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Version: 1.2 (2020/10/03)

Night because there is some pictures of night and 03 because this is my 3rd skin, and the 1st time I skin other modes than the standard.

I do my best to offer the best gameplay possible with this pro skin (for exemple, "300", nightcore sounds or combobursts are disabled). You can play all modes (STD, CTB, Mania and Taiko) with this skin.
And the Mania supports ALL keys counts (yes, 18K is supported !).
Works in 16:9 and 16:10 screens.



Thanks to YukisaFNE for making this video :)
Note: This is the version 1.1 in the video, some elements can be different...


1.2 (2020/10/03):
  1. Custom background added, custom "welcome" text and the color of bars around the (huge) osu! icon are blue. (supporter only!)
  2. Added a new style of hitcircle in add-ons: RGB.
  3. New approach circle style: RGB.

1.1 (2020/08/29):
  1. Remove sliderstartcircle(@2x).png and sliderstartcircleoverlay(@2x).png by default. (to avoid bugs with custom skins of beatmaps.)
  2. You can always set a different circle for hit circles and sliders, it's just they are now in differents folder.
  3. New slider tick added in add-ons (dot).
  4. Small fix about slider ticks.
  5. New spinner added (minimalist small).

1.0 (2020/07/23):
  1. Release of the skin.


You can custom the skin with the "Add-ons" folder. You can custom:

You have 2 styles for the approach circle.

Note: If you use the hitcircle "ring (default)", you should use the approach circle "default". If you use the hitcircle "ring RGB", use the approach circle "RGB".
Choose between 3 styles of circles in STD mode:

You can set a different file for hit circles and sliders.
  1. Files for hitcircles are in Hit circles folder.
  2. Files for slider heads are in Slider circles
If you want the same file for hit circles and slider, just use the hitcircle files and remove eventually slider head files (sliderstartcircle(@2x).png and sliderstartcircleoverlay(@2x).png).
Change the cursor color (there is 10 colors).
For STD and Taiko mode you can display/hide "300" in the game.
You can set what is displayed under the combo count when you hit a note.
You can enable/disable background sounds when you use the Nightcore (NC) mode.
You can change the circle who appears around the ball in sliders. (2 images)
You can custom slider ticks. (2 styles).
You can change the spinner (2 styles):
  1. Default: look in "Screenshots" section.
  2. Minimalist small:


For 16:9 and 16:10 screens only:
  1. OSK file (79 Mb):
good skin, i like it
great skin!!!
I like it, but hitsounds could be louder
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Maulr wrote:

I like it, but hitsounds could be louder
If you want louder hitsounds, reduce the volume of the music and increase the volume of effects.
what's the song on the result screen?
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_ralsei wrote:

what's the song on the result screen?
Camellia feat. Nanahira - Bassdrop Freaks (2018 "Redrop" ver.)
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New update with small fixes, and with new spinner and new slider tick.
Here with go my video your skin preview 🙂


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YukisaFNE wrote:

Here with go my video your skin preview 🙂


Thanks you so much for made this :)

I added your video in the main post.
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Now a background for supporters:

New style of circle... with a lot of colors.
Good skin, if I would change anything about it, I would change the healthbar, it's a bit obnoxious
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