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Users with unique titles

User titles are typically associated with user groups, but the users listed below were given their titles for other reasons. Most of the titles were rewards for contributions or achievements, with the remaining being tokens of iconic or funny osu! history.

By category, with reasons

World Cup winners

One of the prizes given to first-place winners of official World Cups is a user title that lasts for roughly one year.

Winners of OWC 2020 with the osu! Champion user title:

Winners of TWC 2021 with the osu!taiko Champion user title:

Winners of CWC 2021 with the osu!catch Champion user title:

Winners of MWC 4K 2021 with the osu!mania 4K Champion user title:

Official mapping contest winners

Most official mapping contests offer the Elite Mapper title as a first-place prize.

¹ Mao was awarded with the Elite Mapper II title instead for having successfully earned the Elite Mapper title through two different means: Winning the A Labour of Love contest and surpassing the 6-points threshold in the new Monthly Beatmapping Contest system.

Elite Nominators

Since 2020, Beatmap Nominators' and Nomination Assessment Team members' activity in supporting the ranking system has been rewarded with the Elite Nominator title. This title is given at the beginning of each year for contributions made during the last, and is removed upon the user leaving the team.

¹ eiri-, Jemzuu, and Lasse were all awarded with the Elite Nominator II title instead for having been named as Elite Nominators for two years in a row.

Aspire mapping contest winners

The Aspire mapping contests feature a special variation of the Elite Mapper title called Elite Mapper: Aspirant as a prize.

¹ Charles445 was awarded with the Elite Mapper II : Aspirant title instead for having won both the Monthly Beatmapping Contest #1 and the Monthly Beatmapping Contest: Aspire (2014).

osu!remix contest winners

The osu!remix contests award the osu!mixer title as a first-place prize.

¹ BilliumMoto was awarded with the osu!mixer II title instead for having won both the osu!remix contest #1 and the A Labour of Love contest.

Featured Artists with osu! accounts are given the Featured Artist title to show their involvement.

cYsmix and nekodex have the osu!musician title for earlier contributions to osu!'s sound design and official themes, and BilliumMoto opted to keep the osu!mixer title (which has since been upgraded into osu!mixer II) when he became a Featured Artist.

Mascot design contest winners

The osu! team held art contests for community members to get a chance to design or redesign some of the game's mascots. Winners of these contests, as well as the people whose designs were ultimately used as official artwork, were awarded the osu!artist title.

Hall of Famers

These three users were awarded the osu! Hall of Famer title for playing the game at the highest level and contributing back when the community was still young.

Elite Storyboarders

Storyboarders who demonstrate exceptional storyboarding talent and impress the community at large are given the Elite Storyboarder title.

These players earned their titles through either a crazy gameplay achievement or completion of a specific challenge.

User Title Achievement
-GN Champion Above Champions Scored the first NoMod FC on Shotgun Symphony+ [Impossibly Intense]
Jaye Drum Decimator Scored FCs on all Ranked osu!taiko maps as of 3 November 2019
Shirotora_old Bested the Reaper's Game Undocumented
xasuma The First Completionist Played all Ranked osu! maps as of 27 April 2019
Zetera Medal Hunter Won The Hunt for the Girl in the Forest


User Title
Azer World Cup Organizer
Ballance osu!painter
Charles445 osu! Paragon
ChillierPear World Cup Organizer
Daru osu!painter
JBHyperion osu!catch Paragon
LeoFLT World Cup Organizer
LuigiHann Resident Skinner
MillhioreF Pro Tester
nuudles iPhone Dev
OnosakiHito osu!taiko Paragon
pishifat osu! Paragon
RBRat3 osu!painter
Shoegazer osu!mania Paragon
statementreply Pro Tester


