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Wmf's modding/Taiko queue [last cleared 9/8]

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Now it's a queue of BAT --- impling that some of my modding time will be spending on ranking stuffs. i.e., more guest modder will help here. Note that the requirement for general queue changed again.

lol. the stupid "no bubbled map" sentence is finally eliminated!

Modders (mainly me, other guest modders may mod occassionally): if the map is bubble-worthy MAT/BATs will handle it.

  1. wmfchris
  2. kanpakyin
  3. LKs
  4. spboxer3 (solo|taiko|ctb)
  5. Scorpiour
  6. Pokie
  7. aabc271 (taiko)


1) English by deafult.
2) If your country shown is Chinese-based or I know you speaks Chinese, my modding mght contain Chinese.
3) If your flag is HK or I know you speaks Cantonese, my modding might contain Cantonese.
4) Specified languages upon request.

General Rules

*. wcx can't join the queue because he is wcx.
0. Don't ask for bubble/stars. They are given to maps that worths for it.
1. Quota and special rules are ALWAYS put on my last post.
2. You should choose the suitable queue you apply for.
3. Pending/WIP/for approval would be fine.
4. Only solo / taiko diffs will be modded unless it's bubble/ranking worthy.
5. Total time less than 15 minutes.
6. In case the map scared me or what I have the right to reject that request.
7. Can't recheck unless I said so.
If I said so, contact me later through IRC.
8. If your requested map is ranked within 10 days after you posted your request (and I didn't mod it), you are NOT allowed to request a new one.

Different slots in my queue

Queue for Newbies:
You have NO ranked map and this is your first 3 submitted map. You are 1 month from your last request from me.
There are unlimited slots that you can fill up here
(For those who were blocked from Google doc, I'm sorry but I won't provide another platform until I find a better one)

Queue for General Mappers:
You must satisfy ALL rules:
1) SP+12, get at least 5 mods. If your map is bubbled, the requirement is SP+25 and 10 mods.
2) More than 1 month from last time you ask me here
The SP requirement is checked upon my checking. If your map is bubbled before I check it you'll have to make it SP+20 otherwise I'll skip it.

Queue for Taiko diff: Yes it's taiko check only. You can always request me for taiko mod despite the slot limit if some BAT/MAT tells you to find some taiko modder.

Special Queue:
Satisfy ONE of the rules to obtain ticket:
1) My baka math challenge in my userpage. => You should pm me for this.
2) Your map is related to soft instrumental / classical / remix on Flandre or Satori, 07th expansion / chiying / cantonese / banya / beautifulday / YuFu.
3) Your map is submitted on or before 2010, and the maps get at least 8 mods on or before 2010.
4) You starts to map on or before 2008, you have maps ranked in 2008 but less than 2 maps ranked during 2009 - 2011.

L_P 1
cmn 1
Noob man 1

Modding -- What can I help you?
If you want to find a real expert making your map more stylish ones, I may not be the person you want. Instead I put my effort in which how your objects and sounds fits with the song itself.

1) Bolded moddings = unrankable stuff
2) Moddings with "?" or "...?" = softer suggestions
3) Impressive maps (both map and music) get stars.
4) For taiko maps, I think highly of how the arrangement fits the song.

Notable mappers:
Here are the list based on my justification in alphabetical order. Remember that everyone have their own style so even they aren't in this list they can still be nice :D
- Alace
- aabc271
- darkdunskin
- Kanarin
- kanpakyin
- lepidon (for easier maps)
- spboxer3 :3

Prioirty and other information
aabc271 and I are ready for guest diffs.
Whether we accept to make one depends on our taste of songs and reality workload, in most of the cases we find nice music to make one there. So unlike modding request that I'm almost certain to mod yours, we won't accept much taiko GD requests here.
1000 Post : Jan 21,2011, 286 days used
10000 views : Feb 28, 2011, 325 days used
1000 kudosus : Oct 12, 2011, 551 days used
100 pages : Oct 13, 2011, 552 days used
2000 Post : 28 Apr, 2012, 749 days used
Taiko diffs are NOT made to be hard, killing players and with many random and insane stuffs. When you are making a taiko diff, you expect this is better than playing the solo-converted-taiko diffs, better in the sense of listening the whole song by playing taiko mode, how the music delivers the message to you with and without the drum sound. This is the reason of existance of music, and my philosophy of making taiko diffs.
Then when I check maps, I expects the note patterns do echo with the original music and drums, I feel sorry when I say "oh WTF this is too random -w-.
I open different queue to help some kind of mappers that needs assistance:
1) New mappers, I don't need to explain this one.
2) Old mappers, in which they found difficulty in fitting current requirements.
3) Taiko mappers
4) Instrumental song mappers, such kind of song is relatively harder to make it brilliant, and it recieves few attention in general.
i'm the first >.<
please mod it when you have time~thank you
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Ok, put on queue~
Hi there
Still a wip because hitsounds is asdasdasd, ignore it for now.

And thanks in advance
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All modded!
Hi Christie
thanks ^^
Linda AI-CUE - Kita Saitama2000 [+25 / None]
[Except Taiko Hell Oni]
[Oni is approval diff ;_;]

Another TaikOsu song orz...
It's me again>_<
thanks! :)
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modded four today~
you skipped my song yet you added me to the finished list
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Death_the_kid wrote:

you skipped my song yet you added me to the finished list
Oh yes, sorry for that. I'll mod yours today

Kuroneko-sHerald : I'll mod the old ones.
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OK, all modded.
Hai wmfchris :)
This is my first request

I'll be waiting for your mod and any opinion :D
You have my thanks :)
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Sallad4ever wrote:

Hai wmfchris :)
This is my first request

I'll be waiting for your mod and any opinion :D
You have my thanks :)
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lRasl wrote:

mod plz~
On queue, I'm a bit busy this night so I'll mod this tomorrow ><
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