Do you really want to ask peppy?

Hi there! peppy understands your urge to want to contact him personally, but he asks that you first understand that this is not the place you want to ask him for help or support. He keeps osu! support separate from personal messages and also finds that answering PMs is quite hard to keep up with. He therefore asks that you do one of the following options:

Technical support

Most technical issues can be resolved by searching or posting in the Help forum. There are lots of others there to help you with your issues, so you will find a solution faster than contacting him.

General osu! support

For account issues, problems with payments, ban follow-ups, enquiries about tournaments and anything related to needing help on osu!, please contact the account support team by sending an email to (account queries) or (anything else).

Contacting peppy

If you wish to contact peppy personally for non-osu! related reasons, you can email him at Please be aware that any support or account-related requests to this email will be marked as spam.