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Welcome to the Help forum!
The place to go when you have a problem to report or a question to ask.
What to post

Technical Issues
You may create a new thread for any technical issues you're experiencing, as long as it's related to osu! in one way or another, by creating a new thread.

When creating a thread for help with a technical issue, please include a detailed description of the issue itself and the release stream/version of the game that the issue applies to. Please also include any other relevant information that may help us in assisting you. That includes things such as your computer specifications, things you already attempted to resolve the issue, etc.

Bug Reports
Bugs you find in game can be reported here by creating a new thread. Alternatively, you may also report them directly to the osu-stable-issues GitHub repository. Bugs you find on the website can be reported to the osu-web GitHub repository.

Please be sure to use the search functionality on each of the respective GitHub repositories to make sure there isn't already an issue open for the bug you are reporting.

You may create a thread if you have any questions related to osu!.

Please note that the wiki has information about all osu! related things, so do check it out and see if you can find an answer to your question there first. Also, if it's a simple question you might want to try asking it in the #help channel in game.

What not to post

Account Issues
Account-related issues are not handled on the forum, so please don't post them here.

Send an email to detailing your issue instead. This means anything that is directly related to your account, including flag changes, username changes, osu!supporter payment issues, account security concerns, etc..

Reporting Users
Do not create a thread to report someone for foul play or inappropriate behaviour here.

Either report them using the report button on their profile page (here, for example) or use the in-game report command (type !faq report in any public channel, such as #osu, for more information). You can also report specific scores on any beatmap listing page (such as here, for example) instead.

Threads that belong in other forums
For gameplay related help you should post in the Gameplay & Rankings forum instead. This means threads where you're looking for help that aren't issues with the game itself, but rather issues that lie with you, the player. For example looking for tips on how to do certain patterns in a beatmap.

Similarly, help with artwork belongs to the Art forum instead. An example of this case would be looking for someone that can help you make an avatar.

The general guideline is that if there is a more appropriate forum for it, you should post it there instead.


Help Forum Policy & Information
Archived Threads
All threads/topics of which the last post is older than 3 months automatically get archived. Archived threads will have [Archived] in the title/subject and will be moved to the Resolved Issues sub-forum automatically.

Bumping Policy
Threads that are more than 5 days old and/or have been pushed to the second page of the Help forum will probably not be handled. If this happened to a thread of yours, feel free to post in the thread to bring it back to the front page.

Please do not bump threads in the Resolved Issues sub-forum if you are not the thread owner.

Additional Information
If your issue is resolved please post so in the thread so that we can properly mark your thread.

We are sorry for any inconvenience if your issue isn't replied to in a timely manner. We only have so many people to handle issues and many issues we do not have a solution at hand for.

If your issue has either been archived and you want to revive it, or your issue has been marked and needs moved from the Resolved Issues forum back to the main Help forum, please contact a member of the support team through a forum or in-game PM.

List of Confirmed Threads by Category
» General
  1. Unsaved map recognised as submitted.
  2. Reloading a skin and restarting auto causes misses.
  3. Skin import still considers users in multiplayer room
  4. Wrong panel when looking auto while spectating someone
  5. Autolinking beatmaps in #spectator vs supportertag
  6. Password Length Inconsistency
  7. text overlapping issues due to localization
  8. osu! hangs after being idle for a long time
  9. osu! crashing randomly due to bloom
  10. Skin preview auto stops playing upon restarting map
  11. alt+tab bug
  12. Able to manipulate menu during close animation.
  13. Sound Glitch When Selecting Random Beatmap With F2
  14. osu! fails to start up if no audio device is connected
  15. Window size not mantained when changing monitors
  16. Background/other elements out of position after Alt+Tab
  17. Windows error sounds when ctrl + w in chat
  18. Misplaced Text Cursor in Extended Chat
  19. Arabic characters crash osu
  20. Weird behaviour on song panels in "jump to window" view
  21. parallax bug when alt+tabbing
  22. Lifetime name change bug
  23. Downloading map during closing animation. (Breaks the game.)
  24. Same Map, Different SR / osu!mania different star rating
  25. "Snow Storm" when the game is minimized in fullscreen
  26. incorrect in-game rank
  27. osu! auto replay wrong has a problem ?
  28. Esc prevents userpanels from updating
  29. Can't import maps with invalid characters on Macc
  30. Alt-tab + K1/K2 player list bug.
  31. replays can miss/sliderbreak while the player didn't
  32. Extending desktop midgame - (crash on stable / directx)
  33. Some maps are unable to be downloaded
  34. Sensitivity change does not affect edges of the screen.
  35. Submitting 0 byte files cause other files to not submit
  36. osu!mania left sound bug while spectating
  37. Tooltips still visible after fade.
  38. Dropdown menu spacing is inconsistent
  39. Own avatar does not slide in with the score
  40. Actual users online not matching what in-game says
  41. Usernames with numbers are separated in the online notification pop-up
  42. osu! doesn't always recognize folders dragged into Songs
  43. "Random Map" button breaks offset wizard
  44. Rank of other modes can be displayed in osu! mode.
  45. "Watch Replay" appears on downloaded scores with no replay
  46. Spectator chain bugs
  47. Maximizing osu! causes music to play in osu!direct
  48. osu! crashes when spamming F4 during load
  49. Recovery dialog crashes upon illegal selection
  50. ALT+F4 During Processing Breaks Functionality
  51. Visible Text Boxes behind almost all text.
  52. Extra Ripples Coming From Cursor
  53. Menu softlock when importing beatmap
  54. Scores not calculating correctly
  55. Map Icons getting tilted
  56. Raw input + map to window + 2nd monitor

