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The following is a short list changes to the Ranking Criteria and their respective discussion threads as of May 25, 2018. Dates mark when a rule was amended to the wiki


  1. Metadata section of the general Ranking Criteria was fully rewritten ( )
  2. osu!-specific guidelines were majorly adjusted. Multiple guidelines were removed, two guidelines became rules, and one rule became a guideline ( )
  3. Difficulty naming rule was adjusted to permit multiple custom names when the highest diffs of a set are of similar difficulty (plus more loophole insurance -- )


  1. osu!catch rules and guidelines were majorly adjusted. ( , , )


  1. Fix mistake from previous osu!catch changes. One guideline was accidentally placed in the rules section
  2. Clarify parts of the metadata section of the general RC. Previous metadata amendment overlooked usage of "TV Size" as a term and the romanised title field.
  3. Add a rule and guideline for game-mode conversion issues. ( )


  1. Adjusted how Russian is romanised for certain characters in the metadata section of the general RC ( )


  1. Fixed issues with skin set list and skinning rules ( )
  2. Adapted rules that conflict with default skin elements ( )
  3. Clarifed "TV Size" glossary entry


  1. Adjusted taiko bar line definition to align with client changes ( )


  1. Majorly changed spread and audio requirements for mapsets. Notable differences are loosened drain time relations to required diffs and how song compilation/edits are more strictly handled. ( )
  2. Clarified requirements for hitsound feedback of reverse sliders. In most cases, they shouldn't be silenced ( )
  3. Disallowed unused .osb files. This makes for a more accurate beatmap listing now that storyboard search works again. ( )
  4. Clarified additional red line usage for Nightcore as acceptable. Rule was unclear previously ( )


  1. Guideline added to prevent storyboard end time mistakes. ( )
  2. Guideline added in response to removal of 2 diff minimum per mapset rule. This essentially makes it so unfitting/inappropriate single diff sets that feedback expressed concerns about aren't allowed. ( )
  3. Guideline added about poor hitsounding with custom samples (osu!/osu!catch only). ( )
  4. Stacking rules for osu! were reworded and guideline for stacking on Insanes was added. ( )


  1. Exception added to inappropriate submissions rule ( )
  2. Change to set contribution rules. Difficulty count is what determines contribution now, not exact drain time. ( )
  3. Snapping rule reworded to allow songs unsupported by the editor's beat snap divisors. ( )


  1. Clarify Rules and Guidelines on allowed dashes / hyperdashes of different beat snap in Salad and Rain difficulties. ( )
  2. Guideline added preventing drum sampleset usage in osu!taiko. ( )
  3. Minor change to guideline about rhythm density to osu!taiko's Futsuu ( )
  4. Stacking rule in Hard difficulties clarified. Sliders have more leniency now. ( )


  1. Metadata section of general RC rewritten. Content is mostly the same, but wording is more understandable. ( )
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this isn't going to be updated anymore. see changes directly on (or instead
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