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Global Moderation Team

See also: Mod (disambiguation).

The Global Moderation Team (formerly known as the Global Mod Team, Administrators, or GreenBAT), commonly referred to as GMT, are members of the community who are focused primarily on player moderation and issues pertinent to the team and the community at large.

All Global Moderators are sworn to uphold the Contributor Code of Conduct in addition to the normal Community Rules.

If you encounter any member of the Global Moderation Team acting inappropriately (or acting in violation of the Contributor Code of Conduct), please contact at once with as much information as possible. For more details, see Reporting Abuse.

Roles and responsibilities

The Global Moderation Team is responsible for the welfare of the chat and forum, and takes care of interactions within the community. They should be approached with any questions pertaining the moderation aspect of the game, which would include (but is not limited to) issues with chat (e.g. silences or harassment) and the forum (e.g. spam or inappropriate comments).

Becoming a Global Moderation Team member

Becoming a member of the Global Moderation Team requires a notable amount of contribution. Potential members are often noticed for their willingness to help other users, activity within the community, and good behaviour. The ability to speak languages other than English is strongly preferred. Candidates are discussed within the team to determine their potential addition as a team member.

How to be considered

The most important factors for consideration are behaviour, activity, understanding of the rules, and patience:

  1. Demonstrate good behaviour by being polite and treating other users with respect. Keeping your account free of any serious silences or issues is essential.
  2. Demonstrate in-game activity by participating in the chat and/or the forums. Report any misbehaviour and problems via the report system. Answer questions and assist others with issues.
  3. Have a proper understanding of the rules and how they are applied. It is important to know what is acceptable within osu! and what is not.
  4. Be patient. The GMT does not spontaneously add members who have been helping for just a few days. It takes time for the GMT to evaluate someone⁠—their personality, what they can help with, their activity, etc.

Generally, the team will observe people for several weeks to make sure they are a worthy addition to the team. Please be patient and do not go overboard. Feel free to ask anyone from the GMT about any questions regarding rules, reporting users, and any other issues.

Some things not to do

  1. Do not continually ask the GMT about your standing as a potential candidate. The GMT does not look to add anyone who is contributing as a means to an end. An altruistic mindset is key.
  2. Do not report every little thing in chat. It is an important skill to know what is worth reporting and what is not.
  3. Do not answer other people's questions without knowing whether said answer is correct or not, particularly on the forums. Suggestions are welcome, but misinforming people is not helpful to anyone. If you do not know the solution to a problem, let someone else answer and learn from them.
  4. Do not overdo things. The team looks for consistent contribution, not an overloaded amount. This is known to burn people out and make them lose patience and commitment. Take it easy!

Team members

The Global Moderation Team group page lists all of the team members.

Note: All GMT members speak English in addition to the languages listed below, unless noted otherwise.

Name Additional languages Area of focus
- [bibitaru] - Chinese, Malay Chat moderation
- Felix German Chat moderation
abraker Forum moderation
Chaos Chat moderation, beatmap moderation
Clobohne German Chat moderation
Darksonic Spanish Chat moderation, forum moderation, beatmap moderation
Death Chat moderation, technical support, beatmap moderation
Deif Spanish Tournament management, beatmap moderation
Dntm8kmeeatu Technical support
Edward Portuguese, Japanese Chat moderation
Ephemeral Player support
Gabe French Chat moderation, forum moderation, beatmap moderation
Galkan Polish Chat moderation
JBHyperion Chat moderation, beatmap moderation
juankristal Spanish Tournament management
kanpakyin Cantonese, Chinese, Japanese Chat moderation
Kobold84 Russian Chat moderation, beatmap moderation
Kurai French, Russian Chat moderation
Kyubey Russian Chat moderation
Laurakko Finnish Chat moderation
Loctav German Beatmap moderation
Loneight Chinese Chat moderation
MillhioreF osu! development
n0ah Dutch Chat moderation, forum moderation
Nathanael Filipino Chat moderation, forum moderation, technical support, beatmap moderation
Neil Watts French Chat moderation
Okoratu German Forum moderation, beatmap moderation
osu!team Official team presence
Osu Tatakae Ouendan Filipino Chat moderation
p3n German Tournament management, beatmap moderation
Pachiru French Chat moderation, forum moderation, beatmap moderation
Pereira006 Portuguese Chat moderation
Repflez Spanish Chat moderation, wiki administration
RockRoller German Forum moderation
ruexia Korean Chat moderation
S o h Japanese Chat moderation
Saten Swedish, Spanish Chat moderation, beatmap moderation
Seijiro Italian, Romanian Chat moderation
Shiro French, Spanish Chat moderation
Shurelia Indonesian Chat moderation, beatmap moderation
spboxer3 Chinese Chat moderation
Stefan German, Serbian Chat moderation, forum moderation
TicClick Russian Chat moderation, beatmap moderation, wiki administration
ToGlette Korean Chat moderation
Tommay French Chat moderation
topecnz Filipino Chat moderation
Trosk- Spanish Technical support
Ukami Polish Chat moderation
WalterToro Spanish Tournament management, chat moderation, beatmap moderation, wiki administration
Yason Polish Chat moderation, beatmap moderation
Zallius Chat moderation
Zeus- Turkish, German Chat moderation, beatmap moderation

Grouped by languages moderated

Channel Subforum Moderators
#balkan Balkan Stefan
#cantonese kanpakyin
#chinese 中文 - [bibitaru] -, Loneight, kanpakyin, spboxer3
#dutch Nederlands n0ah
#english All moderators
#filipino Tagalog Nathanael, Osu Tatakae Ouendan, topecnz
#finnish Suomi Laurakko
#french Français Gabe, Kurai, Neil Watts, Pachiru, Shiro, Tommay
#german Deutsch - Felix, Clobohne, Okoratu, Stefan
#hungarian Magyar
#indonesian Indonesian Shurelia
#italian Italiano Seijiro
#japanese 日本語 Edward, kanpakyin, S o h
#korean 한국어 ruexia, ToGlette
#malaysian Malaysian - [bibitaru] -, Shurelia
#polish Polski Galkan, Ukami, Yason
#portuguese Português Edward, Pereira006
#romanian Seijiro
#russian Русский Kobold84, Kyubey, TicClick
#skandinavian Skandinavien Saten
#spanish Español Darksonic, Deif, juankristal, Repflez, WalterToro
#thai ภาษาไทย
#turkish Türkçe Zeus-
#ukrainian Kobold84