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For all of you folks that are downloading the packs and haven't noticed it yet. I have been working on a stable, fast and unrestricted mirror for these. It's my contribution to the osu!Bancho project and i hope it helps all of you that, for whatever reason, cannot or do not want to donate to get osu!direct access.

You can find it @

Feel free to tell the people about it and use it as much as you wish!

Here a few tips for ingame use:

If you are in multiplayer and the host chooses a map that you don't have you have a nice way to access the mirror from ingame without using the mirrors search function. Here a little example:

Let's say the host chooses "Silver Fores - Sadistic Love"

Here you can take the song title "Sadistic Love", replace all the space with + and append it to ""

It should look like this: (Try it!)

Another example is when the host chooses a map that would be found more than 1 times just like "Amane - Boozehound". Here an example how you can easily solve this:

1. Ask the host to do /np
2. Hover your mouse over the link and read the number after /s/
3. Append the number to ""

It should look like this: (Try it!)

If the host does not do the /np thing you can try this last method:

OLD Version (still works): (this will auto translate to the new version!)
New Version:

Where hatsune+miku would be a part of the map name, or the full map name.

Another side note:
If you are using an AdBlocker (like AdBlockPlus), please disable it to help me pay for the server. I thank all of you that do this! - Ads have been removed by personal request of peppy, sorry.


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This is awesome :)
Wrong forum; moved. Also, since you have added ads I will have to remove the links and this post unless you are willing to remove them.

Update: Looks like they are removed.
Kashiwagi Yuki
Hi Guys,

i am Shizuku Sangou and an uploader for this beatmap pack mirror!

Packs that i uploaded to the mirror:
#1 , #26 - #365 and #367
Anime Packs
Nightcore Packs
Internet Packs
Rhythm Game Packs
Video Game Packs
Easy Series Packs

I hope you like our mirror project and i would like to hear feedback about it.

Always remember: "Rhythm is just a click away"
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I changed the download system, hotlinking is now blocked. That should not affect you if you didn't get links from someone else. I also changed the downloads to use x-sendfile which enables you to use a download manager. This makes it possible for you to pause/resume downloads and allows you to use multiple download threads (for those of you that know what i am talking about).

Happy Leeching
Kashiwagi Yuki
Beatmap Packs #368 - #371 has been added to the Mirror
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As per report by Hanyuu

Hanyuu wrote:

hi :)

danke für die seite aber ich hab ein kleines problem:
Wenn ich dann auf download clicke bekomme ich eine falsche datei.. so ein net file oder so
Hier ein bild
I fixed a problem where FireFox would not get the right file name for the download.

As a second report i was told jdownloader doesn't work, will see about that. :)
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Updated the entire codebase and changed the way it works!

I am happy to present
Beatmap Pack Mirror v2

Main changes:
  1. Design/Layout completly redone
  2. Cookie that stores your downloads is now compressed (For slow connections this increases load speed!)
  3. Downloads start instantly now
  4. "Copy ingame Text" button added for easy ingame sharing! (Now also for Packs!)
  5. Operates with AJAX to reduce loadtimes and increase browsing speed!
  6. Localized the page for: German, English, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, Korean (more will be added!)
  7. I increased the overall bandwith to 3MByte/sec per IP
Have fun!

*phew* done already :P
Seems quite promising, but I can't seem to download maps individually - keeps saying that the file couldn't be found on the server. :?
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Tenshi wrote:

Seems quite promising, but I can't seem to download maps individually - keeps saying that the file couldn't be found on the server. :?
My bad! I fixed it, sorry for that~ D:
Great website, thanks :)
I used it to download all the beatmaps and it was alot fast and easier than mediafire
Two things I noticed which make me frown:

* The font is as ugly as Comic Sans (and the fallback is Comic Sans itself).
* The downloads have an ugly [YAS-online] prefix or whatever. Completely unnecessary in my opinion.

peppy wrote:

* The font is as ugly as Comic Sans
Aw, it's kind of a cute font
Cute maybe, but I have trouble reading it (on OS X at least).
Topic Starter

peppy wrote:

Cute maybe, but I have trouble reading it (on OS X at least).
I have no trouble reading it, also try hovering on a map. D:
hoho cool site D:

and the downloads has resume capability too \:D/
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That's why i changed to x-sendfile, it's peppy's fault that i know about it. (I even installed it to my apache2 because of him :D)
I'm using OS X too and have no problem reading the font.
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  1. Font nuked out of the style. I use a websafe font now that is ugly as hell but readable.
  2. Added live stats to the header
  3. Added Google+ button next to the navigation (Press it! :D)
  4. Added disclaimer (some angry kid annoyed me with his packs being 'plagerized' by me)
  5. Fixed an issue with IE7 not loading the packs right (God please kill Microsoft)
Please change the file naming format to the standard osu! format. When osz2 is introduced, all the maps downloaded without the standard format will need to be redownloaded.
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