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Welcome to the place where I upload all the ranked maps. All maps from 2007 are here. I also upload new packs on a regular basis.

Before asking any questions, make sure to read the sections below, especially the FAQ.


I am currently taking a break from this project.

I am not making/seeding torrents at the moment.

Updated to 2020-12 (included)
General Information / FAQ

Where are the packs?
Scroll down, the links are at the bottom of this post.

How to get the packs with torrent? What is torrent?
  1. Get a torrent client like qBitorrent or Deluge.
  2. Download any torrent file you want from the list below on this post. You will get a file ending with ".torrent".
  3. Open it. If you have your torrent client installed, it will open it and start downloading the pack. You will get the pack which is a ".rar" file. You will need a program like WinRar, WinZip or 7-Zip to open it.
  4. Open this file. You will see all the beatmaps of the month and mode you have downloaded.
  5. Extract the mapset you want or all of them in a folder and then open them. You can also drag and drop them straight to your osu client if you're adding a lot of maps.
  6. There's nothing to do in the songs folder. Once you have extracted the mapsets from the .rar files, you just have to open those mapsets or drag and drop them in your client, just as if you had downloaded them from the osu beatmap page. Do not copy anything in the songs folder, your osu client will take care of that.

Where is last month pack?
I don't have a fixed schedule for the uploads, sometimes I do it as soon as the month is over, sometimes I take more time. I do things when I can.

Where is 20xx torrent? (especially when said year is not over)
The year is not over so the torrent is not done yet.
Also, same answer as the question above. I do things when I can.

Are all the ranked maps there?
I used osu!direct to check that I had everything but I've had problems with it so I can't be sure that 100% of the ranked maps are there.
There might be a few missing maps at most but I think that 99% of the maps are there.

Does this include maps that can't be downloaded on the site anymore?

Is it with or without the videos?
Videos are included on maps that have them. I am not interested in doing the same thing without the videos.

Does it include loved maps? Please add loved maps.
Loved maps are basically unranked maps that have a ranking leaderboard. Nonetheless, they are still unranked maps that can be ranked in the future. Therefore it would require to remove them from the loved list and then add them to the ranked list, which I am not interested in doing.

"This map has been ranked on the 1st of December but is in the November pack | on the 30th of November but is in the December pack"
For all the maps ranked from 2007 to 2017, I've used the time from the old website (UTC+9 if I'm not wrong).
From 2017 to 2020, I have used my local time (UTC+4).
From 2020, I have been using my local time (UTC+1/ UTC+2).

So if you notice errors like these, please do not report them unless you see the mapset in both months. Some maps will be in a different month depending on your timezone.

How many maps per mode/year?
osu! number of mapsets
2007: 199 (349 beatmaps)
2008: 698 (1898 beatmaps)
2009: 1430 (4308 beatmaps)
2010: 1910 (6352 beatmaps)
2011: 1427 (4904 beatmaps)
2012: 1501 (5418 beatmaps)
2013: 1232 (4480 beatmaps)
2014: 1142 (4393 beatmaps)
2015: 1533 (6255 beatmaps)
2016: 1269 (5507 beatmaps)
2017: 1300 (5347 beatmaps)
2018: 2053 (8701 beatmaps)
2019: 2281 (9035 beatmaps)
2020: 2273 (8549 beatmaps)

osu!taiko number of mapsets
2008: 1 (1 beatmaps)
2009: 23 (32 beatmaps)
2010: 315 (340 beatmaps)
2011: 584 (634 beatmaps)
2012: 693 (867 beatmaps)
2013: 314 (793 beatmaps)
2014: 189 (569 beatmaps)
2015: 227 (776 beatmaps)
2016: 191 (619 beatmaps)
2017: 355 (1187 beatmaps)
2018: 454 (1504 beatmaps)
2019: 559 (1869 beatmaps)
2020: 908 (3391 beatmaps)

osu!catch number of mapsets
2010: 2 (2 beatmaps)
2012: 14 (14 beatmaps)
2013: 27 (60 beatmaps)
2014: 59 (149 beatmaps)
2015: 72 (187 beatmaps)
2016: 94 (284 beatmaps)
2017: 103 (318 beatmaps)
2018: 197 (709 beatmaps)
2019: 227 (963 beatmaps)
2020: 248 (1064 beatmaps)

osu!mania number of mapsets
2013: 67 (259 beatmaps)
2014: 182 (821 beatmaps)
2015: 246 (977 beatmaps)
2016: 265 (1035 beatmaps)
2017: 203 (793 beatmaps)
2018: 197 (709 beatmaps)
2019: 224 (824 beatmaps)
2020: 283 (981 beatmaps)
Reporting problems

If you see a problem with a certain pack (map missing, corrupted, etc.), please post :
Name of the map (Code-Artist-Song)
Details about the problem

I will take note and fix the problem later.

