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Common modding mistakes

See also: Becoming a Beatmap Nominator § Modding expectations

This guide will show examples of common mistakes beginner modders often make when they mod a beatmap.

The points introduced below are formatted such that an example of poor modding is shown above, and an explanation as to why it is a mistake below.

While the examples shown imply an osu!-specific mapping context, they may also be applied to other game modes.

00:00:000 - Remove this slider
00:01:000 - Add circle.
00:02:000 - Reduce the spacing here.
00:02:000 - Make this sharper flow.
00:04:000 - Ctrl+G
00:05:000 - Move to (100:200)
00:06:000 - NC

Unless the context is clear, always state why you think changes should be made. Leaving the mapper guessing could easily lead to misunderstandings, and as such hinder the map from potential improvements.

00:00:000 - Same as #72727
00:01:000 - Same as #72727
00:02:000 - Same as #72727

For recurring issues, consider grouping them into one general point with some examples instead. If you still feel that pointing everything out is absolutely necessary, then either the mapper does not know what they are doing or your explanation likely is not good enough.

00:00:000 - These objects are placed weirdly and it's probably unrankable.
00:01:000 - This spacing is unrankable.
00:02:000 - I don't think this rhythm is rankable.

Avoid saying or suggesting that something is unrankable unless the ranking criteria explicitly says that it is. This may cause serious confusion for newer mappers. If something is unrankable, it means it cannot progress further through the ranking process, without exception, so use this phrase with care.

00:00:000 - lol
00:01:000 - this looks stupid
00:02:000 - wow xD
00:03:000 - don't do this

When pointing out an issue, be clear and formal to avoid miscommunication. You should always state what the problem is even if it seems obvious.

00:00:000 - Why is this slider so curved?
00:01:000 - Here it is again.
00:02:000 - Appears in kiai too.

If something is seemingly all over the map, it may actually be intentional. In these cases, either explain thoroughly why you think it is wrong, or make sure they are appearing at similar moments in the song. If they are inconsistent and there is seemingly no pattern, it might be worth questioning.

In general, notes should be mapped to distinct sounds in the song in order to properly reflect it. Keeping the rhythm density in level with the intensity of the song is /.../

Always include at least one example, and at very least a timestamp. Without giving an example in the map you are modding, the mapper will likely be confused as to where and what the problems are. As a modder you may find yourself speaking too broadly, mostly rambling rather than trying to improve the map itself.

Widescreen support is inconsistent and your map doesn't have a storyboard, so disable it for all difficulties.
00:00:000 - Blanket is 2 pixels off.
00:01:000 - The preview point is unsnapped, could snap it.
00:02:000 - Move up by 1px.

Modding is about improving the map, not changing it because it can be changed. If the change you are suggesting is extremely small, take a step back and ask whether it is actually improving the map in any significant way. If not, it may not even be worth mentioning.

00:00:000 - The angle between these circles is too wide, you should try to use sharp angles for these circles instead. This is because sharp angles are more comfortable to play, especially when it comes to following circular flow. Sharp angles allow the player to snap to each object more smoothly, because the momentum of the cursor...

Keep things as short as possible while still giving the necessary information. Too much unnecessary filler or using uncommon buzz words leads to confusion, and the mapper is more likely to misunderstand the suggestion.

This mod took me 10 hours to complete, you better apply my suggestions.
Your mapping style is really bad; just map like everyone else.
00:00:000 - Why are there giant sliders all over? Map these sections properly.

The goal of modding is to help improve the map. It is not to force your opinions on the mapper. If the mapper is denying things you believe would improve the map, then that is on them. In these cases, just accept it and move on, but consider their reasoning and try predicting this in similar future cases.

00:00:000 - This is bad rhythm.
00:01:000 - I really think you can improve this slider art a bit, try using some more aesthetic shape.
00:02:000 - You should try something more elaborate here, this feels too simple for what the song suggests.
00:03:000 - The flow is bad here.

While pointing out an issue is important, it is also important to provide suggestions and alternatives. By doing this, the mapper will see what you have in mind and can also apply it directly to the map. It is especially helpful when the mapper knows of an issue but cannot resolve it themselves.

You should probably just remap this tbh.

If you really think the mapper should remap, you have to tell them where they are going wrong and why. There is no point in remapping if there is nothing to learn from it, so it is something you should cover in your mod. Remember to give examples!

Remaps should also be left as a last resort. Avoid suggesting to do this unless the map's concept is fundamentally flawed, and remapping would impose less effort on the mapper than improving the current map.

My mod is of better quality because I have better experience than you, you must apply it no matter what!
You don't know what quality is, just apply my mod because I know what quality is.

Whether a mod is of quality or not is up to the mapper. Solely looking at a mod will not really say much. To tell whether it is good or not, you have to put yourself into the mapper's perspective. Would they apply these suggestions? Are they actually useful? Will the mapper understand the reasoning?

00:00:000 - make this good flow
00:01:000 - this can be better
00:02:000 - bad structure
00:03:000 - rhythm is bad

When posting an issue, avoid vague words like "good" and "bad". Not everyone is on the same page about what is good and what is not, especially in terms of situational and subjective aspects like flow. Try to use more objective terms like "comfortable/uncomfortable", "calm/intense", etc. Remember to add examples to your mods where possible.

00:00:000 - why would you do this?
00:01:000 - why did you place this here?
00:02:000 - what is this rhythm?

Formulating points as questions is generally impolite and a bad habit. If you do not understand some part of the map, tell them why it is confusing and what you expected to see. You can still ask them if you must, but at least include this information first.

Aesthetics is subjective so I'll ignore that.

What you may think is objective to you is in fact still subjective to a certain degree. It is best to avoid thinking that subjectivity is black and white, and just mention anything you believe would help the map.

00:00:000 - dude is your mapping always this bad
learn how to map first and then I can mod this properly
this map would look great in the trash can

Refrain from making rude or sarcastic remarks when modding. This sort of behaviour is what would eventually get you silenced, and not something others would end up liking you for. Be sure to always follow the Code of Conduct when modding for a better modding environment for everyone.

00:00:000 - Rotating this slider by 90 degrees would make it look nice.
00:01:000 - I'd like it if you used a rhythm like this.
00:02:000 - Would be cool if you did this like 00:00:500.

Preference is not valid justification. Rather than just saying that you think your suggestion is better, explain why you think it is better. Explaining that it is more consistent or is parallel with some other object etc. would be a more reasonable justification, for example.