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Mapping With Rewards #2 - Bounties Complete!


Long overdue, but not forgotten. The second set of mapping bounties have finally been awarded and the game client has three new bundled maps!

Never thought you'd see this day, huh? Over two years ago, "Mapping With Rewards" was introduced to the public as a way to reward users who created maps for osu!'s officially licensed music -- namely tracks by cYsmix.

Two rounds of mapping bounties were held: one in September 2015 and another in Halloween themed one in October 2015. The first of those concluded successfully with its mappers rewarded their bounties as promised. The second, however, hadn't received as much participation and was unfortunately abandoned.

...Until now, that is. A new round of Mapping With Rewards has since concluded and is currently being judged, so we've brought the old Halloween round back from the dead to reward its mappers their respective bounties!

The Winners

Each of these winners were collectively decided by Myxomatosis, Mir, -Mo-, pishifat, and Pentori. You can find more information about their judging here!

With this round finally out of the way, we'll now be able to focus all our attention on the newest round of Mapping With Rewards, which will be having its results announced relatively soon!

– pishifat