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osu!mania judgement system


A judgement, or hit result, is the outcome of interacting with a hit object during its hit window. Score and accuracy are calculated based on which judgements are received.

These are commonly referred to by their score value (except for misses), i.e. a GREAT is usually called a "300" and so on.

Image Name Hit value Accuracy Max hit error (ms)
PERFECT 320 100% 16
GREAT 300 100% 64 - 3 × OD
GOOD 200 66.67% 97 - 3 × OD
OK 100 33.33% 127 - 3 × OD
MEH 50 16.67% 151 - 3 × OD
MISS 0 0% 188 - 3 × OD

The hit window depends on the beatmap's overall difficulty (OD). A hit is then considered inside a hit window if hit error ≤ max hit error, meaning the value listed is half of the hit window width.

The hit error is rounded and the max hit error values are truncated to the nearest integer, meaning the windows may be up to 0.5 ms longer or shorter on both sides than what the formulas suggest.

Beatmaps converted from the osu! mode (a.k.a. converts) use different hit windows:

Name Max hit error (ms)
GREAT 34 if OD > 4, otherwise 47
GOOD 67 if OD > 4, otherwise 77
OK 97
MEH 121
MISS 158

Rate-changing mods (Double Time, Half Time, and Nightcore) do not affect hit window durations in osu!mania.

Judgement mechanics


A note is judged with a PERFECT, GREAT, GOOD, OK, MEH, or MISS depending on how accurately it is hit. Hitting a note before the MISS window has no effect, and not hitting a note will cause a miss after the OK window passes (late MEH hits are impossible).

Hold notes

Hold notes are given one judgement depending on the timing of both the keypress at the head and the release at the tail, according to the following table, where the combined hit error is head hit error + tail release error (both being positive):

Judgement Requirement
PERFECT Head hit error ≤ max error for PERFECT × 1.2 AND combined hit error ≤ max error for PERFECT × 2.4
GREAT Head hit error ≤ max error for GREAT × 1.1 AND combined hit error ≤ max error for GREAT × 2.2
GOOD Head hit error ≤ max error for GOOD AND combined hit error ≤ max error for GOOD × 2
OK Head hit error ≤ max error for OK AND combined hit error ≤ max error for OK × 2
MEH Anything else that is not a miss
MISS Not having the key pressed from the tail's early MEH window start to late OK window end

Releasing the key during the hold note body will prevent judgements higher than MEH.

Late MEH hits or releases are impossible and result in a miss instead.


The ScoreV2 mod changes a few things about osu!mania judgement mechanics:

  • The PERFECT hit window is changed to 22.4 - 0.6 × OD if OD ≤ 5, and 24.9 - 1.1 × OD if OD ≥ 5.
  • Hold notes receive two seperate judgements at the head and tail, as if they were regular notes.
    • Hold note tail release windows become 1.5x longer.
    • Releasing the key during the hold note body prevents tail judgements higher than MEH.
    • Again, late MEH hits or releases result in misses instead.