    » Chat Console
  57. !where command doesn't work for some users
  58. user rank in !stat command is wrong / incorrect
  59. Pasting Information about Timing Sections breaks edit line
  60. !request is pretty useless (not working as intended)
  61. banchobot map links are broken when the name contains <3
  62. User list text not re-scaling after changing resolution
  63. Unicode chat font renders too low if it takes up two liness
  64. Getting highlights from #osu when it's closed
  65. Bancho Commands Using Old Link Syntax
  66. /np bug when two maps have exact name
  67. #multiplayer channel can be kept in solo after race condition quit
  68. Extra space below user panels
  69. Last column of tabs can't be closed in 800x600 resolution
  70. First message of every user is always pale yellow despite having a different color
  71. #highlight does not show links within message body
  72. The most recent chat line pops up when returning from multiplayer lobby
  73. #multiplayer stays up after match ends due to inactivity
  74. "# users online" does not change after logging in
  75. Cannot scroll to see off-screen text [chat]
  76. Missing closing bracket causes broken multiplayer invitation
  77. Tab completion also completes "Loading..."
  78. Multiple chat tabs with the same user

    » Editor
  79. Pressing 2 shortcut keys at the same time bug
  80. crash when creating an inherited timing and slider
  81. BSS window and AiMod require focus
  82. Saving in editor via enter-key is more unreliable
  83. Jump to time window pops up below osu! window
  84. Unable to use weird capitalizations of common names
  85. Straight sliders and middle anchors
  86. [editor] Menu bar glitches out mouse click events
  87. Editor - Testing Issue
  88. osu files rewritten when changing difficulty name
  89. Ghost Slider in Editor - AiMod Unsnapped Slider Issue
  90. Editor Bugs
  91. Unable to apply samples to sliders
  92. Slider length not updated when using shortcut to remove timing section
  93. It is possible to area select when placing notes
  94. Increasing the TrickRate changes the length of some sliders
  95. Escape closes edit when closing dialog boxes
  96. Design tab has misplaced grid location
  97. Timing Issue
  98. Double clicking "Song Setup" can cause window spam
  99. BSS - Creator's Words double new lines becoming single
  100. Grid in editor changes contrast when on a slider
  101. AIMod short spinner detection isn't perfectly accurate
  102. AiMod issues in Taiko Difficulties
  103. Red sliderpoint splits in two when slider can't get smaller
  104. Slider lengths don't recalculate upon stacking final point
  105. osu! crashes after AIMod's inactivity with loaded plugin
  106. AIMod doesn't select object on timeline
  107. Local beatmap settings reset after "Save as New Difficulty"
  108. Timing Glitches and Issues
  109. Kiai Time symbol shows outside of its timeline
  110. Scroll bar moves selected objects in Design tab
  111. Sliders can glitch and become reversed on the timeline
  112. Pasted objects have an incorrect z-index
  113. Playtesting mode-specific map sets that mode as selected
  114. Widescreen storyboard images have edges cut off in editor
  115. Unsubmitted maps inherit setID from folder
  116. Long artist beatmap causes problems when submitting
  117. Navigation Bar Issue in the Editor
  118. [mania Editor] AiMod error / shows wrong info
  119. [Mania Editor]Note displayed clicking through a channel tab
  120. Stuck on black screen going on edit mode? (Mac)
  121. Cant make new difficulties on mac
  122. [o!m Editor]Open for Reference causes samples not to play
  123. cannot click timeline objects when having a 1x1px hitcircle
  124. BSS stucks at "Creating previews..." FOR MAPS WITH HUNDREDS OF SOUND FILES
  125. [Editor] Time signature bug with inherited lines
  126. Storyboard - Trigger Condition Bug
  127. Crash when changing uninherited offset with 1/16
  128. Importing mp3 with the same name as existing song folder replaces old mp3, or adds the new one to the folder.
  129. Correcting Storyboard Positioning
  130. Editor doesn't prompt to save after editing Storyboard and then leaving with esc
  131. Slider disappearing upon moving a slideranchor
  132. editor adding nodes to sliders of its own accord

