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NAT meetings

NAT meetings are directed discussions hosted by the Nomination Assessment Team (NAT) in the #modding channel of the osu! Discord server. Meeting topics concern the mapping and modding ecosystem, including problems, potential solutions, new ideas, and progress reports. While most contributors to the discussions are NAT members or Beatmap Nominators, anyone is allowed to participate.

Meetings are usually announced over a week in advance in the #modding channel.

Meeting topics

Planned topics

  • Creating BN handbooks/guides (should finish the NAT ones first)
  • BN activity/reset quantification for efficient evaluation (pending proposal)
  • If/how/when reset severity applies to general map quality

Dropped topics

These topics were too difficult to hold a meeting about for various reasons, but may become viable topics in the future:

Topic Reason for drop
BN/NAT work needs to be less robotic Needs to be split up into specific problems and suggestions
Meaningful rewards for BN/NAT work Not in the NAT's control
Letting BNs affect application and/or current BN evaluations Scope is too large and a written proposal should be made first
NAT leadership/turnover/demotion Scope is too large and a written proposal should be made first
Groundwork for mapping/modding wiki cleanup/rewrite Too few people are willing to help out