Poll 32: Do you map? Do you plan to map?

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Do you map? Do you plan to map?

I do not plan on mapping.
I plan on mapping sometime in the future.
I currently map actively.
I no longer map.
Total votes: 931
Polling ended April 26, 2016 at 12:58:53 AM UTC
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i want to map some songs in future, and i hope i can rank it. but i don't know how to map and rank a map
Want to map more than I map right now :c
But still I map :3
While I have seen quite some maps that ARE oriented towards triangles and super easy high star rating maps, I still think that mapping can be an expression of the song. Of course there's only so much you can do with circles and sliders, but that's where creativity comes in.

By all means i do not see myself as a good mapper, But some mappers out there are really good at showing what a song can mean with just circles and sliders and the additional spinner.

I myself want to map, Not because to get anything ranked really (not that i think ranked isn't good, because that'd be great, Ranked AND being a really good map) But so that I can make a beatmap that other players may enjoy.
Rizumu Tenshi
I was mapping a bit actively until this General Secondary Certificate came.
Just as plenty of users said: Need to improve my mapping style. I can map and hitsound, but if I want to get it truly done right, I need to improve my mapping style. So far I've got one song done well, but it was the Expert that was done well, and I need to get the other difficulties done as well as the Expert.

I was trying to map a Love Live song by the way, but I decided to scrap that since I quit Love Live. Now I don't know what to map to continue improving my mapping style... (that is not Fuzzy Future, since I'm already working on it as a means of improving my style)

  1. Mapping style to be improved
  2. Need to learn to map other difficulties below Insane and Expert
  3. Relieve me of this General Secondary Certificate and I will continue improving
Ciyus Miapah
no longer map, because (you know right now what happen to me lol)

you can say that i mapped too much :^)

i do enjoy the mapping.. sometimes.. (there's this boring part where i have to put repeated SVs over and over manually. i wish the editor can have like program preset or something)
Full-Time memer 24/7
Full-Time mapper 24/7
Nothin' better than letting lose those inner memes into circles and watchin' people click those memes, it's truly inspirational.
do i map? yes
do i enjoy it? sometimes
do i like my creations? watch me love it for 1 week and then proceed to gradually hate it as time passes.
do i enjoy watching people suffer as i put unreasonable 300bpm jumps? yes

can i meme? 5/7 of the time.

do i enjoy looking for BNs? end me

but i seriously think people would go into mapping a bit more if the community was a bit less rude

A-kun wrote:

jesus crhist what is this overmapping

M-san wrote:

not enouhg triangles 0/10 pls remap

V-kun wrote:

l i t e r a l l y u n r a n k a b l e

B-sama wrote:

end urself

C-dono wrote:

caner map
Yes I am mapping and it's fun but sometimes boring xD
Probably 90-95% of my time spent on osu is in the editor, either mapping, modding or testing. I really enjoy the freedom of creativity, and if, at the end, you have something you can be proud of, something that other people like, it's a great feeling to know that you contributed to the growth of the game.

Currently mapping mostly CtB as we lack in maps and modders but also some Std, plus that one all-mode set that I will rank eventually... stares into the distance
mapping = all

mapping dnb = the best
I map when I feel like it, but don't find it worth it to try and push for ranking at any point
i used to.

i still actually consider myself mapping. it's just that i can't find the song that motivates me alot..
I'm relatively close to retiring from mapping, but I would count as active still
mapping standard is so fucking time consuming and the ranking process amplifies this struggle so hard

i'll start for real when this shit gets easier

I currently map actively :)
I still have goals to obtain, and i will keep making more maps until i don't have more time to play osu.
If i always have time for osu, then i will still try to improve and make maps!

It's fun to share my maps with people, and see them play them and hear their thoughts on them.
My friends are the reason to why i still want to map :)
I wish I can pick the last two options, it's on and off for me
No longer
Mapping for fun! or interesting on song...
I map \o/
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