osu!mania 7K Dan (段) Courses (Judge your 7K Skills!)

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April 5th, 2017: Regular Zenith Dan has been buffed!
April 13th, 2017: Insane Regular Dan 8 ~ 10 updated with minor tweaks for better difficulty balance

If you are interested in helping us out with the dan rework, please join our discord server using the following link below:

These updates will probably be done in small increments rather than one huge update (due to the limited time that I have for this every day)

osu!mania 7K Dan Course

Hello there, this is Jinjin.
For the past few days, a few other people and I have been working on creating courses that will allow you, the player, to gauge your skills on 7 Key.
(You can also check out Shoegazer's 4K mania Dan courses here: )

Here's the breakdown:
  1. The courses are categorized into 'Dan (段)'s, which are equivalent to levels of difficulty.

  2. There are three dan levels in total: Normal, Insane, and Extra. The Insane and Extra levels are divided into Regular Dan and LN (Long Note) Dan.

  3. Almost all of the charts used in the 7K Dan courses are created by the osu!mania community. Very few may be converts from other games such as ftb, o2jam.

  4. You are able to use mods in order to give yourself more challenge:
    Acceptable Mods: Hard Rock, Sudden Death / Perfect, DoubleTime / Nightcore, Fade In / Hidden, Flashlight
    Unacceptable Mods: Easy, No-Fail, Half, Random

  5. You are also not allowed to pause midway through the map. The break given to you between each song is enough to rest your hands, and pausing through the course defeats the purpose of having a marathon to begin with. The only exception is LN Zenith dan. Given how difficult LN Zenith is compared to the rest of the dan courses (even compared to Regular Zenith), and given how long the course is, I decided that the skill to get an S on LN Zenith is enough without considering the stamina factor.
Pass requirement for 7K Dan courses:
  1. Normal Dans: pass the course without failing (no acc requirement).
  2. Insane Dans (Regular): pass the course without failing & get an accuracy of 96% or above.
  3. Insane Dans (LN): pass the course without failing & get an accuracy of 95% or above.
  4. Extra Dans (Regular): pass the course without failing & get an accuracy of 96% or above.
  5. Extra Dans (LN): pass the course without failing & get an accuracy of 95% or above.

*If you'd like to submit your scores for the course leaderboards, please visit this forum:

Now that you know how the osu!mania Dan Course works, here are the course list and the beatmaps included in each course!

osu!mania 7K Dan Courses Download Link (The map description shows the maps that are in these Dan Courses):

Normal Level
Normal Level (0th~10th Dan)

Insane Level
Regular (0th~3rd Dan):
Regular (4th~7th Dan):
Regular (8th~10th Dan):

LN (0th~3rd Dan):
LN (4th~7th Dan):
LN (8th~11th Dan):

(LN Insane Dans go up to 11th instead of 10 because I've slightly underestimated the gap between LN 10th and LN Gamma Dan)

Extra Level
Regular (Gamma~Zenith):
LN (Gamma~Zenith):
α-0 (Beginner Dan) - ☆1.10
Memme - China Dress [7K Beginner] (Mapped by Tear)
iconoclasm - Zirkfied [Beginner] (Mapped by Chocolitl)
rerulili - Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl [Super Easy] (Mapped by Entozer)
Boss map: MuryokuP - Catastrophe [Easy] (Mapped by Entozer)

α-1 (1st Dan) - ☆1.25
Sawano Hiroyuki - Blowin' [Etlie's Easy] (Mapped by Eternalie)
FamiRockP - Oni Kanojo [Beginner] (Mapped by Entozer)
BlackYooh vs. siromaru - BLACK or WHITE? [EZ] (Mapped by ishimaru94)
Boss map: sakuzyo - ChaiN De/structioN (siilento's solid remix) [Normal] (Mapped by Entozer)

α-2 (2nd Dan) - ☆1.46
xi - Sedap Malam [Easy] (Mapped by asd123iii)
Junk - Aihana (Love+ Edit) [S.Star's Beginner] (Mapped by Simple Star)
Otokaze - amamichi [7K Normal] (Mapped by Simple Star)
Boss map: Audition - Destiny [7K NM] (Mapped by arcwinolivirus)

α-3 (3rd Dan) - ☆1.80
Ryu* - bloomin' feeling [S.Star's Lv.9] (Mapped by Simple Star)
bj.Halo - Ende [NM] (Mapped by Loctav)
M2U feat. Guriri - Magnolia [7K Normal] (Mapped by OmegaJack)
Boss map: senya - Kasoku Suru Koi wa Dare mo Tomerarenai [7K Normal] (Mapped by Decon082)

