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Beatmap packs

A beatmap pack is a compressed archive containing beatmaps. They can be found on the beatmap pack listing.

It is worth noting that packs are roughly 100 MB in size on average and contain all available beatmap assests, including videos.


The file name of a pack is based on its content, category, and upload order. For example, in a beatmap pack file named:

F2 - Rohi

F2 means the second beatmap pack under the Featured Artist category, while Rohi Pack refers to the pack's name shown on the beatmap pack listing. This pack only includes Rohi's songs.

Some beatmap packs, especially in the Standard category, are also numbered by upload order. For example, osu! Beatmap Pack #1000 (pack S1000) is the 1,000th pack containing Ranked beatmaps for the osu! game mode.


Beatmap packs are split into 7 categories with a special letter indicator:

Indicator Category Beatmap types
S Standard Ranked or Approved beatmaps
F Featured Artist Songs from Featured Artists
P Tournament Tournament mappools
L Project Loved Beatmaps chosen by the community in Project Loved
R Spotlights Seasonal beatmap challenge packs from the Beatmap Spotlights, formerly known as Charts
T Theme Beatmaps based on a particular theme
A Artist/Album Songs from specific artists or albums


  1. Extract the downloaded beatmap pack archive. It should contain a lot of .osz files.
  2. Move these .osz files into the Songs folder under the osu! installation directory, or select the files and drag them directly into the game window.
  3. The game should automatically import the beatmaps and delete the original .osz files. In case of issues, try pressing F5 in the song selection screen to reprocess beatmaps.

Alternative downloads

Caution: osu! cannot guarantee that files from unofficial sources are safe, up to date, or complete.

It is recommended to directly download beatmap packs from the official beatmap pack listing. However, if you have difficulty downloading packs from there, there are two alternatives.


Currently all the beatmap packs are stored officially at Meanwhile, there are also some mirror sites set up by other users for convenience:


To download beatmap packs in bulk instead of one by one manually, use torrenting tools to download them from one of the sites below:

You will need a lot of space (and bandwidth) to torrent all of these packs.