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How do you feel about Loved?

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Now that we're 3 rounds in (or 3 and a half for the osu!catch people), I'd like to take a minute to ask all of you how you feel about the current set of Loved maps, and the voting system we've been using in the past 2 rounds.

To clarify for those who are not aware, we've been taking every map that reaches a 9%~ threshold of the votes, (+/- 1%) in order to fill the listing as quickly as possible with maps that people obviously like.

If you're middling or towards the dislike end of the options listed in the poll, please take a moment to explain why in this thread. Maps too difficult? Not difficult enough (hello Cookiezi)? Any and all feedback is welcome.

Do note that voting will by no means be the sole method for maps to enter Loved in the future.
I just don't think using votes, i.e. popularity contest is a good or effective way to choose loved maps. Plenty of the classics are still not loved.
There's room to improve on it, mainly map selection because popularity votes are always going to be garbage (*cough* top 10 maps of 20xx). Great addition as a system though.
I think it's a really good thing but I feel like the votes aren't often enough at the moment? The last one was a month from the previous one...
It's probably one of the greatest additions to this game ever. The only thing it's lacking is just more maps. Like the community voting is cool, and it makes loved maps special and high quality, but it just feels too slow and there's very little choice for the community really. Like there's a very feigned sense of community interaction considering staff still chooses what we vote on. It's a fake choice.

I love just having more and more maps being accessible and with leaderboards so I personally would love a more streamlined process of getting maps consistently into the category, but also keeping the level of quality and discretion with what actually gets through.

Also I personally just don't enjoy flooding the category with nearly unplayable 9*+ shit even if those maps are extremely popular. Some are good but preferably I think it's best to stay away from them simply because a lot of them are simply not mapped well but yet the majority of people will vote for it because they wanna see it with a leaderboard. Variety is key, and I think there's been a good job of that, I'm just greedy and want more of everything :)
Less 9* shitmaps and more obscure, aspiring maps. Overall I like it but its needs few improvements about voting stage and maps in general
one thing that i'm not a fan of is the random wait time we have to go through before getting a new set of maps to vote for (and the random time we have to wait for those maps to get implemented) like the wait we had to go through for our 4th set of maps to get into it's voting stage (20 days from the previous set). other than that i think its an alright feature
lets put more gimmicky maps here, high * shitmaps just arent good and there are too many of them already in the loved section
also add 2B maps (there are other 2B maps than tewi-ma park, and many of them dont fail you in the end).
i would really like to see loved having gimmicky and new concepts that are fundamentally unrankable due to the ranking criteria (not maps unrankable due to their bad quality).
I enjoy watching high rank players playing hard maps <3 But, also, i would like more less * maps cuz for noobs like me, there´s not that many playable maps in the love section. And... The votes are too slow, it was suposed to be once a week, but it seems that is once every two or three weeks... Oh yeah, the stuff is doing a great job whit it btw. Oh, i and, i don´t understand why do ppl complain about high star maps, theres nearly non of em in the loved section. Like what, Galaxy colapse and...?

F1r3tar wrote:

pijon95 wrote:

theres nearly non of em in the loved section. Like what, Galaxy colapse and...? (in-game scoreboard)

Yes, im aware that theres a lot of 7* and 8* Maps, but, most of them are possible to pass no mod for most of people between 5000# and 1#, now, im not saying that those aren´t hard maps, they are, but i was talking about maps that are hard to pass no mod, as Promethean King, or Galaxy colapse, and so on, that´s the stuff i like to see, i supose i expresed myself incorrectly last post...
I don't mind it mainly due to the reasons already mentioned by Toy:

- maps are not actually chosen by the community, they are chosen by staff
- very focused on extremely high star difficulty
- quality partially lacking

The leaderboards aren't really that interesting for me.
What counts for me is the actual "approvement" of the maps added that is out to give the maps more plays and imo the current trend doesn't really give good unranked maps the opportunity to receive more plays and spotlight. Partially it's already there but it remains very obscure which kind of maps one should expect from that category because it is really all over the place both quality- and difficultywise. That way I don't have any incentive to look for maps to play in the Loved section opposed to the Graveyard.
That is why I'm literally ignoring that section by now.

Also Konbini love when
you should automatically make a map loved after a certain amount of favourites and manually block maps like centipede
It's a pretty good addition. some great maps get more attention that normally wouldn't. Having a leaderboard is also pretty good and I love the fact that they aren't pp related.
Love state is actually a pretty good feature. The content? Terribly horrible. It's already mentioned by most of guys up there, so I will just put my cents here.

If the nominated maps are BASED on:
1. How difficult it is
2. How big its star rating
3. How hard the community want to see pro players play these particular "hard" maps

Then do not ask why I dislike the content while I myself (truthfully) ignore the voting since the beginning.

Also, playable by high rank player DOES not means enjoyable for most of people. Having a favorite mileage for a map is not a good idea either (oh look it's xxx map auto like! yeah figure where's the broken in that).

Lastly, I worry this will build a broken mindset for future mapper : oh my look at these loved state maps, hard as shit. gonna map like them so I can have my popularity boosted in no time!
If it doesn't concern you guys, look at our current community map contest on expert diff.

Lumineon wrote:

you should automatically make a map loved after a certain amount of favourites and manually block maps like centipede
If they earned the favs, then, why would you block them? Also, wouldnt be that way a problem for maps that want to get rank?
hmmm when we play the loved maps there's qualified state notice right? well maybe you can change it? so maybe player who new at this game can know the differents. and also :
1. most of it is high star diffs.
2. there are some of diffs which not completed, and that's annoy me.
3. ingame notice for voice pools maybe a really great idea for me. so you dont have to go to the community voice forum to vote. ( like OWC live notice) so it will get so much votes and easily select the voted maps

that's what i think bout. pls don't bully.
I love the concept but not fan of the current implementation because:

Map pool is too large to pick from each time. I'm being lazy and trending towards maps I already know instead of trying out every selection. And looking at results of last round, 3 out of 10 maps didn't get loved this time. Majority of the selected loved maps were around 10% which is average result and didn't seem particularly preferred over other picks on pool. Guessing the vote spread was mostly because you had 4 votes and 1-2 maps you liked on the pool so you spent rest of votes random maps.

Instead I would prefer having smaller pools of lets say 5 where you pick only 2. This should give more variety on voting % because you don't have that many "spare" votes.

Wouldn't mind having several concurrent map pools going on at same time. Like always having 2pools to vote for running at same time. Implemented by lets say 2 week voting time and new pool added weekly. Of course this would require additional management.

thats because overlapping sliders (tewi) and unplayable maps (centipede) were specifically banned from entering loved for now.

Amaikai wrote:

thats because overlapping sliders (tewi) and unplayable maps (centipede) were specifically banned from entering loved for now.

I was not aware of this, thanks for information <3!
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