α-4 (4th Dan) - ☆2.12
nato - NIHILISM [7K Easy] (Mapped by rkddlf00)
MiddleIsland - Achromat [7K Normal] (Mapped by iJinjin)
Tamura Yukari - MERRY MERRY MERRY MENU... Ne! [Ichi's 7K NM] (Mapped by ichigaki)
Boss map: Jeff Williams & Casey Lee Williams - This Will Be the Day (James Landino's Magical Girl Remix) [Blocko's 7K NM+] (Mapped by Blocko)

α-5 (5th Dan) - ☆2.74
DecisionS - INFINITY OVERDRIVE [ADVANCED] (Mapped by Remillion Cross)
wa. remixed celas - Crystal World ~ Fracture ~ [7K HD] (Mapped by - R e b a -)
sasakure.UK - Atropos (Short Edit) [Hyper] (Mapped by WhiteAries)
Boss map: fripSide - fortissimo -the ultimate crisis- [Hard] (Mapped by Rumia-)

α-6 (6th Dan) - ☆2.97
Tsukasa Yatoki - 2A-Attack [Hyper] (Mapped by Reikosaka)
xi - Fiat Lux [ADVANCED] (Mapped by Remillion Cross)
C-SHOW - Workaholic [Hard] (Mapped by Agka)
Boss map: orangentle - HAELEQUIN [Insane] (Mapped by DJNightmare)

α-7 (7th Dan) - ☆3.28
void - Valedict [Hyper] (Mapped by pwhk)
Yak_Won - Out Of The Blue [7K Hard] (Mapped by Ez2dj_7144)
sasakure.UK - AVALON [Pew's HD] (Mapped by ExPew)
Boss map: muryokuP - GravitoN [Normal] (Mapped by OmegaJack)

α-8 (8th Dan) - ☆3.53
Rabpit - Dream [Jinjin's Dream] (Mapped by iJinjin)
Azu - Haryu [Hyper] (Mapped by asd123iii)
daisan - -+ [Niv's Easy] (Mapped by Nivrad00)
Boss map: Suzaku - Anisakis -somatic mutation type "Forza" [Lv.22] (Mapped by lieselotte)

α-9 (9th Dan) - ☆3.69
MuryokuP - Frozen World [Hard] (Mapped by c36098651)
LeaF - MEPHISTO [Roxas' MX] (Mapped by Roxas)
sound piercer - Candy & Baguette [Hyper] (Mapped by ExPew)
Boss map: Rissyu - uni [Insane] (Mapped by HanzeR)

α-10 (10th Dan) - ☆3.86
Levaslater - NNRT [7K Hard] (Mapped by ksr5445)
Igorrr - Unpleasant Sonata [[Shi-Ra]'s Hell [SC]] (Mapped by [Shi-Ra])
Laura Shigihara - Brainiac Maniac [Xin-U's 7K Insane] (Mapped by Xin-U)
Boss map: xi - FREEDOM DiVE [Rumi's 7K HD] (Mapped by Rumia-)

Download Link (Insane Beginner Dan ~ 8th Dan)
Download Link (Insane 9th Dan ~ 10th Dan)

β-0 (Insane Beginner Dan) - ☆4.12
Nekomata Master- Far east nightbird [Lv.23] (Mapped by Lieselotte)
Matra Magic - Gonna Luv U [Hard] (Mapped by Agka)
Soleily - Renatus [Hard] (Mapped by z3nx)
Boss map: Tsukasa Yatoki - 2-A-Attack [Maximum] (Mapped by Reikosaka)

β-1 (Insane 1st Dan) - ☆4.43
Memme - China Dress [7K Expert] (Mapped by Tear)
Lite Show Magic - Crack traxxxx [7K INF] (Mapped by LeiN-)
dj TAKA meets DJ YOSHITAKA - Elemental Creation [S.Star's 7K Hyper] (Mapped by Simple Star)
Boss map: C-SHOW - Workaholic [Insane] (Mapped by Agka)

β-2 (Insane 2nd Dan) - ☆4.89
μ's - Snow Halation [7K SC] (Mapped by DJPop)
bj.HaLo - Ende [IN] (Mapped by Loctav)
cosMo - 0 Piano Version [Insane] (Nivrad00)
Boss map: DecisionS - INFINITY OVERDRIVE [INFINITE] (Mapped by Remillion Cross)

