Ralsei Dark - A cute Deltarune themed skin [STD/Taiko/CTB/Mania] [16:9/16:10] [SD & HD] (v1.2)

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This is my entry for the skinning contest #3. This skin is themed about the cutest Deltarune character: Ralsei, and uses the tritanopia color palette. As always, I tried to give to the player the best gameplay possible.
I made the art myself.

With 1119 votes, the skin got the 2nd place OwO! I didn't excepted to reach such a high place with this skin. I really did my best for making the cutest and with the best gameplay I could made. Thanks you so much for your support ^^.

2022/12/28 (v1.2)
  1. Result screen: fixed the incorrect opacity of the cell "Total Score", row 1.
  2. Replaced the combobreak sound by a better one, whoich sound better and not loud as hell.
  3. Made combo colors (default colors of hitcircles and fruits) brighter.
  4. Made the hit50/100 in STD, Taiko hit150 and Mania hit100/200 darker to increase their contrast, especially with the hit300.
  5. Added missing @2x sprite version of combo-x.png.
  6. Added custom pause-loop song.
  7. Changed the way Extras are organized: now all Extras are given in the same folder with an unique number.
To give you more personalisation of the skin, I also added some new Extras.
  1. Added 4 more hitcircles styles (NM1 no glow, NM2 glow/no glow, DT).
  2. Added Mania circles style.
  3. Added yellow cursor.
2022/08/23 (v1.1)
  1. Changed combobreak and typing sounds.
  1. Fixed invalid sprites which broke the skin with 16:9 (no character version only)
2022/08/22 (v1.0)
  1. Added Mania support.
  2. Added custom home background screen and welcome message.
  3. Added 16:10 support (see Extras section to know how.
  4. Added no character version of the skin..
  5. Fixed large hitboxes of Retry and Replay buttons in Result screen.
  6. Made combobursts transparants.
  7. Increased the size of CTB fruits and added bananas as... bananas instead of a circle, too similar to fruits.
  8. Improved Ralsei art in song selection.
  9. Some other minor fixes and improvements.
2022/08/14 (pre-release)
  1. Pre-release of the skin.

  1. Cute Ralsei art by me.
  2. A version without the character is available (often called non-weeb versions with other skins)
  3. Support of 16:9 and 16:10 screens.
  4. SD and HD sprites.
  5. Animated elements at 60 fps.
  6. Disabled annoying kicks sounds with Nightcore mod.
  7. Fully supported Standard, CTB and Taiko gamemodes.
  8. Improved hyperdash in CTB mode, to reduce distractions and improve readability.
  9. Bars and circles styles for mania gamemode (v1.2+ only)
  10. 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K, 5K, 6K, 7K, 8K, 9K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 16K and 18K support in Mania.
  11. Some Extras to personalize your experience.

Note: The video shows you the version 1.1 of the skin.
In the latest version the combo colors are brighter.

You can personalize the skin with the files inside the Extras folder, such as change notes or change skin screen size ratio.

How to use an extra?
Versions 1.2 and newer
Each folder is 1 Extra. To apply an Extra:
  1. Open the folder of the Extra you want.
  2. Copy ALL files on it (except the files starting by a '!').
  3. Paste the files in the skin's root folder.
  4. If there's a '!INSTRUCTIONS.txt', there's specific manipulations to do. Just follow them.
  5. If there's a '!SKIN.INI_VALUES.txt', you will have to edit manually the skin.ini file in the skin's root folder too. Open the file with a text editor.
    * Text in [] represents the beginning a section.
    * Each other line is in the format '<Setting>: <Value>'.
    For specific sections, you will have some settings with a specified value.
    For each setting, find it inside the skin.ini, then replace the value by the one given inside the '!SKIN.INI_VALUES.txt' file.
    If the setting doesn't exists, add it (still in the correct section), with the value given in the '!SKIN.INI_VALUES.txt' file.
/!\ If the Extra contained an skin.ini file, custom skin.ini values may has been overwritten. If you used another Extra which included a '!SKIN.INI_VALUES.txt' file, repeat step 5 for each Extra with such a file to ensure that everything works properly.
Versions 1.0 and 1.1
  1. Open the skin folder, then open the folder Extras.
  2. You can see the list with all Extras. Choose the element you want and open it to see all versions of the element available and open the related folder.
  3. (Skip this step if it's a patch which change the screen ratio.) Then open the folder with the option which interest you.
  4. Copy all files.
  5. Paste these files in the skin folder. If there is already existing files, replace them.
Note: you don't need to manually modify skin.ini