    » Gameplay
  133. Selected skin does not preview for uniquely skinned maps
  134. Global Ranking (Selected mods) doesnt work in spectator
  135. Wrong scoreboard while spectating
  136. mania scroll speed problem on spectating/replays
  137. mania 8k (7k + 1) special key usability
  138. ranking position flash misalgined
  139. issue when Toggling DT or HT quickly at the start of a map
  140. Storyboard Causes Combo Flashes to be Brighter and Quicker
  141. Local Offset doesn't change on all keypresses
  142. Slider bodies don't turn grey in Tag
  143. Sliders sometimes not registering when switching buttons
  144. Toggle Interface not working with Numpad Keys
  145. Cinema mod still slightly shows gameplay objects
  146. Sudden "Failed" status after finishing a map
  147. Fast skipping number 3 with TP and DT
  148. Refreshing while spetating displays wrong leaderboard
  149. Skip Button stays while spectating
  150. Game failed to buffer while Spectating
  151. Spun Out inconsistancy
  152. Not seeing myself in friend ranking when spectating
  153. Comboburst sounds play when combobursts are disabled
  154. SS on maps with no spinners gives different score
  155. Holding left and right hotkeys at the left corner in CtB makes the fruit catcher extra bright
  156. Player in co-op shows mouse clicks instead of keyboard taps
  157. Some intros are skippable in osu!, but not in osu!mania
  158. Playback sprite changes without actual speed changing
  159. Autopilot doesn't work at all in tag co-op multiplayer
  160. Some Taiko drumrolls have one tick less than they should
  161. Global score rank showing in local ranking
  162. Hyperdash fruits doesn't always spawn correctly in CtB
  163. Taiko autoplay can miss after spinners
  164. Easy mod lives are broken when replaying or spectating
  165. Taiko Auto mod does not always hit the start of drumrolls
  166. FPS counter covers progress bar during breaks
  167. Spectating incorrect map
  168. [CTB] Combo Counter Color = Last Droplet Get
  169. DT becomes NC when unplugging audio device mid-play.
  170. O!m playfield and mania-stage-right have a gap.
  171. Universal offset causes beatmap to skip at beginning
  172. Sound device disconnecting replay/gameplay bug
  173. Auto taking #51 when surpassing personal best
  174. Score caps and starts counting backwards
  175. Odd Lighting Behavior (osu!mania)
  176. Long notes don't appear in osu!mania with compatibility mode GMA
  177. Auto handles slider ticks improperly on restart or replay
  178. Loved/Qualified and Epilepsy Warning Overlap
  179. Combo not consistent across release streams
  180. Taiko Big Note Timing Problem Related to FPS Limiters

    » Main Menu
  181. Nearby filter range expands upon un-showing and showing osu! standard players.
  182. Main menu buttons sound effect spam
  183. in-game changelog cuts long entries off
  184. Banner behind Login Panel doesn't resize from WinWed to FS
  185. Pressing a key after the Play menu fades opens the menu again.
  186. Kiai time stars on main menu (Kiai star fountain kicks in upon changing resolution with song paused.)
  187. Exit button has a strange pop-out layer when clicking it
  188. Song Info gets misaligned after osu! is minimized
  189. White line on edit/exit button hover sprite
  190. Long unicode song info not properly shortened
  191. Jump to... + osu! player control is bugged
  192. Inconsistent dialog behaviour

