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Hollow Delta
Saw this in my queue and was about to mod until I saw you're getting it bubbed

gj bro
Fixed some hitsounds on 02:45:253 - 02:17:105 - 00:45:994
oh it's happening ! go for it kyuukai ;)
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Umi wrote:

oh it's happening ! go for it kyuukai ;)
Yaay xdd

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pishifat wrote:

wtf, I didn't touched anything since I updated it
Reupdated, should be fixed now
Congratulations! <3
Ryuusei Aika
Finally a ranked senpai song
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Ryuusei Aika wrote:

Finally a ranked senpai song
There's a Senpai song ranked before mine made by 0109- lol
i prefer this :(
is it just me or the slow parts are super spaced for no apparent reason in Umi's diff?

- 00:02:472 (2,3) - vs 00:23:216 (4,1) - are rather similar, although different sections of the song. I mean, I should probably link the whole parts to show this but just a jump might be less cramped to read. It's just that spacing overall changes slightly (if not at all) from section to section and in important parts too
- 00:49:513 (3,4) - vs 00:43:772 (3,4,5) - again, different sections of the song which are clearly different, yet spacing barely changes
- 01:00:809 (1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5) - same ^ just that this time it's the same section yet the second combo shows jumps twice or 3 times as big as the spacing of the first combo
- kiai times seem to be more spaced, as they should...
- 01:51:179 - considering this is the calmest section of all, rhythm is still a rather constant 1/2 , with even filler rhythms like 01:56:735 (4,5) - . To match the song's pace it would have been better to use more and longer sliders, otherwise this part is identical to everything else outside kiai times (triplets excluded)
- 02:26:735 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,5) - again, seeing this spacing and all after the previous part feels really off for the same reasons as above ^

