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New Featured Artist: SOOOO


The Featured Artist project storms into the sounds of a turbulent youth with the latest addition to the roster, SOOOO!

First popularized on osu! following the tremendous success of their track Happppy song, SOOOO is an enigmatic Japanese Vocaloid producer that thrives on an unusual subversion of the classical poppy, sweet-tinged sound in favor of a more intense, experimental, and ultimately sinister twist.

Dense, intimidating and full of musical influences from heavier genres, SOOOO's sound is not for the faint of heart in many regards - mapping included.

Are you brave enough?

Check out a sample of what we have available:

Happppy song

Made popular by Kuron-kun's mapset, this is where SOOOO all began in osu!.

a decayed garden sinks into the isolated sea

minus in the sun


Raven Haven


All the tracks listed above are available now from SOOOO's Featured Artist listing, fully timed and ready for mapping.

As always with Featured Artist works, these works are 100% free for use in osu! for modding and mapping, so worry less and map more!

We look forward to seeing what you guys make of (and with) SOOOO's sound. If Vocaloid isn't your thing, keep an eye out for more upcoming artist releases over December!