    » Multiplayer
  193. MP bugs out when new song is imported just when game starts
  194. Odd Key Overlay Visibility with Flashlight in Coop
  195. Multiplayer Host Bug
  196. #userlog shows wrong position when selecting Team VS
  197. Multiplayer ranking screen bugs
  198. Mode-specific beatmaps show under "osu!" mode filter
  199. Unoccupied multiplayer rooms don't disappear
  200. Host is unable to change beatmap if it's not mapped
  201. Default combo colours visible in slider repeats/star2
  202. Song preview in multiplayer doesn't pause match song
  203. Adding a map to a collection crashes osu! if map is changed to one you don't have
  204. Crash when changing password of room created with !mp make
  205. Match sometimes doesn't end when team fails in Team VS

    » osu!direct
  206. Map keeps appearing in osu!direct even after download
  207. osu!direct pending map list not updating
  208. osu!direct doesn't load maps while scrolling with the scrolling bar
  209. osu!direct doesn't play welcome song if pending on download
  210. osu!direct rating turns black
  211. osu!direct - Invisible Buttons if Opened when Minimized
  212. Osu!Direct Showing maps that don't exist any more.
  213. Osu!Direct Showing Multiples.
  214. osu!direct bad audio quality when a song is already playing.

    » Results Screen
  215. Ranking Panel Layering Issue
  216. Tag Co-op Performance Graph / Chart Issue
  217. BG acts like it's deleted after replay in SB'd maps
  218. Missing "Perfect" text on some old (2009) full combo records
  219. Spin stats doesn't appear at results screen after a replay
  220. Hit error in CtB displays milliseconds (ms) instead of a distance unit
  221. Cannot view the unstable rate after multiplayer
  222. Different song background in score display when using F2
  223. Osu Standard teams => performance line graph glitch

    » Skin
  224. pause-overlay is zoomed in
  225. Skin problems - Blank taiko-slider hangs game
  226. taiko-slider is not beatmap skinnable
  227. Tag color is ignored when current skin has custom slider track
  228. Combo colors does not reset when "Ignore all skins" is enabled
  229. osu!mania FontCombo is not loaded from preferred skin
  230. "Ignore skin" option doesn't affect slider body override
  231. Ignore skin and Skin.ini settings kept throughout spectating
  232. Repeat arrow is nearly invisible on light combo color
  233. Mania sliders have strange skinning support
  234. HD to SD Resolution Switch can cause Issues with Skins.
  235. Preferred Skin for beatmaps is broken for Taiko

    » Song Selection
  236. +Set button incorrectly grayed out in Collections Manager
  237. song selection search accepts input when panels fade in
  238. Mod icons sometimes play hover sound when toggling
  239. Ranking panels avatars are slightly cut in some resolutions
  240. Two songs play at the same time in the Song selection screen
  241. Global ranking (selected mod) not working for mod combination
  242. mods sometimes don't adjust the star difficulty / rating
  243. Ranked beatmaps being recognized as pending
  244. Kiai stars on beatmap selection screen.
  245. Song selection search odd cursor behaviour near end of line
  246. Incorrect background when quickly changing a song
  247. Global Ranking is loading even if you are not connected
  248. Capital letters sort after lowercase letters in song select
  249. Music Preview is changed depending on mods (DT/NC/HT) while loading
  250. Beatmap preview images disappearing
  251. Local ranking doesn't show scores on mismatched game mode
  252. Right clicking Sudden Death mod cannot activate Perfect mod if No Fail is enabled
  253. Changing song quickly avoids checking the beatmap status
  254. Continuous song select scrolling
  255. Another thumbnail bug (Confirmable)
  256. Random map causes global ranking to load incorrectly
  257. Same Artist-Tittle-BPM maps not properly sorted by BPM
  258. Restored thumbnails for "Not Submitted" maps
  259. Scrolling continues after opening mod selection menu