Sweet jesus

[litoluna's Insane]
In first place, why is the first part mapped with a such exaggerated spacing? It should be calm and you make random jumps...
00:01:546 (3) - Either silence the slider end or use a 1/1 slider, that instrumental note is unnoticeable with the hitsounds.
00:05:620 (2,3,4,5,6,7) - There's no sound in the song to support this, it's just a random jump using the vocal as an excuse (which isn't strong at all). You also melted instrumental and vocal together without mapping something to differentiate the sounds. It just doesn't make sense
00:07:287 (2,3,4,5) - Same as above
00:10:250 (3,4,5,6) - Same thing, again. There's no sound to support this big spacing.
00:11:546 (2,3,4,5,6,7) - Here's where that spacing fits. The worst thing is that you used the same spacing for two completely different sounds
00:13:772 (2,3) - Too small spacing between these two objects, use at least the spacing that there is for 00:13:402 (1,2) -
00:21:550 (7,8) - What's the point of using kicksliders now if you didn't before with almost equal sounds? If you wanna keep it at least silence the sliderends
00:29:142 (4,1) - What's this minimum spacing again? Augment it
00:30:253 (2,3) - A kickslider would fit much better this sound
00:31:179 (1) - Better the slidershape
00:32:661 (4) - NC
00:36:550 (2,3,4,5,6) - Two different sounds, either use a kickslider in one of them or use a different spacing for the triplet to differentiate the sounds.
00:37:105 (1) - Silence the sliderend
00:39:698 (3) - ^
00:41:364 (6) - You always prioritized the vocal more than the instrumental, so you should put the slider here instead of in 00:41:550 (1) -
00:42:198 - There's a beat that you ignored.
00:42:661 (6) - Silence the sliderend
00:44:513 (4) - NC
00:45:253 (6) - There are two clear beats here, put a double: the slider doesn't fit the sound.
00:45:624 (7) - Silence the sliderend
00:47:846 (2,3,4) - The sound isn't yet strong enough to use such a big spacing
00:48:587 (7) - The hitsound on the sliderend is useless, the beat is almost absent, either change it or use a low volume
00:49:327 (2,3,4) - Minimum spacing again... Augment it
00:51:550 (3) - Why are you making this end on the new section? Make a 5 tick slider and put a slider on the white tick
00:53:957 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - Differentiate the sounds the way I said before
00:55:624 (5) - Two clear beats; use two circles since the slider doesn't fit the sound
00:57:476 (6) - Same thing as before. This way of mapping it doesn't really fit
01:03:031 (1,2) - There's no sound supporting two circles, unlike the thing mentioned above
01:03:772 (1) - This is a really bad slidershape, try to make something decent...
01:05:068 (1) - Make a 5 tick slider and put a circle, to fully follow the guitar and the drum
01:08:031 (1) - This is still part of the previous section, remove the NC and put it in 01:08:216 (2) -
01:10:624 (1) - Remove NC, it doesn't make sense
01:13:957 (1,2) - This double doesn't fit the sound at all, you should keep using the sliders for the whole section
01:15:994 (3) - Where's the sound to support this? Seeing this stuff makes me really angry...Somebody told me some time ago that the song isn't made for the patterns, the patterns are made for the song o
01:21:179 (10) - The hitsound on the sliderend doesn't fit, same reason of before
01:23:587 (1,2,1,2,1,2) - Just why...? There's no special sound or anything supporting this
01:24:513 (2) - The nc should go here
01:25:439 (1) - It's still part of the previous section, remove the nc and put it in 01:25:809 (3) -, keep doing it for the following patterns
01:38:401 (1,2,3,4,5) - The sound changes between the red tick and the white one, add some spacing after the white one to differentiate the sounds
01:38:772 (5,6,7,8) - And as for 01:15:994 (3) -, where's the special sound to support this?
02:00:994 (2,3,4,1) - The sound is still low for that spacing.
02:03:031 (1) - Silence the sliderend
02:04:142 (3) - This should go on the blue tick
02:06:364 (4,5,6,7,8) - There's no sound that can be supported using spacing in (4) and (5), make a stacked tripled and then add spacing for (6) and (7)
02:06:735 (8) - Silence the sliderend if you really wanna keep the kickslider
02:08:587 (3) - There's a strong sound on the red tick, don't keep a 1/1 slider
02:11:920 (3) - NC
02:14:883 (3) - I can clearly hear a beat on the red tick
02:17:661 (1,1) - One is an overmap, the other one is a guitar sound; why are you mapping them with the same pattern?
02:22:846 (3) - Guitar beat that you ignored...
02:23:772 (1) - Use two circles, there's the same sound of 02:24:327 (1,2,3) - here
02:24:883 (4) - NC
02:25:253 (7) - NC
02:35:253 (4) - Silence the sliderend
02:35:624 (1) - 2 circles
02:36:920 (1) - Same guitar and drum thing I mentioned before
02:40:994 (1,2,3) - What's the point of mapping this vocal part like this, nonsense stack and then kicksliders...
02:42:290 (5,6,7) - Chill with these pp jumps heyo
02:43:587 (5,6,7,8,9,10) - Where's the sound to support 2 overmapped triplets? ._.
02:44:327 (1) - Silence the sliderend
02:50:439 (4) - NC
02:52:846 (4,5,6,7,8) - I can't hear any sound that supports a such big spacing
03:12:661 (5) - NC
03:13:401 (9) - An important vocal part starts on the red tick, try to rearrange the pattern and have a circle on that tick
03:14:142 (4) - NC
03:39:327 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - 03:39:327 (1,2,3,4) - needs a small spacing, the sound is low 03:40:068 (1,2,3,4) - needs a large spacing, it's a strong sound, why are you again using the same spacing for two different sounds?
@Marcuddles, even if you don't like the map, try to be respectful towards the mapper.
Indeed Marcuddles, as Pachiru mentioned you should follow the Code of Conduct for modding and mapping. I can understand that you might be on disagreement with a map in the qualified state (and the only reason why qualified status exists is for the community to notice issues for a week before it gets ranked) but you have to express yourself in a proper way and give some reasoning other than just "it should be like this instead".

Watch the language and please give the Code of Conduct a read if you havent before. Take this as a warning!
Sorry, these things make me really angry (especially when we talk about my favourite singer's songs ;w;) and I become kind of crazy
Again, sorry, I don't really mean to insult

Marcuddles wrote:

Sorry, these things make me really angry (especially when we talk about my favourite singer's songs ;w;) and I become kind of crazy
Again, sorry, I don't really mean to insult
All cool, just try to control yourself a bit better the next time ;)

If you want, you could edit your post a bit as an apology!
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Will try to contact both mappers to reply your mods, can't really get into their mapping thoughts enough to answer your mods xd

juankristal wrote:

Marcuddles wrote:

Sorry, these things make me really angry (especially when we talk about my favourite singer's songs ;w;) and I become kind of crazy
Again, sorry, I don't really mean to insult
All cool, just try to control yourself a bit better the next time ;)

If you want, you could edit your post a bit as an apology!
Yeah, tried
Is this the necessary modding after Qualified?
I did not think that it was a really necessary modding after Qualified.
Also, your modding seems to be "compulsion of your own mappingstyle", so I do not feel like correcting it. :|
mapping≠modding :?
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