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Beatmap Nominators

See also: Beatmap Nominator Rules, Expectations for Beatmap Nominators, General Information for Beatmap Nominators, and Becoming a Beatmap Nominator

The Beatmap Nominators (BN) is a group in charge of beatmap nomination. They are distinguished by their purple user title and user group badge that reads BN.

Roles and responsibilities

Members of the Beatmap Nominators are responsible primarily for modding pending beatmaps and approving them into the ranking cycle. Beatmap Nominators are the people to go to for advice or requests about anything mapping or modding related. Any beatmap nominator can place a beatmap veto if they feel a nominated map has issues that must be fixed which are not direct violations of the Ranking Criteria.

In addition, all Beatmap Nominators are expected to adhere to a loose set of ideals focused around service to the greater community by directing their attention to a wide variety of maps and mappers, and striving to constantly improve their craft, as outlined in the Expectations for Beatmap Nominators article.

Members of the Beatmap Nominators are divided into two groups: full members and probationary members.

Full Beatmap Nominators

In addition to regular beatmap modding and ranking, full members of the Beatmap Nominators are responsible for disqualifying beatmaps in the qualified section that are found to have issues. Full Beatmap Nominators may also participate in occasional Beatmap Nominator application assessment if they are interested in joining the Nomination Assessment Team in the future.

Approximately each three months, full Beatmap Nominators have their behaviour and nomination activity/quality evaluated by the Nomination Assessment Team. If their nominations are frequently reset for notable reasons or their behaviour is unacceptable, they may be moved to the probationary Beatmap Nominators.

Full Beatmap Nominators with below minimum nomination activity will not be placed on probation, however they will be removed from the group if their activity does not improve.

Probationary Beatmap Nominators

Probation is used to monitor new or demoted Beatmap Nominators more closely. The main role for probationary Beatmap Nominators is to establish a foundation as a Beatmap Nominator through exclusively promoting beatmaps in the ranking process. At least one full nominator must be involved in the ranking process for each game mode of a beatmap, so probationary members cannot give the final nomination to a beatmap which has only received nominations from other probationary members for their game mode.

Probationary Beatmap Nominators are evaluated after meeting double their activity requirements, or after one month from being placed there, whichever comes first.

New members of the Beatmap Nominators will be assigned an NAT buddy who they are encouraged to directly contact for questions or guidance. After their first evaluation, if their nominations and behaviour are satisfactory, they will be promoted to the full Beatmap Nominators following a positive evaluation. Otherwise, they will remain on probation for another month or be removed from the Beatmap Nominators.

When a Beatmap Nominator is placed on probation, they cannot be placed on probation again for the same reason for roughly one year. For example, if a Beatmap Nominator is placed on probation for poor behaviour, they will be removed from the Beatmap Nominators if they exhibit the same poor behaviour again recently, even if they are a full Beatmap Nominator during the second infringement.

A demoted Beatmap Nominator's probation period may be extended by an additional month if there isn't sufficient data to evaluate them, or if they start showing issues different to what they were originally probationed for.


Beatmap Nominators are granted the following benefits:

  • osu!supporter: An osu!supporter tag that lasts for the duration of their group membership.
  • Tenure badge: A profile badge that displays the number of years they have been a BN.
    1 year BN badge 2 year BN badge 3 year BN badge 4 year BN badge 5 year BN badge 6 year BN badge 7 year BN badge 8 year BN badge 9 year BN badge 10 year BN badge
  • Nomination count badge: A profile badge awarded when reaching certain nomination count milestones.
    200 nominations badge 400 nominations badge 600 nominations badge 800 nominations badge 1000 nominations badge
  • Elite Nominator eligibility: Beatmap Nominators who perform exceptionally at their craft are eligible to be awarded the yearly Elite Nominator user title.

Team members

The Beatmap Nominators and Beatmap Nominators (Probationary) group pages list all of the team members.

The tables listed below indicate the game mode(s) in which each Beatmap Nominator is formally qualified to nominate. Note: All Beatmap Nominators speak English in addition to the language(s) listed below unless noted otherwise.

Full Beatmap Nominators


Name Additional languages
allein Ukrainian
Andrea Italian
Annabel Spanish
Aranel Turkish
Arsalan Cantonese, Chinese, Japanese
bite you death Swedish
Cris- Spanish
Dailycare Korean
Embo Polish
Firika Chinese
Flask Chinese
Fu Xuan Filipino
HowRengar Portuguese
jonathanlfj Chinese, some French
KaedeharaKazuha German
KennethBBG Chinese
Kudosu French, German, Japanese
Lasse German
Mafumafu Chinese
MeAqua tete Chinese
MianYa Chinese
Mirash Russian
Mochi- Chinese
Muchin Chinese
nanoya Romanian
NeKroMan4ik Russian
neonat Chinese
Nijika Ijichi
Nozhomi French
Ozato Fumika
Renumi Spanish
Resona Japanese
rosario wknd Afrikaans
Sagisawa Arisa Chinese
timemon Thai
tomatas95 Lithuanian
Usaha Japanese
wafer Russian
zekk Italian


Name Additional languages
_gt Chinese
- Lenkon Russian
-Flashlight- Portuguese
-Kazuha Japanese
[-E S I A-] Indonesian
Asagi Mutsuki Chinese, Malay
BlackBN Cantonese, Chinese
Dusk- Urdu
enneya Dutch
HomieLove German
Invisible O Swedish
iRedi Chinese, Cantonese
Irone OSU Cantonese, Chinese
kanpakyin Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese
ler1211 Chinese
meiqth Some German
neonat Chinese
OnosakiHito German, Serbian
Roxy- Japanese
Ryxliee Russian


Name Additional languages
4rcheR- Cantonese, Chinese
autofanboy Cantonese
Bastian Spanish
BlackBN Cantonese, Chinese
Chatie Dutch
Daletto German
fayew Russian
GiGas Korean
Kimitakari Russian
Lacrima Russian
Mochi - Indonesian
Rocma Korean
Usaha Japanese


Name Additional languages
_Stan Chinese
-Ming- Korean
[Crz]Alleyne Chinese
[GB]Rick Italian
Al-Reina Indonesian
Antalf Spanish
AWMRone Chinese
Carpihat Chinese, German
chocomilku- Filipino
Critical_Star Malay
DenYi Korean
Drum-Hitnormal Chinese
Furryswan Korean
Hidden is fun Chinese
Hytex Filipino
Ilham Indonesian, Malay, Japanese
Irone OSU Cantonese, Chinese
Maxim-Miau German
Mirsaaa Indonesian
Monoseul Spanish
Murumoo Korean
Protastic101 Spanish
Quenlla Galician, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese
Rivals_7 Indonesian
secXcscX Korean
SuzumeAyase Indonesian
Syrion- Indonesian, Malay
Virtue- Indonesian
wIntEr7z Chinese

Probationary Beatmap Nominators


Name Additional languages
Local Hero
melleganol Spanish
Mocaotic Indonesian
Natsume Shizuku Chinese
Pile Filipino
too Japanese


Name Additional languages


Name Additional languages
-Aku Finnish


Name Additional languages
Seiran- Chinese


  • The Beatmap Nominators were previously called the Beatmap Appreciation Team (BAT).
  • On the 22nd of August, 2014, the BAT were no longer considered a part of the staff team. This revoked their chat moderation ability in-game and their red name in-game and on the forums.
  • On the 1st of February, 2015, the team was changed from the Beatmap Appreciation Team to the Beatmap Nomination Group, later adjusted to the Beatmap Nominators that we know today.