β-3 (Insane 3rd Dan) - ☆5.19
A.SAKA - Nanatsu Issenzakura [Another] (Mapped by richardfeder)
Nakamura Meiko - Scarlet Faith [PC's Another] (Mapped by richardfeder)
MiddleIsland - Piano Concerto No.1 "Scream" [Lv.31] (Mapped by Lieselotte)
Boss map: Junk - Qualia [mia-'s 7K MX] (Mapped by Rumia-)

β-4 (Insane 4th Dan) - ☆6.09
P*Light - Sakura Reflection (P*Light Slayer Remix) [7K OVERBOARD Lv.32] (Mapped by Kuo Kyoka)
Wotamin - Gigantic O.T.N. [Entozer's Another] (Mapped by Entozer)
xi - Vanitas [Blocko's 7K Insane] (Mapped by Blocko)
Boss map: MiddleIsland - Achromat [7K Black Another] (Mapped by iJinjin)

β-5 (Insane 5th Dan) - ☆6.28
yuikonnu - Souzou Forest [Lv.34] (Mapped by 17VA)
Azu - Haryu [richard's Extra] (Mapped by richardfeder)
xi - Happy End of the World [7K Happy End] (Mapped by Blocko)
Boss map: The Quick Brown Fox - Shut Down Everything (NegaRen Remix) [Crazy] (Mapped by Agka)

β-6 (Insane 6th Dan) - ☆6.60
xi - Fiat Lux [INFINITE] (Mapped by Remillion Cross) + with some edits
Tcheb - Shade of Gloria [Another] (Mapped by [IIDX])
void - Just Hold On [Rage!!] (Mapped by Skalim)
Boss map: Yak_Won - Out Of The Blue [Jinjin's Extra] (Mapped by iJinjin)

β-7 (Insane 7th Dan) - ☆7.06
wa. - The Nature of Happiness -fall into the Morion- [Happiness] (Mapped by Remillion Cross)
S.S.H. - Intersect Thunderbolt [7K Exceed] (Mapped by ljqandylee)
Paraoka Feat. Iku Akume - Chaosmaid [Insane] (Mapped by Ripazhakgggdkp)
Boss map: rerulili - Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl [Insane] (Mapped by Entozer)

β-8 (Insane 8th Dan) - ☆7.68
Creent, TY Brave - FINAL DREAMING [7K - Hard Lv. 54] (Mapped by Genesis)
sakuzyo - 戦狂乱舞 [???] (Mapped by LordRaika, iJinjin, and spoonguy)
EGOIST/Supercell - The Everlasting Guilty Crown [Insane] (Mapped by Kim_GodSSI)
Boss map: Betwixt & Between - 12 little fragments of silence [............] (Mapped by fullerene-)

β-9 (Insane 9th Dan) - ☆8.78
bbangsami - Hyper Prism [Disarray] (Mapped by Yoshiap) - link
Kuno Misaki - Hoshikuzu Cosplay Witch! Desu! Omega (TV Size) [Xenophilius] (Mapped by morisan7) - link
150P - Underdog Supremacist [7_biginner] (Mapped by Aqo) - link
Boss map: xi - PEACE BREAKER [Marathon/Fallout.] (Mapped by Evening) - link

β-10 (Insane 10th Dan) - ☆9.10
P*Light - 2 MINUTES FIGHTERS [GOD] (Mapped by lansb) - link
Touhou Gensou Shiten 2"Canon" - Otenba Renjyo [Beloved Tomboyish Girl] (Mapped by tangjinxi) - link
daisan - -+ [Paul's Impossible] (Mapped by spoonguy) - link
Boss map: t+pazolite - to Luv me, I *** for U [Luvlust] (Mapped by iJinjin) - link

Download Link for all Extra Dans(Gamma, Azimuth, Zenith)

γ (Gamma) - ☆9.16
Bloody Vomit Bukkake - Anata Ga Mawaru [Extreme] (Mapped by stankill) - link
orangentle / Yu_Asahina - HAELEQUIN [GRAVITY] (Mapped by Yooh) - link
Zeami - Music Revolver [SHD] (Mapped by Entozer) - link
Boss map: Yakou - Air Raid [Kami's 7K Nuclear Attack] (Mapped by -Kamikaze-) - link

Ψ (Azimuth) - ☆9.70
Kyle Gann - Bud Ran Back Out [Another] (Mapped by Nivrad00) - link
xi - Blue Zenith [Lapis Lazuli] (Mapped by iJinjin) - link
Dark PHOENiX - Green-Eyed Jealousy (Short ver) [7K Insane] (Mapped by Y-Gate) - link
Boss map: DJ TECHNORCH - Nijuu (Extended Ama Version) [Zen doesn't ... anyone but you] (Mapped by Evening) - link

