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Crawling forth from the valley of identity, SOOOO is a Japanese composer widely renowned among the VOCALOID music scene for his enchanting mixture of themes from a variety of genres, such as electronica, industrial, dark ambient and more. Creating tracks since 2014, SOOOO's work is heavily laden with moody themes focused around the 'miserable memories of childhood', complete with a hugely emotive sound that shifts between both passionate and masochistic. He has collaborated with many famous Japanese artists, such as Kaitendaentai, Babuchan, and HikkieP.

Incorporating elements from heavier musical sounds like hardstyle and acid bass interwoven with surprisingly sweet and pop-inspired vocal leads, SOOOO's sound is both familiar and distinctively unique all on its own. Introduced to osu! and made popular by Kuron-kun's map in early 2018, SOOOO's pieces loan themselves well to pattern-oriented beatmapping, featuring extremely dense musical lines that are often difficult to pull apart, but provide an open ground for supporting creative visual design and movement-centric play. Newer mappers beware!