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All Beatmap Pack #... from #1 to the latest
Total: 198 GB and counting...
Last pack: #1114

What is it, why?
Resilio Sync is a tool running a modified Torrent protocol, which enables updates to the share.
It's easy to add new packs to the same share. No need to manually download new *.torrent file.
You just get new packs as soon as they get added.
And as it's Torrent based, you will download from multiple seeds, meaning everything is fast!

Should I download all 200 GB?
Not necessarily. The paid version has a selective sync feature.
This is not an ad, I have no profit. I love this tool, and think it may be handy for this share case.

How to use?
- Add this share by the key or link above
- Extract packs you need to a temporary folder
- Import extracted *.osz files to Osu! as usual (I prefer to drag and drop on the game)
- Note somewhere the last extracted pack

How do you add new packs?
I download packs from official list with the MEGAcmd tool into into the shared folder.
This way they get saved with the original "modified" date.

Who can add new packs to the share?
There's a separate "read" and "read & write" access to any share.
The link/key in the beginning are read only, changes to your local copy don't get shared.
For now only I have the write access.
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UPD: deployed a cloud server to always have at least one host online
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hmm, maybe I should make a script, that will grab new packs and add them to the share 🤔
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It's still alive.
But I'm considering serving it over the IPFS, which will let kind of update the shared folder via ipns/dnslink.
I believe IPFS share is easier to access than Resilio Sync one
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