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Artist:Queen Circle Size:
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Title:Bohemian Rhapsody HP Drain:
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Creator:ogicu8abruok Accuracy:
Length:5:47 (5:29 drain)
Source: Genre:Any (Other) BPM:72.23
Tags:freddie mercury a night at the opera User Rating:
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Sep 12, 2008
Apr 28, 2010
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Options:Modding / Discussion

THIS MAP HAS a time of 5:46 and a max score on [hard] of around 12 million.
if that means it can't be ranked, then i'm submitting this map for approval.
maybe i could whittle the max score down to about 11 million.

-volume of mp3 increased toward the end
-volume of mp3 increased in various places
-overall volume of mp3 increased as much as possible
-spinner added at end of [insane]
-background image added
-[easy] and [normal] difficulties added
-major timing overhaul
-consolidated the timing sections awp suggested (except where they were needed for sample changes)
-additional timing tweak (x2)
-put sliders over fluid vocals as per awp's suggestion
-finish hitsounds added
-picked some classier colors
-fixed some spacing
-decided that the color scheme sucked ass and changed it
-fixed the endings of two sliders on [easy]
-mystery update #1
-changed [insane] to [hard]
-set preview points
-kingcobra52's suggestions (except hitsounds)
-some snapping problems, i guess