Ω (Zenith) - ☆11.89
Yuyoyuppe - AiAe [New World] (Mapped by Blocko) - link
DJKurara - Japanese Transformation [Alteration] (Mapped by Blocko) - link
Rohi - Kakuzetsu Thanatos [New World] (Mapped by Entozer) - link
Boss map: utsuP - Adult's Toy [Seventh Disfigured Abomination] (Nerfed version) (Mapped by Evening) - link

Thanks to:
All the mappers listed in the course list for the awesome maps
Paulmrm (also known as spoonguy), Tristan97, Nivrad00, LordRaika, Yoshiap, BrainPeeler and others that contributed to selecting the maps
Zenx (also known as evening) for making the BG for each difficulty, and managing the dan course rankings in spreadsheet (and for the SB in the future)
and you for playing!
good luck :)
Hope lots of people play this.

Fullerene- wrote:


Frustration wrote:

damnit stop being so useful

By the way I'm going to give the finishing touches to some of the insane dan courses and then tell chinchin to update them here.
I'll only release a full mapset once we're done with all the courses though. (which will take a while)
Great job~

Only thing that could make this better is if it had it's own naming scheme instead of having it copied from an other game. It would make it feel more authentic, more "official" and less confusing when people talk about them. :P
Topic Starter

Drace wrote:

Great job~

Only thing that could make this better is if it had it's own naming scheme instead of having it copied from an other game. It would make it feel more authentic and official. :p (And less confusing when people talk about them)
I do acknowledge your point ^^ The Dan course nomenclature is very similar to the BMS courses used in LR2, but we will definitely be making some things different (kaiden and overjoy equivalents won't be called that in osu!mania, we will think of unique names that reflect osu!mania for very high difficulties). I used the Dan scheme because it's widely used to determine the skill level even outside of LR2 (such as martial arts, board games like 'Go'). It also seemed fitting with vsrgs in general :)
Yes the "dan" part is completely understandable. I was more referring to the symbol used (and the kaiden/overjoy that you addressed).

Ex: o2jam made their dan scale and used ♪ and ♫. That way when people say "hey I reached ♪4!", people immediately know he's talking about o2jam and not LR2/IIDX. (And if they don't, they'll inquire about it and learn about it!) The different symbol incites that the dan scale is a different thing and there's barely any underlying comparison with the LR2 dans when they are mentioned. They stand as their own and thus this "authenticity" I was referring to.

If you consider this scenario here, people will be forced to specify "hey I reached mania ★4" every time they want to share something related to this to avoid confusion. The need to specify it's mania's version only incites it's not original, which leads to comparing to the original -> LR2. And of course, this is nothing similar to LR2's dans. This could very well bring negative first impressions, expecting something and not getting what you expect.

It's a small change that will stop comparisons, confusions and help it gain an identity and popularity in turn ^^
Topic Starter
After thinking over about the symbols, you are completely right. I changed the symbols to greek letters instead of using star symbols. Later when we create stages for difficulties harder than Insane 10, we have a lot of flexibility with greek alphabet so I think it's a good idea.
Tybased Chin Chin.

Do you mind if you add my name to the list of contributors? Paul and I were the first to work on the insane courses.
Silver Sky
I need this :)
Good luck on the project :D
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Tristan97 wrote:

Tybased Chin Chin.

Do you mind if you add my name to the list of contributors? Paul and I were the first to work on the insane courses.
Whoops, I forgot to add your name before, sorry. Added ^^

Silver Sky wrote:

I need this :)
Good luck on the project :D
Thank you ^^
challenge accepted
Hi, I'm others
also are SVs done already in finalized dans?
I love how passing is enough in this no accuracy shit. Will try later :v
Can't see the link for the hard dans (although I saw that it is stated that the p\link will be posted soon). Want to try them :/
Wait i have to play through from dan alpha 1 all the way to dan beta 10? Cant i just jump/skip to my maximal point?
Iirc you can jump as much as you want, nobody's forcing you to play from the bottom, because that would be stupid
Okaaay, thanks. Would be a real pain to start from rock bottom :D
Edit: Still waiting for the insane ones.
Oh and question please, why do you only have to pass it instead of 96% acc like the 4k dan?
Well it's really nice so i aint complaining
Higher HP setting, and it kind of mirrors LR2's dan courses where passing is the only goal.
This gonna b gud
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