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Account support team

For a team that moderates certain subforums, see: Technical Support Team

The account support team is a group of people administering user accounts, as well as accepting silence and restriction appeals.

Point of contact

The team can only be reached by sending a mail to,,, or The identities of its members are kept secret in order to protect them from unwanted attention.

It usually takes a few days for support to get to the email. If there is no response within a week, it is worth sending a follow-up message about the case.

Role and tasks

Main article: Help Centre
See also: Account Restrictions

You should contact this team regarding account-related topics that are out of your control. Please remember to provide as much context on your issue as possible and send a email from the address associated with your osu! account.

Note: To report an extreme case of misbehaviour or sexual abuse from any user, including a moderator, see Reporting Abuse.