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Mapping With Rewards Deadline Extended


If you haven't managed to submit or finish your entries for Mapping With Rewards in time, rejoice! The deadline for mapping Featured Artist tracks for this contest is extended until the 1st May 2018 and a few of the conditions have been changed!

Mapping With Rewards is a more open-ended approach to mapping contests first run in September of 2015 with a simple premise: we offer a bounty for the best beatmap set of a Featured Artist song, and a large timeframe to complete it in.

The deadline for this contest was hit on the 31st December 2017 and the turnout for this contest was as follows:

  • Fractal Dreamers - Fortuna Redux
    • 2 valid entries; 1 osu!, 1 osu!taiko
  • Loki - A New King Is Born
    • 6 valid entries; 1 osu!, 1 osu!taiko, 3 osu!mania, 1 osu!catch
  • *namirin - closing eyes
    • 5 valid entries; 3 osu!, 2 osu!taiko

We'll be extending deadline of the contest to the 1st May 2018 00:00 UTC+0 to allow for more people to participate.

The other major change is that there will not be any distinction made between the short and full versions of the songs provided, because balancing this restriction fairly proved to be infeasible.

The ruleset and conditions for future iterations of this contest are subject to change and improvement as said in the initial announcement, but it would be unfair to any submissions to this currently running iteration of it if the ruleset was changed after the first deadline has been hit.


  • Submissions must be entered via the contest system. Maps only uploaded via the Beatmap Submission System will not be considered.
  • You are free to submit multiple entries on the page if you wish to enter into more than one song, but can only enter once per song.
  • It is allowed to submit the beatmap sets via the Beatmap Submission System, have them modded on the page and even reach Ranked status while this contest is running.
  • Both versions of the song are judged equally, mapping the full version or the short version of a song is a choice left open to the mapper.
  • Entries may be submitted until 1st May 2018 00:00 UTC+0.
  • We reserve the right to change the map's background after it has been ranked.
  • Custom hitsound samples cannot be used.
  • Collaborations are not allowed because we aim for coherent sets.
  • The bounty is only awarded to maps that use the versions of the song announced in this post. Further cuts, or remixes do not count, but further equalizing the songs as well as adjusting their overall volume is allowed.


The bounty is claimable once per gamemode per song - for the sake of simplicity all of osu!mania's keycounts are treated as one gamemode.

This is the bounty set on this contest:

  • 6 months of osu!supporter for you or your friends
  • Unique, mode specific Mapping With Rewards 2017 profile badge
  • Winning entries will be fast-tracked to Ranked via the dedicated attention of a selection of Beatmap Nominators and Quality Assurance Team members
  • Winning entries will receive special placement on osu! granting more visibility than normal mapsets


Fractal Dreamers - Fortuna Redux

The opening track from Fractal Dreamer's debut album Kingdom of Silence. Incredibly varied, high tempo EDM track with strong central melodies and thumping percussion. Well suited for mappers who enjoy intense tracks.

*namirin - closing eyes

From *namirin's latest album, 5colors. Bright vocals without excessive sweetness, set to a backing track that builds on victorious overtones. Likely familiar to anyone who is fond of anime.

Loki - A New King Is Born

The cinematic climax of Loki/Thaehan's The Fall of a Hero. High BPM symphonic metal with prominent electric guitar melodies and leads, set to muted but varied percussion.

If any of these songs interest you, feel free to open one in the editor and take a shot at mapping it over the course of the next two and a half months! We look forward to seeing your submissions in the near future.