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The QAT Gazette: September 2018


Huge changes to Beatmap Nominator applications, updates on improvements to Modding Discussions, and a brand new QAT Gazette contributor? Another month's worth of exciting news beckons, so read on to catch up on all the excitement!


by JBHyperion

A new month brings new adventure, new challenges, and a new face to our humble blog!

A lot has happened in the past month and as you might expect, you can find it all right here! From substantial changes to the way Beatmap Nominator applications are conducted, to ongoing developments within the Modding Discussions system and of course, some aforementioned new faces, keep reading to find out everything you need to know in and around the mapping and modding community.

Within the Beatmap Nominators

by Kibbleru

We had yet another exciting month within the Beatmap Nomination Group. The long-awaited new round of Beatmap Nominator applications was finally released in late September, but this time, we have made some significant changes to both the application and evaluation processes. Continue reading to find out more!

New Beatmap Nominator Applications

As many of you may have followed, this round of Beatmap Nominator applications was finally opened to the public around late September. Any modder with sufficient modding activity within the past three months was free to apply to have their proficiency judged, in hopes of becoming a new and upcoming member of the Beatmap Nomination Group!

This time around we changed things up a bit. First and foremost, we decided to bring back proficiency tests in order to judge each applicant’s knowledge and understanding of the Ranking Criteria. Another change we decided on was to the application cycle. Instead of releasing tests every 1.5 months, alternating between the osu! gamemode, and taiko / catch / mania, we have decided that from now on, Beatmap Nominator applications for all game modes will be released at the same time every 3 months. Best of luck!

Beatmap Nominator Retirements

Fun times always have to come to an end eventually. This month, we give our farewells to two of our diligent Beatmap Nominators: Plaudible and Jonawaga.

On behalf of the community, we thank you for your hard work in bringing new content into the game, and we wish you good luck in your next steps in life!

Within the Quality Assurance Team

by Raiden

Ongoing discussions

Normally, every monthly issue of the QAT Gazette brings you exciting news and updates on a great diversity of fields within the osu! Mapping and modding community.

Unfortunately, this month is somewhat sparse on the news front, since some important topics require further discussion and have not yet been resolved. However, we are writing this in order to inform you that we indeed have not simply forgotten about such matters!

The topics still being debated include the following:

New Quality Assurance Team additions

As you may have already guessed from this article, we are now graced to have the presence of Kibbleru within our ranks! After two months in the former Beatmap Appreciation Team, followed by a further three years of experience in the Beatmap Nomination Group, he has made the next step at last and will join the QAT, assisting the osu! division in their efforts to maintain high levels of beatmap quality and Nominator proficiency.

Also joining us last month was veteran modder -Kazu-! With seven months of service in the Beatmap Nominators and seven years of experience in osu!taiko, he too has taken the plunge in order to share his vast experience in assisting with disqualifications and Beatmap Nominator applications to support the ever increasing size of the osu!taiko mapping scene.

Quality Assurance Team retirements

Whilst we may have welcomed two new members, we must also sadly bid farewell to two others. Hobbes2 has stepped down from his post within the QAT to return to the more hands-on aspects of modding as a Beatmap Nominator, whereas his fellow osu! compatriot Mir has elected to enjoy a period of rest as an osu! Alumni.

Their respective two and six months of service will not be forgotten easily. We wish you the best on your future endeavors!


by JBHyperion

With that all said, another month passes by and we edge into the final quarter of the year. With a potentially massive wave of new Beatmap Nominators in all four game modes, the continued development of Modding Discussions, and naturally so, so much more, we will aim to keep the intensity high and the good news flowing for the remainder of 2018.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our humble offerings, and we look forward to seeing you all again next month. Thanks for reading once again!

—JBHyperion, Kibbleru and Raiden