    » Texture
  260. Bugs with the new UI
  261. Transparent pixels on mmslider

    » Web
  262. userpage height dependant on avatar height
  263. Twitter Page Missing Avatars
  264. certain bbcode moved wrongly into Beatmap Thumbnails
  265. Foes showing as friends when using pp ranking filter
  266. Remove broken Video Preview
  267. Spinner length not taken into account for map duration
  268. Failing to connect with
  269. [web] osu!mania maps incorrect star rating
  270. [wiki/website] Redirect doesn't work properly
  271. [web] Some characters can't be used in search
  272. [web] Notification for Qualified Maps not updated yet
  273. Negative score and S,A,SS-count on score ranking
  274. Succes Rate being cut off
  275. Search for "Ranked (Unplayed)" does not work correctly
  276. Sorting beatmaps by difficulty doesn't work
  277. Redirection page after not adding a foe
  278. Search by author doesn't work properly
  279. Mod Requests section never updates
  280. The "Last Active" line at a user's profile can be bugged
  281. Unable to connect to web chat
  282. General broken country flag
  283. 404 page's image gets cut at the top
  284. Popped bubbles at list of bubbles have wrong icon
  285. osu!market permissions conflict on some browsers
  286. Some ranked maps have outdated preview images
  287. Icons in profile are slightly misaligned
  288. Mode-specific sort filters doesn't always work correctly
  289. Unranked maps shows as newest ranked
  290. Disqus doesn't show username properly for most upvoted
  291. Gameplays at non-osu! modes are not shown at the user's Recent Plays at profile
  292. Unable to change thread page when searching with spaces
  293. Wrong BPM is shown for mapsets containing multiple songs
  294. Number of favourites in a map is not consistent
  295. Middle clicks doesn't work properly on ranking page
  296. [quote] BBCode cannot be used in user pages
  297. The displayed duration of a silence can be wrong
  298. Beatmap preview can be missing
  299. Beatmaps with < and > is missing at user profiles
  300. Success rate is not displayed in mode-specific beatmaps
  301. Filter "Ranked (Played/Unplayed)" doesn't work with "All"
  302. Ranked Score ranking page description is outdated
  303. User page retracts if expanded immediately while loading
  304. Mad emoticon duplicate exists under "sad"
  305. Other osu! pages get FFFFF when loading cache
  306. List of incorrectly uploaded ranked maps
  307. Without video download button rarely doesn't appear
  308. Threads get pinned when removing the resolved tag
  309. osu!mania timestamps break the forum appearance
  310. Uneditable posts with certain BBCode conditions
  311. Scrolling user summary doesn't stop scrolling when it should
  312. Bumping beatmap topics via BSS marks the thread permanently unread
  313. Sorting beatmaps by rating is not possible for Ranked (Played)
  314. Blank textbox description on sign-up page using Internet Explorer
  315. Country ranking link in profile has broken #jumpto
  316. Ranked score tooltip on profile is outdated
  317. Draft is not immediately deleted after a post is made
  318. BSSv2 doesn't mark SB maps
  319. Wrong number of displayed results in country rankings
  320. Map boxes at top of forum can have cut-off text
  321. Polls have duplicated options when deleted or added back
  322. Venezuela time zone is incorrect
  323. Anyone can confirm (Normal users can tag threads)
  324. Looking through my previous posts ("cannot use search at this time")
  325. Ghost beatmaps on search
  326. Beatmap search is only as precise as the first term
  327. Keywords aren't erased when returning back (Chrome)
  328. https mixed content-warning
  329. Percentage accuracy on score listing bug? (mania over 100% accuracy)
  330. Giving stars to ranked maps
  331. Friend's List/Ignore List confliction
  332. osu! Website does not play sound correctly
  333. Newfoundland Time Zone wrong / not available
  334. Impossible to update a loved beatmap
  335. Ranking Charts aren't calculating score correctly
  336. Sliderends are not being counted on beatmap length

    » osu!wiki
  337. osu!wiki bugs
  338. Restrited users can still edit wiki articles
  339. Updates to osu!wiki images doesn't take effect immediately

    » Other
  340. Osu!mania key bindings bug
  341. Quits shown in status tab of IRC clients when #osu is closed
  342. osu! crashes when moving the file immediately from its location
  343. Changing language doesn't affect some text until restart
  344. Missing languages in game
  345. Being signed in on two computers causes sign-in loop
  346. Autoplay starts midway when selecting maps in spectate
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