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I want to change username , any good username idea XD?
Any name works aslong as you make a good reputation out of it. I can't come up with a good name for you, but I can suggest that you yourself should be able to find out what a 'good username' is for yourself
Some available username:
  1. MLG osu doritos
  2. XxosuFaN69xX
  3. xXx_pepe_xXx
  4. TheWeeb69420
  5. FluffyOsuMemer
  6. 696969696969
  7. NarutoSasuke35
  8. IHave198Waifus
  9. WhiteCat69420
  10. FortnitePlayer5
random simply word
A simple name, but has a lot of meaning

Akumace1 wrote:

Too long... The max length is 15
Depending on how you swing, there a multiple good/decent usernames.
If your chaotic or an EPIC PRO GAMER them something with xXnameXx or x_name_x and for the name itself something epic like xXDestroyerXx or xXBeatproXx. ( x_thunder_x is epic as well)
If you want the softer vibes, maybe ._.Ang3lic._., G0ldenWings, or S0ft.Cl0ud
If you want something odd/weird, random letters, numbers, and symbols that could be a word or date can be cool as well. Via: $01d2010 or Dr3@m or just [|87 for plague doctor (if the symbols are aloud).
If you want something original but not over the top, maybe something that is simple yet creative? Like Sun.flower or like Phanyonym.
You can also be sentimental, but that is up to you. My username use to match my brothers which was 1sun1spirit, and I like stars to 1moon1spirit it is.

But it all up to you! Good luck on finding your new username!
If your username is ugly but you got no ideas, then don't rush or hurry to change it, it'll be worse in a longer term.

An idea I use to do is to make word play like CookedCookie or BarrenBarry, or to put a name with Mister/Señor/Monsieur and a random word. Monsieur Tablet for example.
1. Something with great importance to you

2. Sounds cool
pk kkr toho 999
get sanaenae or NITORI KAPPA
both of those names I want but I dont have the money to change my name again
imo don’t change it unless you have another username used in every other game you play, or will change them. Unless you really want to change it don’t.
a name thats easy to remember when you log in
Take a page from Xbox's book and use a random word/sentence generator and pick out some words you like i.e NeatSeal or ViolentPuppy
i myself wasted 1 hour to get this 4 letter username but there are 3 letters but idk how many left I'm saving up this username cause what if osu gets popular al the 4/3 letter names will get taken. it depends on you as long as the username Is meaningful for you ;)
Good tips:
Alliteration: Like Thunder_Flash or Private_Peaceful
Something you like: If you like anime, something like Simply_Otaku
Idk something catchy?
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