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A fixture in the early UK dubstep scene as far back as 2005, Culprate is a highly talented electronic music producer hailing from the United Kingdom, renowned for his evocative sound and immense production quality.

A household name in the dubstep underground, Culprate's works are broad and sweeping in their sound and scope, showcasing an incredible command of musical composition and construction. In more recent years, he has experimented with incorporating aspects of experimental rock music into his work, producing albums like the cult-classic Deliverance, and has expanded his repertoire by producing a four-part collaboration piece with a variety of artists and producers from his Twitch community, aptly titled as the Unity Project.

As far as rhythm gaming is concerned, Culprate's sound is widely considered as complex and often set to wild progressions and motifs. Variance is the name of the game, with sounds that constantly contort and warp from one phrase to another, opening up a soundscape within which highly talented mappers with an eye for the technical are likely to thrive.

Unity Project, pt. 3
Unity Project, pt. 2
Unity Project, pt. 1