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Keyboard bindings

To access this dialog, open the Options, type in change then click on Change keyboard bindings.

Here, you can change reassign keyboard keys with the listed actions.

Notice: the osu! client will not notify you for keys used multiple times (this includes conflicting keys)!


Name Default
Left Click Z
Right Click X
Smoke C


Name Default
Drum Centre (Left) X
Drum Centre (Right) C
Drum Rim (Left) Z
Drum Rim (Right) V


Name Default
Move Left Left Arrow
Move Right Right Arrow
Dash! (2x movement speed) Left Shift


Name Default
Increase Speed F4
Decrease Speed F3


  • You can also use Ctrl + + to increase speed
  • You can also use Ctrl + - to decrease speed


Name Default
Game Pause Esc
Skip Cutscene Space
Toggle Scoreboard Tab
Increase Local Song Offset + (plus)
Decrease Local Song Offset - (minus)
Quick Retry (hold briefly) ~ (tilde)


  • If you change the binding to Game Pause, Esc can still be used to pause the game.
  • Quick Retry requires the player to hold the key for ~2 seconds.


Name Default
Toggle Framerate Limit F7
Toggle Chat F8
Toggle Extended Chat F9
Save Screenshot F12
Increase Volume Up Arrow
Decrease Volume Down Arrow
Disable Mouse buttons F10
Boss Key Insert


  • Boss Key explanation: Boss key
    • When used, osu! will mute itself and hide the window in the toolbar.
    • To disable boss key, click on the osu! icon in the task bar and the osu!client will open.


Name Default
Select tool 1
Normal tool 2
Slider tool 3
Spinner tool 4
New Combo Toggle Q
Whistle Toggle W
Finish Toggle E
Clap Toggle R
Grip Snap toggle T
Distance Snap Toggle Y
Note Lock toggle L
Nudge Left J
Nudge Right K
Help Toggle H
Jump to First Note Z
Play from beginning X
Audio Pause C
Jump to End V
Grid Size Change G
Add Timing Section (None)
Add Inheriting Section (None)
Remove Section (None)

Mod Select

Name Default
Easy Q
No Fail W
Half Time E
Hard Rock A
Sudden Death S
Double Time D
Hidden F
Flashlight G
Relax Z
Autopilot X
Spun Out C
Auto V


  • By default, these key binds are positioned the same way how the mod icons are positioned.
  • You may need to press the key twice to access mod icons hidden underneath them.
    • e.g. You will need to press S twice to access Perfect.

Reset all Bindings

Caution: this button does not confirm you if you had really wanted to do so!

This button will reset all bindings to their defaults listed above.


For mod select:

  • The mania xK mods are not listed there.
    • You can press keys 3 to 9 to enable the xK mods.
  • Not all mod icons have a keyboard shortcut, such as:
    • 1K
    • 2K
    • Random
    • Co-op
    • Target Practice


  • The 1K and 2K mod icons once had a keyboard shortcut, 1 and 2 respectively.
    • These key bindings were removed because they conflicted with the keyboard navigation keys
      (pressing 1 would deselect the mod icons and 2 would exit the mods menu).