Nomination Assessment Team

See also: Beatmap Nominator evaluations

The Nomination Assessment Team (NAT) are the moderators of the Beatmap Nominators (BN) and ensure the beatmapping side of osu! stays functional.

Members of the NAT are distinguished by their red username and user title. Like the Global Moderation Team (GMT), they have site-wide moderation permissions and a dark red username in the game's chat channels.

All members of the Nomination Assessment Team are sworn to uphold the Contributor Code of Conduct in addition to the normal Community Rules.


Note: To report a member of NAT misbehaving or breaking the Contributor Code of Conduct, contact the account support team.

The NAT are responsible for a variety of mapping-related tasks that can be separated into four subcategories:

  • Evaluation: Evaluating the proficiency and activity of both current Beatmap Nominators and applicants. Most NAT members are responsible for contributing to this subcategory. For full details on how evaluations work, please see the evaluations page.
  • Structural: Documenting topics surrounding the ranking process, amending rules and guidelines to the ranking criteria, developing and maintaining related tools and websites.
  • Moderation: Handling user reports and assessing inappropriate behaviour of Beatmap Nominators. This subcategory is a joint effort between the NAT and the GMT.
  • Communication: Promoting transparency between the NAT and the mapping/modding community, including the creation and hosting of meetings.

A member of the NAT can engage with any tasks within any subcategory that they choose, despite what their primary responsibilities may be listed as. For example, if a member of the NAT prioritises the Structural subcategory, they are not responsible for all tasks within the subcategory and they can still help with tasks from any other subcategory.

In addition to moderation abilities, NAT also possess the ability to nominate, qualify, and reset nominations on beatmaps. In this area they are considered largely the same as full BNs, and all BN rules and expectations besides activity apply to NAT members. NAT members are not expected to nominate maps regularly the way BNs are due to having additional responsibilities in the osu! mapping and modding community.

Members of the NAT primarily contributing to the evaluation subcategory are also responsible for modding at least 3 beatmaps per month. This guarantees the NAT are up to date with the modding community when evaluating Beatmap Nominators. Members who fail to meet modding activity requirements will be given a warning. If their activity does not improve within the next month, they will be removed from the NAT. Members of the NAT working on other mapping-related projects may be exempt from modding requirements on a case-by-case basis.

Promotion to the NAT

Before joining the NAT, a user must either be a full member of the Beatmap Nominators, or previously an NAT member and still involved in the community. Most NAT candidates are initially considered based on their commitment to helping the mapping and modding community, and further demonstration of their ability to contribute to all four subcategories of NAT responsibilities is usually the basis for being promoted.

Since the majority of new NAT members will help with BN evaluation, it's important that NAT candidates are very proficient in assessing the proficiency of others. Full BNs have the option to do mock evaluations alongside the NAT's real ones, giving them an opportunity to practice. NAT candidates have a much better chance of being promoted if their evaluations are thorough and come to similar conclusions as the NAT (or have supportive reasoning otherwise).

The NAT keep tabs on potential NAT candidates over long periods of time, and occasionally convene to decide if a candidate should be promoted, similar to how BN evaluations are done. BNs are also allowed to ask about joining the NAT if they want to receive feedback and make sure they're being considered. However, depending on the activity and skillset of the current NAT, there may not be a need for new members. New NAT will likely be promoted only when one of the current members is becoming less active, or there are new workloads requiring more members, etc.

Team members

Note: All NAT members speak English in addition to the language(s) listed below unless noted otherwise.

The Nomination Assessment Team group page lists all of the team members. In addition to areas mentioned below, all NAT members take part in reviewing audio and visual content included in beatmaps.


Name Additional languages Primary responsibilities
-Mo- Evaluation, moderation
Agatsu Evaluation
AirinCat Belarusian, Russian Evaluation
Chaoslitz Cantonese, Chinese Evaluation
elicz1 Evaluation
Firika Chinese Evaluation
FuJu German Evaluation
Kotoha Chinese Evaluation
Naxess Swedish Structural, communication
NexusQI Evaluation
pishifat Structural
StarCastler Evaluation
Stixy German, Serbian Evaluation
UberFazz Evaluation
yaspo Dutch Evaluation
Zelq Polish Evaluation


Name Additional languages Primary responsibilities
Capu German Evaluation
Dusk- Urdu, some Arabic Evaluation
Faputa Cantonese, Chinese Evaluation
Hivie Arabic, French, some Italian Evaluation
radar Evaluation


Name Additional languages Primary responsibilities
Deif Spanish, German Evaluation, moderation
Greaper Dutch Evaluation, structural
Secre Evaluation


Name Additional languages Primary responsibilities
_Stan Chinese Evaluation
Akasha- Vietnamese Evaluation
Maxus Indonesian Evaluation, communication
Quenlla Spanish, Portuguese, Galician, Italian, Japanese Evaluation
Unpredictable Evaluation