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Aspire 2017: osu!catch Voting Opens Soon


After a long wait of preparation and scrutinisation by our panel of expert judges, Aspire 2017: osu!catch is finally ready to step into the spotlight! Join us this Saturday the 27th of January at 23:00 UTC for a livestream preview showcasing the final ten submissions, featuring expert commentary from our panel of talented judges; Ascendance, Nokashi, Sartan and Zak!

With some incredible offerings from both experienced osu!catch Aspirants and fresh-faced visionaries alike, the Aspire 2017: osu!catch showcase is sure to serve up a treat on all creative fronts. And if that wasn't enough, you'll be able to see all the entries playtested by our final judge, alienflybot!

There will be eye-popping aesthetics and gameplay alike, from snazzy storyboards to astonishing pattern art, teleporting catchers to mountainous fruit stacks - if you want to know what osu!catch mapping is truly capable of, this is the showcase for you! Even if you're not an avid osu!catch player, fruits are good for you, so what's to lose by tuning in!?

We'll be starting the livestream over on the official osu! Twitch channel at 23:00 UTC on Saturday the 27th of January - keep an eye on our Aspire 2017: osu!catch countdown to make sure you don't miss it! Voting will go live as soon as the stream begins, so you can vote along with everybody watching and select your most creative and astounding fruit-arrangement masterpieces!

See you all there!