Daisuke Achiwa - Sail on Sunlight

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Saturday, 23 March 2024 at 10:44:44 am

Artist: Daisuke Achiwa
Title: Sail on Sunlight
Source: ソフィーのアトリエ2 ~不思議な夢の錬金術士~
Tags: Sophie no Atelier 2 ~Fushigi na Yume Renkinjutsushi~ The Alchemist of Mysterious Dream ソフィー・ノイエンミュラー Neuenmuller ラミゼル・エルレンマイヤー Ramizel Erlenmeyer エルヴィーラ Elvira instrumental video game videogame vgm battle theme ost original official soundtrack folk
BPM: 200
Filesize: 5251kb
Play Time: 01:13
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (1.99 stars, 117 notes)
  2. Expert (5.77 stars, 287 notes)
  3. Hard (3.62 stars, 204 notes)
  4. Insane (4.97 stars, 252 notes)
  5. Normal (2.45 stars, 161 notes)
Download: Daisuke Achiwa - Sail on Sunlight
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

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