Do not report problems to me via pm. I will not answer those.
Current problems

All modes

2007-11 : Gitaroo Man - 12 - The Legendary Theme (Album Version) (difficulty missing)
2010-07 : Yoshioka Aika - Izayoi Namida (TV Size) (diffculty missing)
2020-02 : HO-KAGO TEA TIME - Tenshi ni Fureta Yo (missing)
2020-02 : HO-KAGO TEA TIME - Pure Pure Heart (missing)
2020-04 : TrysSail - Gomakashi (failed map)
2020-04 : Kito Akari - Tiny Light (failed map)
2020-04 : Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (failed map)
2020-04 : BLANKFIELD - Falling Falls (failed map)
2020-04 : senya - Tsuki ni Murakumo Hana ni Kaze (failed map)
2020-04 : ELFENSJoN - Hotarubi (failed map)
2017-04 : Helblinde - The Solace of Oblivion (moved to loved section, no longer ranked)
2019-07 : Culprate - Acid Rain (moved to loved section, no longer ranked)
2020-09 : Various Artists - Songs Compilation IV (missing map)

2017-07 : Rise Against - Savior (missing)
2019-12 : t+pazolite - Satisfaction (missing)
2020-04 : UNDEAD CORPORATION - Everything will Freeze (corrupted file)
2020-04 : RUON feat. Meramipop - Secret Desire - Dyes Remix - (corrupted file)
2020-04 : BLANKFIELD - Goodbye (corrupted file)


2020-04 : Co shu Nie - ZETTAI ZETSUMEI (TV Size) (corrupted file)
Maps that are not processed

Giai tich 2 wrote:

There is a new problem come from osu! itself that it can't process beatmaps file (*.osu) with non-ASCII characters.

So it will affect to these mapsets:
/s/1 2007-10 (osu!)
/s/93 2007-10 (osu!)
/s/104 2007-10 (osu!)
/s/106 2007-10 (osu!)
/s/63240 2013-03 (osu!) and 2013-03 (osu!taiko)
/s/326608 2017-10 (osu!)
/s/641854 2017-11 (osu!)
/s/673290 2018-04 (osu!) and 2018-04 (osu!catch)
/s/776165 2018-10 (osu!taiko)
/s/846636 2018-11 (osu!)
/s/857638 2020-01 (osu!)

For more info: ppy/osu-web#6024

The first fours listed above will got their mapsets missing in-game, and the rest will make 1 or more difficulties missing.


For people who already owned the beatmaps and have imported in the game:
  1. 1. Close your game.
  2. 2. Go into your Songs folder, search for that mapsets folder (find easily with mapsetID), rename the *.osu to a proper ASCII character. (Won't affect the data, since osu! processes metadata from what's written in it, not filename)
  3. 3. Go back to your song select ingame and F5.

Another way, so that you don't want to F5 your whole beatmaps directory:
  1. 1. Find that map in Song Select.
  2. 2. Click on any diff that is not the diff with the problem (if you accidentally click on that diff, the game will reprocess your beatmaps database).
  3. 3. F3 (or Right-click), choose Delete, and delete all difficulties.
  4. 4. Go to your Recycle Bin, Ctrl+X (cut) those folders to somewhere else.
  5. 5. Rename the *.osu to a proper ASCII character.
  6. 6a. (Your game is still opening) Move those folders into your Songs folder, then F5 ingame (it will only process the newly added ones, not reprocessing the whole database)
  7. 6b. (Alternative, safer, but much complicated) Go into the folder of EACH MAPSETS, Ctrl+A to select all files (BG, SB, hitsound, songs, beatmaps, ...), add them into a *.zip archive (zip, no rar, no 7z, ..., and use Deflate method), rename those *.zip to *.osz, then drag-and-drop them into the game.

For people who have the map packs, but didn't import them into the game yet:
Open those *.osz with WinRAR, 7-zip, WinZip, ... and rename those *.osu

If you don't have those beatmaps yet:
If you downloaded the *.osz directly from the website, you will still have to open the *.osz with WinRAR/7-zip/... to rename those *.osu files.

Atm, we won't repack any packs, since it will also affect the torrent activites.
Contributors / People who have helped

Giai tich 2
2011 taiko map pack would be all a player needs!
2011 for Taiko would be indeed nice. But really nice project you have here.
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OzzyOzrock wrote:

2011 taiko map pack would be all a player needs!

OnosakiHito wrote:

2011 for Taiko would be indeed nice. But really nice project you have here.
The Taiko maps from 2009 ; 2010 and 2011 are here now.
YEAAAH The ultimate taiko starting pack.

Appreciate it!
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Beatmaps from 2015/04 and 2015/05 have been added.
Thank you so much for the packs and, You will upload new packs ?
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Packs from 2015/06, 2015/07 and 2015/08 have been added. I'm sorry for the delay.
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Packs from 2015/09 have been added.
This is very nice, much thanked.
Thanks! I was looking for a taiko megapack but couldn't find one, this will do.
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Beatmaps from 2015/10 have been added.
Thanks you :)
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I won't be doing the packs for a couple months. I'm taking a break from the game to focus on other projects. I will upload the packs when I get back.
The 2015/8 pack is currently unable. Is it removed?
So many
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kclee2172 wrote:

The 2015/8 pack is currently unable. Is it removed?
It should be back now, thanks for pointing it out.
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The beatmaps from 2015/11 and 2015/12 have been added.

I will try and upload the ranked osu maps from 2007 to 2015. 90GB of beatmaps...It's probably going to take a while so be patient.

OzzyOzrock wrote:

YEAAAH The ultimate taiko starting pack.

Appreciate it!
I take your word then. *starts downloading*
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Osu! beatmaps from 2007 and 2008 have been added.
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