyperdashes carefully placed and overall fluent movements, a sprightly and delicate atmosphere is created, matching the song just fine! Check it out if you want some melty moments during fruit-catching!

With nice flow and unique vocal emphasis with slider velocity manipulation, Hareimu's map of Fairytale, by cillia brings what we're looking for in Spotlights. It's slider velocity manipulation before the kiai adds some flair that makes the mapping interesting as well as having overall good flow that is smooth to play. We would hope you feel the same way while playing it!


Blocko's set of void - Just Hold on (To All Fighters) tops this month's Spotlights! With additional help from guest mappers Expew and Soul Evans, this mapset is truly a monumental effort, spanning 7 difficulties from Easy to Extra, with a long drain time of 4:20. Each difficulty exhibits their own unique style, allowing for exciting gameplay from the novice to the master.

The advantage of such an exceptionally long chart is that it allows for greater variation in pattern diversity, leaving no room for boredom or over-repetitiveness. As the title of the song suggests, the key charm of the song are the complicated long notes that show up at every corner, especially in the Resolve difficulty, where the slider velocity changes are used to represent the intensity of the individual parts, adding another layer to the already exhilarating gameplay. Just hold on to the long notes. You'll be fine, I promise!

Garalulu strays from his usual 7K charts into the experimental but growing 4K long note heavy style in his latest mapset, Ren Ren Ai Ai Cir Cir Cula Cula Tion Tion. Already presenting a reading challenge due to complex long note timings, this map goes the extra mile by presenting a new way of utilizing slider velocities with millisecond ratios to make notes almost disappear the moment they're on screen. Players will have a tough time passing on their first few tries!

For his 14th ranked map, Critical_Star presents us with a song which is beautiful to listen and awesome to play - Scars of FAUNA by Nekomata Master. The way the map is made is rather unique, having a good pattern style spread such as chordstream, long notes, even some technical parts with jacks. We can also observe bursts in every intersection throughout the map, which fits extremely well with the rhythm of the music.

With that being said, even though this map didn't top the Spotlights this month, this map totally deserves more popularity for its unique pattern style, which is rarely seen in the ranked section.

Similar to his previous ranked sets, Lenfried- demonstrates his mapping prowess with the newly ranked map cYsmix - Breeze. This map is notable as it contains unusual elements such as long note walls and unique slider velocity changes, patterns that are not commonly found in the ranked section.

During the kiai time, he expresses the music perfectly through extensive usage of long notes. Additionally, the rough slider velocities changes that he uses are very helpful in expressing the feeling of song too. This may be hot stuff, but it's actually a really cool map - just don't get fooled by the star rating!.

We hope you enjoy our selection for this month and look forward to what we will bring to you in the near future. Until then, happy clicking, drumming, catching, and hitting the piano notes! Be sure to bring a hot cup of tea along the way!

—Kurokami, Mao