Global Moderation Team

Global Moderation Team (formerly known as the Administrators, Global Mod Team or “GreenBAT”), commonly referred to as GMT, are members of the osu!Staff whom are focused primarily on player moderation and issues pertinent to the staff and the community at large.

Becoming a GMT

Becoming a member of the Global Moderation Team is quite a difficult and intricate process. Potential members are often pointed out by their ability to speak a second language, then are discussed by the team for their possible potential as a team member.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Global Moderation Team is responsible for the welfare of the chat/forum and takes care of interactions with the community. They should be approached if you have any questions pertaining the moderation aspect of the game, which would include (but is not limited to) issues with chat (silences, harassment) and the forum (spam).

Team Members

Please note: All GMT members speak English in addition to the language(s) listed below unless noted otherwise. - Team Page

Name Languages Area of focus
-kevincela- Italian
[ Another ] Hungarian Chat moderation
Atrue's Chinese Chat moderation
Chaos Chat moderation
deadbeat osu!media creation
Dntm8kmeeatu Technical Support
ErunamoJAZZ Spanish Chat Moderation
Flanster Bulgarian osu!idol hosting, Chat Moderation
Gabe French Chat Moderation
Galkan Polish Chat Moderation
ghm12 Portuguese Chat Moderation
IamKwaN Cantonese, Chinese Chat Moderation
juankristal Spanish Chat Moderation, Tournaments
Kobold84 Russian Chat Moderation
Kurai French, Russian Chat Moderation
Kyubey Russian Chat moderation
Marcin Polish Forum Moderation, Development
MrSergio Italian Chat Moderation
n0ah Dutch Chat moderation
Nathanael Filipino Forum Moderation, Chat Moderation
Neil Watts French Chat Moderation
Nyquill Chinese osu!weekly
Pawsu Chat moderation, Technical support
Pereira006 Portuguese Chat Moderation
Pittigbassje Dutch Chat Moderation
Repflez Spanish Chat Moderation, Wiki Administration
Saten Swedish, Spanish Chat Moderation
shARPII French Chat Moderation, Tournaments
Shiro French, Spanish Chat Moderation
Shockwave Spanish Chat Moderation
Shurelia Indonesian Chat Moderation
Spkz Hungarian Chat moderation
Stefan German Forum Moderation, Chat Moderation
Sylphi Korean Chat Moderation
Tasha osu!media creation
TheVileOne Technical Support
ToGlette Korean, Japanese Chat moderation
Trosk- Spanish Technical Support
Ukami Polish Chat Moderation
VeilStar Technical Support
Yason Polish Chat Moderation
Zero__wind Chinese Chat Moderation
Zetera German