osu!tourney setup

See also: osu! tournament client
Note: An active osu!supporter tag is currently required to use the osu!tourney client.

It is recommended that a fresh osu! installation is used. This is because the Songs database may become corrupted. You can have multiple osu! installations, just keep them in separated folders.

To do this, copy osu!.exe into an empty folder and run it. A fresh osu! installation will be created. This is the only installation that needs to be modified from here.

Open osu! and sign in, checking the Remember Username and Remember Password checkboxes.

Close osu! and create a tournament.cfg file in the installation directory. Start osu! once more and the osu!tourney client should open.

Add songs from the map pool to the Songs folder prior to starting the client. Any submitted beatmaps which the client doesn't have will be automatically downloaded.

Upon closing the client, the tournament.cfg file will be filled with the following:

TeamSize = 4
acronym = OWC

Do not modify the tournament.cfg file while osu! is running. Close osu! and edit or add to the above lines as desired with the following options:

  • TeamSize: The number of players per team.
  • ClientNameSize: The size of the player names.
  • privateserver: Leave this untouched.
  • acronym: An abbreviation for the tournament. This affects the required naming for the tournament rooms, check the multiplayer usage guide for more information.
  • BufferTimeoutTime: Amount of time the client will wait for a player to buffer before continuing gameplay without them.
    • It is not recommended to change this.
  • BufferTotalTime: Amount of time that the client buffers to reduce the frequency of pausing to wait for the buffer. This produces a delay between the client and the players.
    • It is not recommended to change this.
  • BufferDangerTime: Amount of time remaining in the replay buffer before the client pauses to wait for more replay frames.
    • It is not recommended to change this.
  • RankingChatDelay: Delay (in milliseconds) before the scores hide and show the chat again on the ranking screen.
  • Height: Height of the streamable area of the client.
    • The client will calculate the width automatically in a 16:9 ratio.
    • The "streamable area" of the client does not include the control panel. In general the control panel is 200 px larger than the height of the client, so e.g. a 1440p screen would be safe to stream a 1080p tournament.
    • Default: 720, allowed range: 568–2160
  • Aspect: The aspect ratio of the game playfield displays.
    • Note that this only applies to 2v2 layouts.
    • A value of 1.5 is optimal for osu!taiko.
    • Default: 2, allowed range: 1–2