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After a little more than a year of play, I've finally decided to create my own skin. It's a project I've been thinking about for a long time and I finally managed to motivate myself. Being designer in real life, it's really a pleasure to combine my passion with the best rhythm game ever \o/ Skin was made in 12 days with a total of ~42h of work.


Author: Senrey
Skin name: NEBULA
Style: Modern / Graphic / Colorful
Gameplay: Semi-pro
Modes: Standard


> Project launch
> Customizable menu background: 3 pattern style, 3 anime style (Osu supporter)
> Unique welcome text+sound (Osu supporter)
> Menu snow


> Menu button
> Ranking letters
> Menu SFX


> Song selection overlay


> Animated back button
> Mods icons: Clean style


> Add mods icons: Graphic style
> Gameplay - hitcircles
> Gameplay - pass & fail


> Gameplay - hitcircles variations
> Gameplay - hitcircles sounds
> Gameplay - Unique animated 50 & 100


> Gameplay - Spinner
> Back button animation rework (Even sexier now!)
> Gameplay - Circles's hit sounds management


> Gameplay - Scorebar
> Gameplay - inputoverlay
> Ranking pannel - ranking letters


> Pause & fail screen
> Gameplay - Scorebar rework (Even sexier now!)
> Gameplay - Spinner rework (Even sexier now!)
> Gameplay - Countdown


> Gameplay - Failsound
> Gameplay - Section pass & fail sounds
> Back button reworked (even sexier now!)
> Hitcircles soundpacks: Enhanced & classique styles


> Ranking screen


> Skin release /o/

> Fixed the skin.ini version from 2.0 to 2.5
> Changed Osu icon from "Classique" to "Stantard"
> Fixed the the background of the option buttons
> Made some align arrangment on the ranking panel
> Fixed the ankward looking of the followpoint
> Refine the bottom panel in song selection screen
> Fixed the search song box's size
> Replaced the pause's buttons hover sound to something that match better with the skin
> Optimised the skin size


> Fixed the issue where some 50 and 100 was not displayed
> Removed the center of the spin so it's more transparent

For a better looking

> Ignore beatmap skin & hitsounds
> Disable seasonnal backgrounds

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Simple style, colorful for the highest ranks and white for the rest.

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01/06/2019 -

Almost done! I was not sure where I wanted to go at the beginning. NEBULA had to have character, to be recognizable at first glance, to be original, modern and colorful. After several tries, I finally chose a strong graphic style. Games of shadows and transparency, and small neon effect at the top that I found rather nice. I'm already working on the back button animation at the moment! /o/

02/06/2019 -

Just finished the mods icons! I hesitated between several styles but I finally kept this one, which agrees well with the rest of the skin!

04/06/2019 -

I had not planned to make two versions of the mods. But looking at the first I felt that I needed to go further in the theme. I am rather satisfied with this version, which corresponds more to the idea of the skin. In all cases, both versions will be available !

The heart of the gameplay. I admit to having spent a lot of time finding a hitcercle that is both easy to read, original and unique. After several gameplay tests, this is the final result.

I wanted something in the NEBULA theme and at the same time a bit different from what we are used to seeing. I found that clipping the signs in a circle was a good reference to the game itself ^^

05/06/2019 -

It's funny to see that there is always improvisation in the realization of a project. During the creation of the hit circles I tried several variants, and these two have retained my attention in addition to the "galaxy hitcircle". One is clean which allows to better read the gameplay, the other remains discreet while bringing a nice gold texture.
Here are the 3 hitcircles which will be available for customization!

06/06/2019 -

First I took a little time to understand the usefulness of some spinner files, but finally it's pretty simple. The spinner takes the theme of the skin, with a colorful center that does not interfere too much with the gameplay while providing visual feedback. I may make some changes!

I want hitcircles sounds to be pretty basic, but efficients. I chose 1 main, and 2 side ones that are often used but that I find very nice. Actually some beatmaps have a greater variety of sounds than others, and it's always cool to have a rhythm well worked. The problem is that on these maps, many skins mix sounds incoherently, which is rather unfortunate. I want to avoid that at all costs. So, after a long hour of testing, I managed to get a pretty nice harmony that adapts to the majority of maps! /o/
This will be the "enhanced version". For those who like simples hit sounds, there will be a "classique version" with only one hitsound available for customization.

07/06/2019 -

For the animation I wanted something simple but unique. This is clearly not the main element of the gameplay, so it must remain discreet. The numbers are small, white, with a small characteristic animation.

These one can be found on the pannel ranking. I really had fun doing them! I wanted something that really feels like being rewarded. Something you say to yourself "Wow, I played so well that my -S- rank is gold plated and a galaxy is reflected in it."

For the scorebar I wanted it to remain both discreet not to interfere with the gameplay, but also visible from the corner of the eye. So I reduced it while keeping the theme colors that are quite saturated, and I think it works well. I have also integrated a folder with the font and the PSD, so it will be available for customization!

08/06/2019 -

The pause and fails screens are quite simple and fit pretty well into the skin theme! I have hesitated a lot but I thought that the best was to take the idea of triangles found in the menu. For the fail screen I just lowered the overall saturation ^^

10/06/2019 -

I did not expect to suffer so much on the ranking panel. The theme is, the colors, but I was afraid to do too much or not enough. I think I have arrived at a good compromise :)

I'm looking forward to this skin. It looks really good. Keep it up. :)
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ZakGamez wrote:

I'm looking forward to this skin. It looks really good. Keep it up. :)
Ty! I will do my best :)
Can't wait to test it i love colorful skins
These first images are very exciting, can't wait to discover the rest
Looking forward to this skin. Hope you make a mania variation
Holy shit this looks amazing! I cant wait for the gameplay!
Looking good so far, can't wait to see the gameplay :)
cant wait
Mush Ao
wait what
The round back button looks kinda awful. It's like a 2013 skin. Please make it more seamless or more materialistic!
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BelastendAF wrote:

The round back button looks kinda awful. It's like a 2013 skin. Please make it more seamless or more materialistic!
I take it in consideration! I Thanks for the feedback!
Merami Fox
will the hitcircle base off of combo color or will they be solid color always, based on the way they seem, combo color might not work for it, what do i know tho?
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bommy985 wrote:

will the hitcircle base off of combo color or will they be solid color always, based on the way they seem, combo color might not work for it, what do i know tho?
They'll be 3 combo colors applied on. Blue, light green and purple ^^
please do more fast,you where capting my attention,do it fast!Plzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing skin
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