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Beatmap packs

A beatmaps pack is a .zip file containing beatmaps. The name of the pack is based on what they contain (e.g. Approved Beatmap Pack #7 would only contain approved beatmaps).

It is worth noting that the most packs are:

  • Roughly either ~100MB (Taiko/osu!mania) or ~200MB (-/Approved)
  • Contain videos (if included)


Beatmaps packs are split into 4 categories:

Category Beatmap types
Standard Ranked or Approved songs
Chart Fortnightly Chart challenge songs
Theme General theme of the songs
Artist/Album Based on Artist/Album

Fully Completing Your Song List

This is for those who really want to fully complete your song list (and not just download your favourite songs).

Keep in mind that you will need quite a lot of digital space to storage these beatmaps. As beatmap packs (and torrents) also downloads with the video and other beatmap skinnable elements.

Beatmap Pack Listing

Download all the (-/Approved/Taiko/osu!mania) beatmaps packs from the Standard category and nowhere else. The (-/Approved/Taiko/osu!mania) beatmaps packs will contain all the songs in the other 3 categories.

The beatmaps packs can be found and downloaded from: osu! Beatmaps Packs page.


You will need a lot of space (and bandwidth) to torrent all of these packs.