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Winter 2018 Fanart Voting Now Open


With a very generous heart, the artists of the osu! community have gifted us 168 entries to pore through for the holiday season, but only 15 can make it to the main menu! Help us decide, and vote now!

Head on over to the contest listing page, and go vote! There's only 6 days before the gifts will be unwrapped on the main menu for everybody to see.

A choice selection of the top winning entries will be featured in the osu! game client as the Winter 2018 seasonal backgrounds, and their artists will receive 2 months of osu!supporter to celebrate their victory.

We've prepared a short preview of the entries in the running this time around, all set to the smooth masterpiece that is nekodex's aureole, the Christmas spin on the osu! theme released last year:

Don't let the cold catch you out - there's only 6 days left to vote, so go vote now!