User Title
BanchoBot w00t p00t
Loctav Popcorn Fairy
phill_old ¿
Zallius Boats

By name

User Title
-GN Champion Above Champions
-kevincela- Elite Mapper
-Tochi Elite Storyboarder
11t Elite Storyboarder
A__ Featured Artist
Abstract- osu!catch Champion
Acylica Elite Mapper
Agatsu Elite Nominator
Aireu osu! Champion
Amerom osu!mania 4K Champion
antiPLUR Featured Artist
Apraxia osu! Champion
Ascendance Elite Mapper
autofanboy Elite Mapper
Azer World Cup Organizer
Ballance osu!painter
BanchoBot w00t p00t
Behonkiss Elite Mapper
Beige Elite Mapper
Berea osu!catch Champion
BigMoist10 Featured Artist
BilliumMoto osu!mixer II
BTMC osu! Champion
Charles445 Elite Mapper II: Aspirant / osu! Paragon
ChillierPear World Cup Organizer
creosu Featured Artist
Crowie osu!artist
CTB Rushia1 osu!catch Champion
Cyclone osu! Hall of Famer
cYsmix osu!musician
Damnae Elite Storyboarder
Daru osu!painter
Deif Elite Mapper
DeviousPanda Elite Mapper
Dictate Featured Artist
DreStar osu!catch Champion
eiri- Elite Nominator II
ekumea1123 osu!taiko Champion
Exile- Elite Storyboarder
ExPew Elite Mapper
fanzhen0019 Elite Mapper: Aspirant
fieryrage osu! Champion
Firce777 Elite Mapper
Gamu Elite Mapper
Grape_Tea osu!taiko Champion
Helblinde Featured Artist
hypercyte Elite Mapper
im a fancy lad osu! Champion
James osu! Hall of Famer
Jaye Drum Decimator
JBHyperion osu!catch Paragon
Jemzuu Elite Nominator II
JMC osu!artist
jonathanlfj Elite Mapper
kablaze osu! Champion
kanki2 Featured Artist
KIRA_old_1 Featured Artist
kitazawakyouhei Featured Artist
ktgster Elite Mapper
Kurokotei Featured Artist
kuyusu Elite Mapper
Kyshiro Elite Mapper
Lasse Elite Nominator II
LeoFLT World Cup Organizer
LeMarcinho osu!mania 4K Champion
Lenn osu!mania 4K Champion
Lesjuh Elite Mapper
Licnect Elite Mapper
Liight00 osu!mania 4K Champion
Lilac Elite Mapper
Loctav Popcorn Fairy
LordRaika Elite Mapper
Lothus osu!mania 4K Champion
LuigiHann Resident Skinner
m980 Elite Mapper
Mao Elite Mapper II
MillhioreF Pro Tester
Miraie Featured Artist
MMzz Elite Mapper
Monstrata Elite Mapper: Aspirant
Mr HeliX Elite Mapper: Aspirant
nakanojojo Featured Artist
Namirin Featured Artist
Necho Elite Mapper
nekodex osu!musician
Nofool Elite Mapper
nuudles iPhone Dev
OnosakiHito osu!taiko Paragon
onumi Featured Artist
phill_old ¿
PianoLuigi Elite Mapper
ProfessionalBox Elite Mapper: Aspirant
qwhj1027 osu!catch Champion
RBRat3 osu!painter
Realazy Elite Mapper
Redside Featured Artist
Rells osu!catch Champion
RLC Elite Mapper
rtnario Featured Artist
RyoKazuka Elite Mapper
Ryuusei Aika Elite Mapper
Saturos osu! Hall of Famer
Seren58 osu!taiko Champion
Shirotora_old Bested the Reaper's Game
Shinwoir osu!mixer
Shmiklak Elite Storyboarder
Shoegazer osu!mania Paragon
SillyFangirl osu!mania 4K Champion
Sinnoh Elite Mapper
skymuted Featured Artist
SnowNiNo_ Elite Mapper: Aspirant
sotuiofficial Featured Artist
Soul Evans Elite Mapper
Spectator Elite Mapper: Aspirant
statementreply Pro Tester
Supairo Elite Mapper: Aspirant
syaron105 osu!taiko Champion
Sylas Elite Mapper
Taeyang Elite Mapper
Thievley osu!artist
tieff Featured Artist
Unpredictable Elite Nominator
uone osu!taiko Champion
Vaxei osu! Champion
VINXIS Featured Artist / Beatmap Nominator
xasuma The First Completionist
xbopost Elite Mapper
Xgor Elite Mapper
xiemon osu!artist
yf_bmp Elite Storyboarder
Zallius Boats
Zetera Medal Hunter
ZiRoX Elite Mapper