Snowy Circles : osu!skin for ALL modes [STD/Taiko/CTB/Mania] [16:9/16:10] [SD & HD] (v1.1)

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It's cold outside...

My new skin, and my entry for the skinning contest #2, and finished #10 among the 17 skins >_<. As always, I tried to make a skin with the best gameplay possible (for exemple, "300" and nightcore sounds disabled). And because I want a FULL skin, this one supports all modes too.

Also, I tried to use less already-made assets. It's the first time I make my own hitsounds too.

  1. A ton of snow (the contest was winter themed, so...)
  2. Skin version: 2.5
  3. Supports 16:9 and 16:10 screens.
  4. High quality elements: all sprites have their @2x versions for large screens.
  5. 2 skin versions: DT (for DoubleTime mod) and NM (the rest).
  6. A lot of animated elements in 60 FPS.
  7. Removed Nightcore sounds.
  8. Focused gameplay, without the hit 300 and reduced the apparition time of hit 50 and hit 100.
  9. No pippidon to not be distracted.
  10. The CTB catcher is probably cute UwU
  11. Rounded notes in Mania.
  12. Mania supports all amount of keys (1-18k).
  13. Folder for mania elements: customize easly your mania gameplay through the skin.ini.
  14. Integrated Extras folder : a lot of options to personalize the skin.
  15. Supports supporter features.
Versions comparizon
  1. Hitcircle style: DT
  2. Lighting: OFF
  3. Reverse arrow: DT
  4. Combo colors: white
  5. Slider border color: white
  1. Hitcircle style: NM - blue tinted
  2. Lighting: ON
  3. Reverse arrow: NM
  4. Combo colors: blue and green
  5. Slider border color: light blue


FULL gallery on imgur:

Video Showcase


2022/01/11 [v1.1]
  1. Changed cursor color to yellow.
  2. (NM version): use darker slider colors
  3. Changed slider follow circle.
  4. Changed follow points (they're now darker, and stands less time on screen).
  5. Improved hitsounds (hitnormal is slightly louder, while the hitwhistle is modified and a lot quieter).
  6. New combo break sound (it's just broken glass).
2022/01/09 [v1.0]
  1. Skin release.
You can personalize the skin with the Extras (or add-ons) (1 element + 1 parameter).
How to use an extra?
  1. Go here and open the 'Extras' folder.
  2. Here's the list of the add-ons. Pick the add-on you want (open the folder with the add-on you want).
  3. Open the folder with the parameter you want. (skip this step if you change the screen ratio).
  4. Copy all files.
  5. Paste these files in the skin folder. If there is already existing files, replace them.
IMPORTANT: if you see a !README.txt, open it. It contains some additional instructions, especially about the skin.ini if needed

The Extras works with any versions of the skins (it's possible to change the version only with extras btw). Here's the list of Extras:
16-9 & 16-10 screen
Changes the screen ratio of the skin.
You have to use one of them if you don't use the skin on a 16:9 screen.
Note: using this extra reset the 'HP bar' if you customized it.
CTB fruit size
Changes the size of the fruits and of the bananas.
  1. x0.90: ~101 px diameter (in SD size)
  2. x1.00: 112 px diameter
Changes the cursor and trail color (4 differents colors).
Hit300 taiko
Enable/disable the display of '300' in Taiko mode.
HP bar
Enable/disable numbers on the HP bar (in the screenshots numbers are visibles).
STD hitcircle numbers
Changes the style of numbers for STD hitcircles (dot/nothing/numbers).
STD hitcircle style
Changes the style of hitcircles in STD mode. Also changes slider colors and combo colors.
Note: You have to choose the bar with the correct screen size.
STD lighting
Turns ON/OFF lighting in STD mode (the effect when you click a circle).
STD reverse
Changes the style of the reverse arrow (2 styles).

You can find all versions (.osk file ~ 70 MB) here:
  1. MediaFire
  2. Google Drive
Note: the skins are for 16:9 screens by default, if you want to use it on a 16:10 (or 8:5), use the Extra '16-10 screen'.
If you don't know what version to download, download the NM version.
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1.1 update

Improvements on STD gameplay, based on KoiFishu thoughts about the skin. (Twitch clip)
Thanks for feedback :)
It's a very very nice skin!
It will be better to add some hit effect on it~
the ctb catcher is very cute
The CTB skin looks actually pretty fucking nice holy shit + 16:10 support

Might start playing with this skin
Leon Brigido
nice skin
nice skin!!! epic get my vote
Le skin est grave beau, les français se sont saucé GG à tous !
i love this skin! i wish i could get rid of the circles that stay after i hit them is there a way i can do that? just my personal preference on that but anyways this skin is so awesome
Stunning! Great job!
I love this skin! It's amazing for osu mania and it makes my hit accuracy better :>
The osu one is cool too its just a bit distracting but thats probably because im trash at osu lol
This skin looks really fresh on all gamemodes! Nice job.
Downloaded skin for a quick test. Ends up setting several good scores with it. I might keep using this, it's a good skin :)
i don`t post but i liked this skinning contest then i went to download everyone of them to see what i would like and this is my opinions about your skin
HitCircle is great
the spins circle is great
HitSound is great
cursor is great
the main menu`s icons is great n neat
scorebar is great
rank panel is great
the key overlay looks great
pause n fail menus are great
section passed/failed are neat
mania gameplay: it's great
taiko gameplay: it's great
catch gameplay:it's adorable
great mania skin all the note are very clear
This is a nice & easy to read skin, Good Job!
Oh hey it's you! I remember talking to you earlier, small world.

Anyhow coolio skin bro, all the modes look very nice (specially std). It's my favorite of the entries.
- Leviathan -
Really nice skin, tbh I love it. It would be pretty cool if you made an arrow version for mania:) Good job!
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