Contest points

Contest points are points that are used as a reward in official mapping contests. They are mainly used to determine the eligibility of a user to receive the Elite Mapper title, which is awarded to users who have reached 6 points.

Contest points can also be granted as a benefit of official beatmapping contest support under certain circumstances.

Points key

For solo contests, contest points are based on how many valid submissions are created. These are the general guidelines for point distribution, and exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Contest Committee when requesting official beatmapping contest support.

# of submissions 1st-place points 2nd-place points 3rd-place points
10–19 1 0 0
20–39 2 1 0
40+ 3 2 1

For team contests, elite mapper points will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis depending on team sizes, creative requirements, and total valid submissions.

Previous contests

Contest points have been used in the following contests:







Prior to October 2022, contest points were exclusive to the Monthly Beatmapping Contest and were named MBC points. With the introduction of the osu!taiko Featured Artist Cup #3, the points were renamed to contest points and have been repurposed to be used in other official mapping contests in order to provide a streamlined path to the Elite Mapper title.

As of January 2023, contest point eligibility has been outlined based on the points key. Points earned prior to this change will not be adjusted.