List of available Extras:
  1. 16:9 and 16:10 screens patchs: change skin screen ratio.
  2. CTB bananas: 2 styles, in 2 sizes each.
  3. CTB fruits: 2 sizes. Note: doesn't modify the bananas!
  4. Cursor: 3 colors. (only 2 in versions 1.0 and 1.1)
  5. Hit300 taiko: enable/disable them during gameplay.
  6. Hit320 mania: enable/disable them during gameplay.
  7. STD Hitcircles: 5 differents styles (v1.2+ only)
    Picture of NM1 hitcircles
    See screenshots from the album above

    Has a version without the glow around the hitcircle.
    Picture of NM2 hitcircles

    Has a version without the glow around the hitcircle.
    Picture of DT hitcircle ("Rafis" style)

    This style of hitcircles uses white combo colors.
    Note: Using DT hitcircles also makes the fruits white in CTB.
  8. Mania style: 2 differents styles.
    See screenshots from the album above

The latest version is 1.2 (recommended version).
The skin version from the contest is 1.1

Normal version (v1.2)
The normal version of the skin, with the Ralsei art and the Extras folder.
  1. MediaFire
  2. Google Drive

No character version (v1.2)
Same than normal version, but without Ralsei art.
  1. MediaFire
  2. Google Drive

Note: the skins are for 16:9 screens by default, if you want to use it in a 16:10 (or 8:5) screen, use the Extra '16-10 screen'.
In v1.2 versions the Extra number is 070006 or 070008.

Ralsei and Deltarune belongs to Toby Fox.


bluwspirit, Krizto and Redo_

Figtree (main)
Secondary: Fira Code, Fira Sans and Manjari

For the complete credits, see "!" inside the skin.
Looking great. Good luck!
Here is some feedback regarding your skin, both positive and negative things


Skin - ingame

  1. Kudos for making the art himself
  2. menu-background is missing
  3. gameplay: comboburst isnt blanked out
  4. pause-arrow isnt skinned
  5. ranking panel retry/replay buttons have gigantic hitboxes, please use the new ranking-* elements for them.
  6. ranking panel: i like that the grade is also shown on the bottom half
  7. selection-mod-scorev2 SD and HD image are mismatching
Didn't expect a lot from this skin at first, but was pleasently surprised
I'm really enjoying this skin however I would like it if you added circle or arrow support for mania as I struggle a lot with bar skins
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If you downloaded the no character skin version before 2022/08/23 18:03 GMT+2, REDOWNLOAD the skin!

There was incorrect files in the 16:9 patch, making the skin broken on 16:9 skin, and it's been fixed. The normal version doesn't have this issue.

OMG the menus look * fabulous *
Thank you so much, this will be my skin forever
This skin is literally the only one of all the contest submissions that I can enjoy the std gameplay with. The minimalist style really fits the rest of the design. I only play on lazer so I can't see much of your art, but I really respect the time and effort you put into this. Well done.
let's go corne!!
- cirno -
how 2 vote this skin?
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Great work!
jump scared by the miss sound
Is it just me or this skin will definitely win if the theme is Halloween related xd. Amazing skin though, super well fit into contest theme I enjoy it a lot <3
Great skin, love the playability

juust the taiko hitscore need to be more distinguishable
cute skin
So good skin, but where i can vote ???
Good Luck in game and skining bro <3
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SoLi_ex wrote:

So good skin, but where i can vote ???
Good Luck in game and skining bro <3
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